Manifesting: detach, relax, trust and feel good

Detach from your goals and desires

Life is a co-creative process and part of that process involves letting go and detaching yourself from your goals and desires.

This can be hard for many people, especially if you’re a ‘doer’ or someone who likes to always be in charge.

But detachment is what brings the goals and desires into manifestation so it’s a necessary part of the creative process.

You can of course do it the hard way too by struggling and striving, but it’s not necessary to live like that.

There’s an easier and more enjoyable way to live life. 😊

How and when to detach:

You stay true to yourself, you do your part, and when you start to feel the energy is subsiding, that’s when the releasing process begins, so you go with that and you release your part to the Universe.

Now your work is done, so it’s really about becoming aware of the creative flow and process and respecting and honoring it.

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The moment you start to push and strive to force things forward, you’re out of the flow.

But if you are aware, then the next step is easy and you can relax into it by letting go, and when you detach and release, that’s when the Universe can take over and that’s also when manifestation can begin to happen. 

Things will start happening and begin to move and be arranged for the manifestation, although it happens in a space where you can’t ‘see’ it’s happening (you’re in the Unknown).

It happens in the background of your current reality and you are being moved energetically towards the new level of consciousness and reality and your energy has a lot to say in this process (so keep it positive). 

There’s a time for everything, and you are not doing it all alone, there’s a higher intelligence that has its hands all over your life, who has the whole picture, so your job at this point is to let go and trust the unfolding of the process.

Trust the process of the Universe.

You have to just release your goals and desires to the Universe with no attachment to any specific outcomes whatsoever.

Let it all go, release it, and relax in the transitional phase or ‘waiting time’ that follows.

But don’t call it that!

Look at it as a time where you’re attracting, receiving, allowing, drawing to you, already ‘having’ (=the feeling to lean into), – not “waiting”, you’re not waiting, it’s all happening Right Now (not ‘tomorrow’). 

In this phase your only goal should be to Feel Good and being as happy and relaxed (having inner peace) as you can. 

Don’t get discouraged, doubtful, or worried about anything. 

No, see to it that you keep your energy positive because it’s ultimately the vibe you emit that creates and draws to you what you desire. 

And as you are in this ‘waiting’ phase where not much seems to be happening at all and you don’t have the inspiration to take any further action; simply stay open.

Stay open to the unfolding of the process, be okay with not knowing, and be attentive to any nudges and cues from the Universe.

All action in this phase is done by Life, so the more you can relax and feel good in this phase (be as happy as you can be and stay in the flow), the faster things will unfold and progress. 

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You have been an amazing addition to my life!

Thank you for all of the wonderful light, and love that you send out into the world. You are indeed an inspiration even though we are half way across the world – isn’t that wonderful! It is a privilege that is not taken lightly. Thank you Maria! 

Ruby Coleman Professional Musician and Actress, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

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