Don't avoid the spiritual Void. Embrace it.

Don’t let the Void scare you

At some point in your transformational process you come to a place that can only be called “the Void”.

If you’re a person who’s always growing you can expect this to happen many times throughout your life.

The Void does not happen “often”, sometimes there’s even a few years between them, and in between those phases there can be many, many other kinds of shifts and transformations (wonderful ones).

But the Void is different, and many people get freaked out when they get to it.

Some people get all “spiritual” about it, some even call it the enlightened state, and those who do let their spiritualized ego’s make the phase into something it’s not.

And they can stay there for years, never moving beyond it because it can be really comfortable staying there, especially for those who experience the Void for the first time.

Unless they don’t get freaked out about it that is.

In that case the person tries to get away from it by clawing themselves out of it by pushing and forcing movement to happen.

And some people see themselves as above these types of processes so they avoid them, they don’t talk about them and they pretend everything is fine while hiding away from the world kind of just ‘waiting it out’ without realizing how powerfully transformative they are.

When this happens they completely wasted a very important part of the transformational process and got back to the old self’s way to live life as the old self they are familiar with being.

Some people who are religious or inclined to pray etc. often get depressed and feel a deep sense of meaninglessness because they don’t get a response, because as I mentioned before, it’s a very quiet place to be.

Others make a ‘thing’ out of it and behave similar to the people I mentioned before (people who get stuck in the Void) and those people you can many times find in the Advaita circles.

You hear them parroting each other saying things like “there’s nothing to do, nowhere to go” etc. with a goofy ‘spiritual’ look on their face.

And there’s truth to that – There isn’t anywhere to go or anything to do in the Void, for now.

It’s just a phase, and you will experience this phase many times in your life if you continue to grow and evolve and you don’t get stuck in any belief-systems.

So what is the Void, and what’s it about?

1.) It’s not “spiritual”. It’s a major shift in consciousness, but consciousness is not ‘spiritual’.

2.) It’s a place you arrive to often when you’ve done a massive amount of inner work, and it’s completely quiet and empty.

You don’t feel drawn to do anything. Nothing at all. You basically lose interest in everything.

And if you’re a ‘doer’ by nature, this can be alarming, and if you’re overly ‘spiritual’, it may come as a relief (and that’s why many people stay there, not knowing it’s only a phase and not a ‘state’).

So, it’s a very quiet place where your mind feels completely empty, and ‘there’s nothing more to do’.

You feel utterly done (not in a negative way, just ‘done’).

It’s difficult to explain because I don’t think there even is a word for the feeling.

The experience is that there’s nothing to do, nowhere to go and sometimes you have even ‘lost’ your identity for a while.

For a while! This is not the “enlightened state” that many people think it is.

It’s a very potent place to be (it’s life-transformative in the most positive ways), so the best way to ‘be’ in it is just actually to ‘be’.

Just ‘be’, and don’t let your mind make up things about it, as it will.

It will call it all kinds of things and it will be frightened about it, or it will create all kinds of stories about it how special or ‘awake’ you are, and if you believe any of it, you’ll lose the momentum and purpose of it.

The momentum always takes you to a new plateau in life, from where you start building on yet another (new) transformational process.

So you’re always evolving, evolving, evolving.

Not getting stuck anywhere, thinking you have ‘arrived’.

What do you do in the Void then?

You let it be by letting go into it without any need to control it whatsoever.

Only do what you feel inclined to do in the moment, and many times for many people there’s a purging process going on at the same time.

So get rid of things, burn old journals, clean out your closets and the fridge, spend time offline, go for walks in silence, be in nature, take some time to be alone etc.

You don’t really have to ‘do’ anything more than that. The most important aspect of this phase is to let it Do You.

Let it transform you, knowing there’s nothing you need to do to ‘help it’.

Only let it.

And when you’ve been quiet and alone with yourself for a while and you begin to feel impatient, resist going back into ‘your life’ thinking you have to get things going.

No, don’t do that. Instead watch a movie or something. Go to the beach, read a book (preferably unrelated to any spiritual or personal growth stuff), listen to music, something that allows your mind to rest (=key-word!).

The (new) door will open for you at the right time and in the right way without you having to do anything.

Just stay open and receptive, let go of all your own thoughts about what’s going on and simply ‘be’ until you’re called back into life again.

It will just happen suddenly so don’t worry about anything. Just stay open and again; don’t make any assumptions about anything.

It’s a natural part of the transformational process and the Void is a bit different than other shifts because it really is an empty place to be, it’s very, very quiet, and – very, very difficult to explain! 😊

But if you’re in the Void at the moment, you will recognize it within yourself and something within you will let you know that ‘aha, that’s what I’m experiencing!’, and then you can relax a little bit.

And when you relax, peace comes in, and from that peace the door will start to open again, into the new phase of your life, which might look very different from the phase that was before.

It’s the cycle of life, and there are so many different phases one goes through (as the evolutionary process is never-ending) so by learning to recognize them you’re able to relax into them and actually enjoy them with a sense of joyous anticipation of what is to come once you’ve moved through them.

It’s in the Void that a huge shift in consciousness happens, and they always takes us to higher levels of awareness, insight and understanding.

Here’s some of my older articles that might be helpful to you if you’re in the midst of a transformational process, which you could say is similar to the awakening process for some:

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Please note that the articles are very old.

I’m simply sharing them because I know they are helpful to people.

I still get emails from readers that are so relieved to have found my website because as they themselves put it, ‘someone is finally telling it as it is’.

So if they help you understand the processes you’re in, that’s great.

Don’t worry about anything. 😊

Just know that you will move through them (so don’t get stuck in concepts) and that all is well.

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