How The Ego Keeps Humanity Small

Here follows nine tools that the ego uses in order to be able to continue being the leading force in most peoples lives:


This is the Number One tool it uses. Fear, worry, anxiety, etc. 

Fear of moving outside the familiar, fear of being ridiculed, fear of failure, fear of not getting something or fear of loosing something.

Endless worrying about the future so the present moment is always wasted in error thinking.

Fear sucks the life out of us and is a a dream-killer!


Always postponing our intuitive nudges leads to stagnation in life, and then with time if we allow this procrastination to continue we become paralyzed with indecision and then we blame the world, the economy, our past, our circumstances and what not for our stuckness.

This leads to a state of simply drifting through life, aimlessly and without purpose.

If this sounds like you, then know this:

God has already knocked on the door to your heart to be let in, but you refuse to open it.

It’s God who is waiting for you and not the other way around!


Self-doubt, doubt in our abilities, doubt in our chosen path, doubt in God and the goodness of Life.

As soon as a little obstacle, challenge or ‘failure’ (which in reality is a stepping stone) comes up many people throw up their arms in the air in defeat saying “I knew it! I should never even had tried. I knew I would fail”.

Or even worse, “God doesn’t want me to succeed” followed by a bunch of excuses.

Know that the dreams that you have, the desire for a fuller and richer life, has been put in your heart by God – they are there for a reason, and the reason is that you are here to fulfill them!

There has to be consistency and perseverance – a dedication to do your part in this and having faith is the key.

That will help you overcome anything.

You are here to fulfill your destiny, and believe me, your destiny is not to be here merely to make money.

You are here for a much higher purpose. 

That’s the dream and desire God has for you – because ‘he’ is You expressed.


Thinking that nothing really matters, that you don’t really care, and that your contribution is not important.

This also bleeds into how you treat your life, other people and the planet.

To not respect yourself shows up in everything you do in your environment (polluting the planet, throwing garbage in nature etc) and it shows up in your relationships with others and in your everyday life.

This apathy can only be overcome by giving.

As you give, so shall you receive.

Begin anywhere, and feel how wonderful it feels to be at service to another, to care about something.

Negative thinking:

Most people are not independent thinkers.

They may have a lot of opinions but they are only recycling other people’s opinions and what media has fed them through TV, the news, newspapers and so on.

This type of “thinking” leads to a world with a lot of angry people with programmed reactions (and not much accurate knowledge) to world events and other happenings that the media spews out.

People need to turn off the TV more and start listening within instead of this constant entertainment for the ego.

This will enable independent thinking and original thoughts to surface.


People who has allowed themselves to influences and controlled by outside influences easily fall into the trap of victim-hood.

The ego loves when people are in a victim-hood state of mind, and they even vigorously defend their victim-hood if your try to add in some optimisms or positivity in your conversation with them.

They argue for their limitations and want validation from you and when they don’t get it they get offended or insulted because you refuse to see them as victims. 

And once this type of of victim-hood state is established in someone’s mind, the list of things to be victimized about just grows and grows and the ego even tries to be more of a victim than others!

Misery loves company.

If you have a friend that is like this; RUN! Stay as far away from them as you possibly can.

There’s nothing more poisonous than being around people who are energy-drainers and perceive themselves as victims.


What we do reveals our true values as actions speak louder than words.

If someone wants change they actually have to do something and the first thing one has to do in order to experience any kind of transformation is to look at what we do all day long.

How do you use your time and energy? Where do you put your money? What do you invest in?

Every act, everything we do, is an investment in itself.

We don’t really use time, we invest it or we waste it.

If you know that your habits are not very life-affirming and life-enhancing, then begin to change your habits.

Instead of buying new shoes every month or the latest iphone – begin investing in yourself (by growing in consciousness) and change your habitual ways of being.

The ego loves when we are more focused on the outside than on the inside.

So any distraction and noise will do – as long as you don’t look within.

So begin looking within by meditation and stillness and that act will guide you and lead you to wisdom and understanding in regards to what you need to do in order to turn your life around.  

Superstition and limiting beliefs:

False beliefs about God keeps people small.

One common belief is that many people think that if they start to follow their inner voice then God might lead them on a path where they have to do things they don’t want to do, or that they have to give up something desirable or they fear they’ll loose something.

That God would be a God that makes people suffer.

It’s not God that makes us suffer, it’s us following the voice of the ego that makes us suffer. 

The ego fears Truth and can’t live in that state of consciousness so of course it will come up with all kinds of stories because it doesn’t want to loose control.

Other limiting beliefs are that there are dark forces holding people back, or that their astrological charts are not aligned for success, or love, or whatever, right now so they can’t have it and so on.

Limiting beliefs are what’s holding people back, there is no real darkness in life, not some invisible force that hold people back but the ones they have created in their minds.

There is no dark force; it’s not real!

Only the light of Truth is, and once we begin to examine our beliefs, Light begins to pour in and that Light will expose everything that is unlike itself.

The beliefs are merely blocking the Light that we are. That’s the real “darkness”.

Resistance and being close-minded:

Some people are very narrow-minded and closed to new input, and the ego loves this because it feels safe when someone’s state of mind is ‘fixed’ and immovable.

It’s not possible to teach these types of people, or even inspire them because many of them has grown cynical with time, and the ego does not like to be challenged and it also likes to think it knows it all.

All these examples that I have just mentioned are the ego in full close-up, and as long as people allow themselves to be run by the ego instead of their heart, there will be emotional and mental suffering and envy and criticisms towards those who have succeeded in following their calling (especially if they are wealthy) and so on.

The status quo of how things are has to be challenged in order to allow transformation to happen and it all begins in the minds of individuals.

The ego can only control you through your thoughts.

That’s the only place where it can live!

Doesn’t’ this sound more attractive to you than how the ego runs things:

Having self-confidence, faith in oneself (and the God-self that wants to express itself through you), inner peace, enthusiasm, courage, optimism, purpose, love, ..

I’d say it does! 

There’s a saying “Live until you die” and that really relates to what I wanted to convey with this article.

Life is Now. We don’t know about tomorrow. Only Now.

So let’s enjoy every conversation, every friendship, our work; let’s enjoy this moment we have on earth to the fullest.

I only get to be Maria Erving this once – and that’s the same with you, you only get to be you in this particular human form this once – You will never again have the opportunity to live this life-time again.

Why not enjoy it and make the most of it?

Don’t ever again let your ego come in the way for the full expression that you are, which is pure greatness!

We are not here to merely make money and survive.

Those kind of thoughts are lies planted in the minds of humanity and it’s time they’re removed and eradicated for good. 


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