We Can’t “Find Ourselves” by Approaching Our Inner Self Intellectually

Become aware of the voice in your mind that

always seem to find excuses to not meditate

It doesn’t matter how many books you read, or how many programs or seminars you attend, if you don’t make the time to actually connect with your Spirit Spiritually.

You can’t ‘reach enlightenment’ by watching videos about how to achieve your hearts desires. There’s no real connection there, all it is is a feeding of the ego going on. I can’t believe that there are people who actually buying into that someone else (a guru or some kind of teacher) are able to “unlock them to reach enlightenment” – no one can do that for us!

The True Self is beyond the mind, and the ego is very manipulative, and therefor it’s such a big industry I believe. I could easily sell those ideas too (anyone can), because they are attractive to the mind, who thinks it’s the master of the universe, and the world is still very much ego-based. It just doesn’t resonate with me at all.

The mind (or the ego) will always have a reason why you can’t use half an hour of your 24 hours to do meditation. Other things become more important, such as watching sales-pitching law of attraction-video clips on how you can create your own reality…

I don’t have time to do this now, I have so many things to do, I’ll do it later when things are better in my life, when I have created the life of my dreams, then I’ll have time to meditate” the ego tells you.

We are not our minds, and should not be trusting it that much, it’s basically a social product which makes it decisions based on the past and its experiences.

Question it! “I really don’t have time to meditate now?”

If you have time to hang on Facebook for hours every day, then how come you don’t have time to really connect with yourself for 30 minutes a day?

If you have time to watch the news, or read the same newspaper over and over again, then you absolutely have time to meditate. It’s really about making priorities consciously.

But it’s when we start paying attention to the inner world that the mind (or ego) gets alert because meditation means the death of it. In meditation you are not in mind, and that scares the shit out of the ego, so it will begin making reasons for postponing the time you had chosen for meditation.

Suddenly things get urgent; you should do this and that, whatever it takes to get you distracted from actually meditating.

We can’t “tap into our infinite potential” intellectually!

We can’t understand the deeper Self from an intellectual level of awareness.

We can read all the books in the world, know a lot of things about nice concepts and all that, but that won’t help at all if we want to transform ourselves spiritually.

Meditation leads to freedom from the mind and ego, not by reading about it and watch videos about it, or read/post inspirational quotes on our Facebook status. 

When in a meditative state of mind we are freed from the past and future and we are totally in the Now, and the ego does not like that at all.

The ego runs our memory (past) and imagination (future) and in the present moment those things disappear, there is not need for it, because it’s not real.

You have transcended, and now you will tap into all the potential within yourself, and only now.

I urge everyone to make room for half an hour of meditation everyday, instead of buying into all the hype about how to create your own reality etc, which is a very shallow way of living.

Understand me right; we can absolutely live that way too, from that perspective, but there is a deeper place from where to “create”, where we don’t create the visions by visualising or making vision-boards etc, but where we receive the visions, the right visions, that come from our Soul.

In meditation we connect with that which is real and true, and from that space life become more authentic.

Break the barriers to your inner world, not by the means of the world (gurus, books, videos and what not) but by silence and contemplation; meditation.

“There is a deeper realm of being that is beyond what we perceive with our senses; much more to life than what we see and hear with our senses. Tune into that, even if you can’t feel it yet, even if you have no idea how it looks like, just know it’s there, within you and keep asking your soul to reveal that which is real and true in your existence” ~Maria Erving


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