How To Deal With An Ego Attack

What to do when you’re suddenly gripped by a wave of deep discouragement, doubt, fear (even panic), sadness, depression, anger and rage?

When only a few hours ago or the day before you felt fine, or even great, and now you have suddenly forgotten all about the goodness in your life and this angry and frustrated entity within you seems to have come from nowhere and is now taking over you completely?

This is an ego attack and it can attack you with enormous strength, and unless you know what’s going on you might be drawn deeper and deeper into a mind-made hell. Because that’s exactly what it feels like.

This usually happens when we have done some deep spiritual work and when we have made huge changes for the better in our lives.

What happens is that the aspects of the old ego-consciousness is being released and it clashes with Truth and that leads to a huge internal conflict, a war even.

The old patterns of thinking, being and believing are being cleared out to make way for the new state of consciousness (that serves you better) and this can be very uncomfortable and whatever great growth progress there might have been in our life recently completely gets forgotten or we might even loose faith in the whole process altogether.

Things are really shaking and your world rocks on its foundation like never before, but what is important to know is that things start to move and rearrange themselves to fit your new way of being (your new level of consciousness), so it’s a good thing that is happening although it might not feel like it at all.

I know from my own experiences with this that depending how severe the attack is, the worst thing you want to hear is that you should do your very best to continuously turn to Truth (or God within) and deny what your senses say to you and affirm Truth, but this is not always easy, I know.

Depending on how strongly the attack is coming towards you, you might not be able to say ‘this too shall pass’ or ‘all is well’ or some other spiritual stuff that is suppose to make you feel better; on the contrary you feel more like strangling the person who ever came up with the sayings, you just find it all very annoying and irritating.

And forget about reading inspirational stuff because it makes you almost want to gag so that’s not an option either. 

But do try to stay connected to Truth in any way you can, at least pray out loud, even if the prayer sounds angry and complaining, and even if you feel resentment and strong resistance say out loud;

This is all about releasing the old and healing (restoration to Truth). That’s what’s going on. Something good will come out of this. Even if I hate this I know I will come out of this better than ever before”.

The more forceful the ego is and the more dynamic the process is, the more profound inner transformation is taking place.

If it’s a more soft or mild type of ego attack it may show up as periods (hours/days) of impatience, confusion, indecision, and where you feel rebellious and are trying to force things to happens but they just don’t seem to budge.

Things just refuse to change no matter how hard we try to make them happen.

This can be frustrating too of course, and times like this calls for a time-out where you take your hands off of everything and you let things come to you and happen by themselves for a while.

Know that nothing is lost and that you will be compelled to action when it’s time for action.

If you don’t take your hands off and instead allow the transformation to happen by itself then you’re just frustrating the crap out of yourself and delaying any great progress.

And you probably end up staring at the assignments that you think you ‘should do’ without having done any constructive work anyway when the days is over, so just let it go. 

If you find yourself totally uninspired, then let yourself be that for a while and see what happens. Drop everything, even if it’s for a few short hours and do something you enjoy instead, that brings peace to your heart.

It’s a huge relief to actually say it out loud, to state it to yourself (and the power within you) that you take your hands off the wheel for a while, and then do that fully without looking back wondering if you should go back and try again. 

Just relax for a while and see where the peace takes you. 

That’s the mild version of the chemicalization (cleaning out the old) that is taking place, but it can be frustrating enough until we learn to really let go and follow our own energy. 

When we know what’s going on we can learn how to maneuver our way through it easier, and by simply being aware of how the process works can be very helpful.

Remember that it leads to something far better than what has been, it always does. Trust the process.

The old way of thinking is on its way out but it will loudly object before it leaves and the internal fight can be very uncomfortable, but know that the mind is freeing and expanding itself, so there can be no room for the old, it has to go.

Old fears, old limiting beliefs, old emotions, old ways of being, it’s all being cleared out, and the friction comes from the old trying to hold on while the new is trying to establish itself.

Usually it goes on for a few very (very!) intense hours and the bed or couch seem to be the only safe place in the world and you should definitely honor wanting to be alone in this process, but if it goes on for days, then force yourself to move your body, don’t stagnate on your couch or in your bed. (Don’t isolate yourself). 

When the body moves, the mind clear up a little bit and can be helpful to you. 

And please remember that if this happens at night and your lying there in your bed tossing and turning in hellish anguish, please try your very best to become somewhat peaceful before you fall asleep, it’s so important to not leave anguish and turmoil for the subconscious mind to work on at night.

Instead do your very best to leave the waking state in peace. 

Even though it may seem impossible to take your attention away from what the senses tell you (lack, limitations, fear of this or that) try your best to get back in alignment with Truth even if you have to scream out loud with an angry voice ”Take me back to Truth, NOW!”.

Sometimes it might be helpful to have an inspirational book/mp3 running in the background to remind you of your progress and growth even if it annoys your ego.

If it’s the milder variant of clearing away the old, you might just simply state to yourself that you leave it to the power and wisdom within you to handle everything, that it is too much for you, that you’re fed up or whatever.

Take a break, let go let God – relax and find that things clear themselves up as you surrender to the process.

If the old error thoughts are persistent and refuse to be let go of, start denying them and instead affirming what you know is the Truth of who you are and they will vanish;

”I’m leaving the past where it belong, these kinds of error thoughts are no longer accepted as part of my life and I now move into the Truth of who I am. I release these irrational fears, they don’t belong to me, I do NOT accept limitations in my life anymore, I know those beliefs to be false and I only agree with Truth!”

Or say this mantra out loud over and over again until you feel the presence of God again: “Presence of God in this room. Presence of God in me. Presence of God in all my affairs. Presence of God right here where I am, right now. Presence of God”.

Agree with Truth only

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