Do An Energetic Clean Up In Aweber

It’s a good idea to do a clean-up in your email marketing lists from time to time and remove inactive subscribers from them.

It’s a waste of time and energy to keep writing to people who doesn’t appreciate them, and who doesn’t even bother opening your emails – those people are simply not valuable to you as subscribers.

(Inactive subscribers include all the subscribers you have on your mailing lists who haven’t opened or clicked through your messages over an extended period of time)

What you can do is to try to re-engage the inactive subscribers by sending them a few emails in a row within days where you ask them to unsubscribe for example if they don’t wish to stay on your list anymore for some reason. Remind them of what you have to offer.

They may simply have forgotten what you are about, because lets face it – who of us hasn’t subscribed to numerous Newsletters and not even had time to read half of them? I know I have in the past.

Nowadays I don’t though. I only subscribe to a few, carefully selected mailing lists.

In those re-engaging messages to the inactive subscribers, make it very clear that if they do not take action you will remove them from your email list, and if they don’t responded or take action after 3-4 emails, then make a final statement where you let them know (very clearly) that they will never hear from you again unless they take immediate action.

With this process of cleaning up to you’ll make room for new energy in your mailing list but you will have to accept that there will be people who don’t respond to your re-engagement messages. You may have to let go of hundreds, perhaps thousands of subscribers, depending of the size of your list.

Just remind yourself of why you are doing this; it’s because you want the most responsive and interested list in the long run. It’s about relationships and it’s about giving and sharing with people who actually wants to hear from you.

It’s ultimately about your business. There is no use of trying to present, promote or even share your services, knowledge or products with people who are closed and not into it.

And as Aweber also suggests: “Stay firm with the decision to remove inactive subscribers. Run one final search for people who haven’t opened your messages and delete them from your list for good.”

Just do it.

Let go of old stagnant energy and let the new and fresh in! 🙂

Don’t be afraid of letting go even if it looks like your list will be reduced to a very low number of subscribers.

Remember what they say; “it’s not the size that matters” lol:-)

It’s about your relationship with your list. Don’t you want it to be engaging and responsive?

Then stop treating your subscribers like numbers and instead focus on providing value for them, even if you only have ten people on your list!

Have your undivided attention on how you can provide helpful resources to those ten people, and by doing that you will grow and build an organic and close relationship with your subscribers instead of a shallow one.

They most certainly will tell others about what you do for them just like in any other business; don’t you just love spreading the word about a restaurant you visited that had excellent service, or that friendly and enthusiastic hair dresser, or the helpful this or that?

That goes both ways; if you only send sales pitches to your subscribers with the only intent that you want to make money from them and you don’t really care about them; they will be turned off by that – I mean who wouldn’t??

That’s how it works – both offline and online. Make sure the relationship with your list stays fresh and engaging!

Transformational Coaching and Energy Work with Maria Erving
Transformational Coaching and Energy Work with Maria

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