About Dreams and Signs from the Universe

Can you help me interpret my dreams and the signs I receive from the Universe, Maria?

Quite often I receive emails from people who share with me their nightly dreams or all the different signs they get from the universe, and today I received these two emails:

Many years back I had a vivid dream where I was with some kind of entity, the entity looked like a human silhouette but had no human features.

It also had what looked like stars or the universes as a body, I hope this make sense?

In my dream he said he was leaving me and I remember crying in my dream and also woke up crying.

The second time I saw it I woke up from a deep sleep and he was standing by the side of my bed telling me to hold still while he had his head over my stomach.

I did get startled seeing It and jumped up. Next thing that happened I heard a loud bang.

Ever since then I have felt different.

I’m looking for some kind of explanation or understanding”.

And this one:

Ever since the guy I’m seeing mentioned us getting married I keep seeing an advert for the same engagement ring company… what does this mean… last time it happened.. two weeks later my children told me their dad had proposed to his girlfriend… It’s really starting to freak me out… I love this guy so much but our relationship is a bit complicated and I don’t want to get my hopes up.. I ignore the signs but they keep jumping out at me…”

So I thought I’d write an article about this.


About Dreams:

Dreams are very interesting and I love having them and some of the dreams I have had has been weird and strange too, but I’m not really into dream interpretation when it comes to other people’s dreams.

It would be purely speculation if I even said something about this dream that the reader had and not lead to any real answers because our dreams are somehow related to our waking reality and I don’t know anything about this person and his life circumstances.

So even though it’s interesting to hear about dreams, I’m not a dream interpreter.

All I can say is that as I read the dream I could relate to the description of the sound that he heard because I remember hearing it myself many years ago, but in an awakened state.

Actually I have heard it twice. It’s a sound and feeling in your body that you never forget, because it is weird, and strange. 

Now, I don’t know if this has anything to do with anything specifically for the reader, but for me it was a spiritual experience that I now understand was an opening of my third eye. 

The first time it happened was many years ago when I was a drug addict, so this goes way back, but the experience was so strong that I never forget it.

What happened was that I was wide awake (not dreaming) and I stood by the window looking out, doing nothing special, and suddenly I felt as if I had been shot between the eyes, and in that instant I also heard a loud bang inside my mind and being.

(Something “popped” within me and there was a really loud sound that came with it). 

It was really weird, and I remember touching my forehead with my hand as I was falling backwards and there was a ‘hole’ there and when I fell backwards I felt as if I was dying. 

Or, I thought “this is how it must feel to die” and the feeling was really wonderful, like I was floating or falling into something really soft and.. – it’s not even possible to describe the feeling.

But I remember that bang-sound as if it happened yesterday. 

As I look back what happened next in my life I can clearly see that it had spiritual significance for me and the direction my life took at that point in time.

The other time I experienced the loud bang was also many years ago when I was doing a sound healing course.

As we were chanting and doing sound healing together as a group I was singing my heart out really loud, really getting into it, and then suddenly again this opening in my third eye happened; it was very powerful and I felt thrown back by its power as I sat there on the floor and there was that loud bang sound again.

In both instances I was a changed person from that point on; in good ways as both experiences took me to a higher place within myself.

So with the dream you had (the reader), I don’t know, but it may be something similar for you, that there has been an opening of some kind within your being.

But I’m not a dream interpreter, so I don’t really know.

I have had some other weird dreams and out of body experiences as well in the past that has been uncomfortable (and even scary) but I think our fears has a lot to say, because there has been times when I have allowed things to happen to me and immediately when I have accepted and allowed it to happen despite the feeling of fear, the experience changed, or I felt better about it. 

So I would invite you to feel within yourself if this resonates with your own personal life somehow and ask yourself what it is about by meditating and listening within.

Or consult with a professional dream counselor that does these things for a living if you believe it was a ‘normal’ kind of dream (even though it was weird and emotional for you) and not a spiritual experience. 

About Signs From The Universe

I get a lot of emails from people asking me about different signs they receive and I always send them to this article:


It basically says that whatever signs you receive is for you only, that there are no static ‘signs’ that applies to everybody’s life experience.

So there’s no point in asking other people about the signs that you receive because they are for you only, and the only place where you can get accurate guidance on what they can mean for you personally is by going within and ask the Wisdom within you to reveal the true meaning to you.

Asking others only clouds the Truth because we all have our own points of view and opinions etc, so any discussions would only be pure speculation and not really lead to anything enlightening for you.

And the same goes here too; signs and synchronicities and so on are also related to our personal lives just like dreams are, so I couldn’t possibly give any accurate guidance to anybody about their personal signs unless I knew more about their private lives.

Only if I have a conversation with someone where they share with me what’s going on in their lives can there be any real guidance and that means we would have to talk (have a session) as there can be many factors and so on that plays into the big picture.

And I can only share what would come up for me intuitively as I might be able to see you more clearly than you are seeing yourself about that particular situation, but I would still continue pointing you towards your own truth, because only you know what is right for you and what resonates deeply with your heart.

You are the authority in your life and although other peoples opinions and guidance might be helpful it’s ultimately you who know what the Truth is by checking in with your own heart to see if something rings true or not. 

To the reader who asked about the boyfriend dilemma thing:

Ask yourself what you would make the signs mean if you didn’t have a story around the signs (a meaning that you have given the signs based on your assumptions), if you removed that completely in the whole picture.

What is then left, what’s the story now? What does your mind make it mean?

That’s what I would suggest you look into more deeply, and also to get really quiet and still and ask within “what is the Truth about this?

Show me what is real and true” and then you listen for what comes up for you and then you will know.

Life is very personal with us, and people often make the mistake that they go to all kinds of so called experts instead of going within and asking the all-knowing Wisdom within them what the Truth is in any given situation or experience.

Letting go of any own (the little self’s) interpretations and stories around the signs helps a lot.

When we ask and we’re totally open to whatever the Truth might be, when we are open and willing to see something about it that we didn’t even think about before or could have imagined, that’s when we allow it to come to our conscious awareness.

But looking for the answers by going within is usually the last thing most people do, and that’s ironically where all the answers lies, and they are there at this very moment, so get still – right now, after you have read this article – and ask and see what comes up for you.


I want to share this pic with you. I was out walking by the ocean yesterday and the beauty was so incredibly beautiful that I felt goosebumps all over my whole body.

This was a powerful sign of Divine Presence in my life as I have recently experienced the loss of my four-legged best friend due to illness, and I felt this presence of pure Love flowing through my whole body and it brought me to tears of gratitude.

This sign was to me, no other people could feel what I felt even if there were other people on the beach that saw what I saw.

Life is very personal with us, and I promise you that the moment you get personal with It, It will embrace you with a Love that is larger than anything you have ever experienced in your entire life.

Life wants you to speak to it, to connect with it, to share everything that’s on your mind and heart with it.

Direct communication is always best, so take some time today and forget the world, forget everything you have ever heard from anybody else, forget all the teachings and books you have read, forget it all and instead be still and ask the Wisdom within to show you the Truth about Life, and It will.

Hope this helped, and feel very welcome to submit more questions and topic requests at any time here: mariaerving.com/ask-maria

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