Embrace your future - its time has come

Disengage from the Game of the Ego and Follow the Flow of your Soul

Disengage from the game of the false self and instead plug into the evolutionary flow of Life!

Todays message is short yet powerful.

I invite you to ask some #PowerfulQuestions (you know I love sharing those! 😊) that will revolutionize your life, if you allow them to.

In this moment you can choose to step into and literally become your future self and then watch your life mold itself in harmony with your new vibrational frequency.

The inner always becomes the outer, so step up and meet Life by saying YES to it and dare to flow with the unknown and trust what comes.

Here’s three powerful questions that will help you tune into and plug into what Life wants for you next (which is always an improvement!).

A higher level of living is awaiting you, and maybe today is the day to say YES to that?

Let’s see. 😊

Answer these questions as truthfully as you can.

Actually; be brutally honest with yourself.

  • What intuitions and synchronicities have I failed to listen to lately?
  • What is my soul trying to tell me?
  • What path speaks to my soul?

What we need to do is often what we feel most resistant to.

You can have a major shift in your life for the better when you finally decide to listen to the inner voice that is telling you that it’s time for #CHANGE.

Life-changing shifts can happen when you listen to the promptings of your soul.

A big shift, as in life-defining moment. Can happen today.

We don’t have many of those in our lives, but this could potentially be one of them.

Listen within and be honest with yourself.

Ask again;

  • What intuitions and synchronicities have I failed to listen to lately?
  • What is my soul trying to tell me?
  • What path speaks to my soul?

And then, when the realization hits you and becomes clear,

#FORGIVE yourself for not having listened before.

Forgive yourself for having denied yourself to move forward by blocking the evolutionary #FLOW of Life, and then resolve to follow through on what has been shown.

The truth is, and this might sting a bit, but when we don’t follow through on an intuition or synchronistic opportunity or sign, .. we are making a choice.

You are clearly making a #CHOICE that something else is a priority and more important than your soul and the life you say you want, so feel into the truth of that.

Now ask yourself these questions:

  • Why am I arguing for my limitations? What part of me wants to stay small?
  • Why am I defending my behaviour? What’s the payoff of remaining where/how I am?

The enemies of our soul are fear and inertia.

And fear and inertia is always rooted in the ego, the false self.

How can you break that cycle today? How can you disengage from its game?

The first step is to recognize (and admit) that you’re out of alignment with your soul and then by being honest with yourself resolve to attune yourself with what wants to unfold.

You need to let go and follow the promptings of your Soul.

Will you do it?

Is today going to be the day that finally changes the trajectory of your life towards a higher level of living?

There is a path ready and waiting for you (it already exists) – all you have to do is say YES to it.

Don’t postpone any longer – Choose the path of your soul and embrace your future Now!

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The first step to transformations and progress in life is to recognize the guidance and then simply let go and go with the flow of what is shown. Trust your intuition and you will always be rewarded for it.


  1. Carolyn

    Hi Maria,
    Thank you for this awesome article! I’m glad you mentioned resistance, this is something that I’ve been really aware of the past few days. I was guided by intuition to do something and I only went 1/2 way with it because I was feeling a lot of resistance. Yesterday, in my meditation I asked for the resistance to be dissolved so I could move forward. Today I feel clear and this article was a confirmation to me that…. yes, I need to go ahead and do it even though I may not see how things will work out. Thanks for everything Maria!! Hope you have a fun week. 🙂

  2. Hi Carolyn! Glad to hear it spoke to you. 😊

    Yes, the resistance is a good indicator that there’s something that we need to look closer at and overcome.

    And meditation is such a great way to open up and clear away the cobwebs of our minds that keep us stuck or somehow hold us back.

    It’s an act of self-love to listen to what our heart is asking and a clear signal to the subconscious mind that helps us liberate ourselves and break out of old patterns (or whatever it may be about you for personally.)

    When we choose love for ourselves and we let go of something, or we somehow change/make a change, something better always comes as a result.

    It’s not always comfortable or ‘fun’ but there’s no other way around it than to meet (and respond to) whatever it is that we’ve been resisting.

    And that’s when we finally realize something very important;

    That when we listen and shake ourselves out of the resistance, it will bring blessings to our lives in ways that we could never had imagined before we decided to listen and act on what our soul wanted.

    It can only come after we’ve taken the step to listen to what our soul wants and shown, by some kind of action, that we mean what we say, and we do it wholeheartedly.

    Hope you have a fab new week too Carolyn! 😊

  3. Stephen Parry

    Wow, another timely post. And to think that I came across your writings, Maria, by discovering a ten-year-old post that “spoke” to me.

    Thank you. So satisfying.

    Love you. Blessings. X

  4. owanifo

    Dear Maria,

    As additions to what you have geniusly said, everything that can ever be desired already exists with its ENERGY SIGNATURE and you are automatically pulled into that DESIRED REALITY once your VIBRATIONALLY FREQUENCY equals the ENERGY SIGNATURE of your DESIRED REALITY.

    Now, the question is “how can I make my vibrationally frequency a match to the energy signature of my desired reality?”.

    Jesus Christ provides the answer in Mark 11:24 (cf. Exodus12:11, 2Peter1:3-4) i.e you must have an absolute certainty that you desired reality already exists and also that you are already in it.

    Note that feeling and vibration are the same thing and as such are interchangeable. Your feeling and the energy signature of your desired reality can only match when there is no resistance which always occur in the form of doubt (i.e your feeling that it is impossible to get your desire/intention).


    Thank you so much Maria for your article. I LOVE YOU.

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