Do I have to be awake and participate in the healing session?

Can a healing session work even if you’re not still or conscious of it taking place?

One of the participants in yesterdays distant group healing session wrote me and asked me if the healing session works even if they could not participate and here’s my response.

YES, it works regardless, BUT..!:

I would prefer if you participated consciously.

Here’s why:

Since I tune into your energy and I’m highly sensitive I can actually sometimes feel if you’re not present or actively participating in the session.

And when I feel that, it’s a little bit like sitting at a cafe having a coffee with someone who plays with their phone and are texting with others while you’re trying to have a conversation with them.

I’m sure anyone can relate to the feeling of that kind of disconnect in one way or another where you’re together with someone but not really, you know? 

So a private session with me is an appointment, it’s a meeting regardless of if we’re face-to-face or not so in private sessions with me I do want you to be present in the actual healing session (lay down and relax etc). 

In the distant group healing sessions it’s a bit different since it’s at a specific time and for some it’s daytime where they live (and they’re at work) while for others it might be when they are at sleep at night, or early in the morning etc.

But the healing will “work” even if you’re at work or doing something else

Here’s the thing;

You don’t have to do anything but to state your intention (to yourself), relax and be open and receptive.

So if you’re at work at the time of the group healing session and can’t take an hour off, then I suggest you are as aware as you can be while you do your work or other errands and chores, meaning you are mentally aware of the fact that you’re at the moment receiving healing energy.

The best is to simply relax as much as you can (even if you’re at work) and not be concerned about it.

When working with me privately on the other hand we’ll select a time that allows you to be undisturbed and relaxed to receive the healing consciously because the healing is just more effective that way in terms of your experience of it.

In the healing session you open up to new insights and different sensations and experiences, so by being in a receptive mode (where you’re relaxed and open) you’re more able to receive information and answers from within.

You might experience sensations such as tingling, energy vibrations in your hands or “third eye”, temperature changes in the body and emotional relief where you feel heaviness turning to lightness and so on.

But if you’re at work at the same time as the healing session is taking place then you can’t be (fully) consciously aware of old energies that are being cleared out and so on (those things can be physically and emotionally felt in a session).

In short;

To me it really is like a face-to-face meeting and so I would obviously like to actually have you present in that meeting! 🙂

In the healing session I’m tuning into you energetically

As I mentioned before I establish an energetic connection with the person I’m sending healing to and I prefer feeling their participation in the session, even if they fall asleep because while you’re asleep your mind is relaxed and calm.

So in short:

It doesn’t matter to the healing energy if you’re awake or at work, driving your car or doing chores, it makes no difference at all, you will still receive the healing energy and it will still do its work in you.

The energy will be received where it needs to go regardless of what you’re doing or not doing.

But, from a personal point of view, as a healer, I prefer if you are actively participating.

This does not mean you have to do anything because you don’t.

It just means that I see the distant healing session in the same way as if you were to come and see me in person, even though you‘re not physically with me.

Just as in a hands-on-healing session I would ask you to set your intention, close your eyes and relax, that’s all you have to do.

Relax and allow the healing to take place.

And if you fall asleep during the session that is perfectly okay, it’s normal, but if you can stay awake and conscious then that’s even better. But it’s not in any way required.

Hope this makes sense and that it answered your question and please feel very free to let me know if there’s anything else I can clarify for you.

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