Do You Respect Your Time?

Do you value your time? I do, but have honestly been slacking off on that department lately and suddenly instead of only having one person who is always late for our meetings, I have attracted a few more in a very short time. That’s what to expect when we slack off from being true to our values.

I’m a person who’s pretty much always on time, I hardly never let people wait for me and if something unexpected would come up I would let them know asap.

I honor appointments and get-togethers and I think it’s disrespectful to let others wait, and in the past if someone hasn’t showed up on time, I have left withing 10-15 minutes, or made other plans with someone else within that time-frame.

I have let people know that I don’t appreciate having to wait. But as for lately, I have not been clear on that, and it has began to show up in my life to the extent that it’s time to draw a line again and get back into alignment with my values and begin to respect my time again.

I’m grateful that the universe always shows me where I can grow more, so once again, to remind myself of what is important to me in relationships, whether it’s business or personal, I have written a list of all the things that I consider a great relationship should have, in order to refresh my memory and to gain clarity and let the universe know my preferences.

It’s never about the other people really; it’s about us being firm and clear about what we want and staying true to ourselves.

And we are the ones who teach others how to treat us, it’s we that need to set up some boundaries and let others know about them. We don’t need to show them our lists or anything, but we do need to act accordingly to what is true to us.

It’s by how we treat ourselves that we show others how they can treat us.

Where in your life do you feel disrespected in some way? Can you see that it’s about you and your own self-respect? Where can you set some clear rules and boundaries that can help others to see what’s important to you?

The other person may never respect you; that’s not what this is about – it’s about you respecting you.

It’s about making the choice to surround ourselves with people who do respect us, and who respects our time by being on time.

I understand that one can sometimes be a bit late, but if you see a pattern, trust it and make it clear from the beginning what you are all about to the other person.

For me, it only shows that something or someone else was more important, because we are always making a choice based on what is most important to us.

At all times.

Not everyone shares the same values obviously, but then again; for me it’s really important – I feel there’s a lack of integrity and respect when people are late.

How about you?

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