Ego is most ferocious when you’re about to have a breakthrough (3/3)

The ego attacks you the strongest just before a breakthrough.

Part 2/3 of this article series can be read here:

“What to do when ego thoughts are bombarding you”

Let’s continue.

You wrote that you’re putting out prayers and so on, but what if you turned it all around and put the prayers inside you instead?

That instead of seeking an answer from the divine “out there”, you seek the answer from within.

As if the power is within you (because it is).

That way the sense of separation (as you being a person who asks this other thing called’ the divine’ for help and guidance) is removed. 

You turn from “what to do, what to do?” (as if to receive the answers from out there), and you turn within and ask questions in the lines of:

  • What wants to be done through me?
  • What wants to happen and come through me?
  • What wants to be expressed?
  • What is the truest expression of my being?
  • .. and the highest vision for my existence/life?

And so on.

Then you’re nudging the divine within you to come alive, or awaken, instead of something that is to be added unto you from the outside. 

Can you feel the difference? 

You drop the questions into the depth of your “higher mind” (where all things are known) and then let it bring the answers to your conscious mind and awareness.

So you don’t need to look for it or search for the answers.

You receive them, they come to you, to your conscious awareness and it happens naturally and effortlessly.

In this process of going within the ego will put up a fight (because it wants to be in control).

It does NOT like this turn of events and always tries to distract people away from stillness and receptiveness.

So be aware of that, notice when it happens and when it does, you’ll know that you’re on to something good.

You can rest assured that if something aggravates the ego, you should proceed with the activity despite of its attempts to distract you or hinder you because it will always lead to something good.

Even a huge breakthrough.

So whenever there is ego resistance;

Notice it and know that ego will always fight that which is genuinely good for you and your spiritual and personal growth.

Notice, and become curious. 

“Oh, this is interesting.. hmm.. I wonder why the ego is resistant to this/doesn’t want me to go there/pursuit this.

I have to find out! (because I know there is something there that will be helpful or beneficial to me)”.

You wrote:

I am at the decade point again but this time I am not trying to run away from it and in turn it is kind of worse than the other times because those times my ego would step in and I will distract myself with jobs, relationships etc but I don’t want to do that again.”

And I don’t think you will either.

I think you’re on the brink of a breakthrough and that this cycle will not have to repeat itself again.

Now you have more awareness than you did ten years ago, and the awareness you have today is enough for you to have a fundamental shift and transformation of consciousness. 

You won’t be distracting yourself anymore, or let yourself be distracted by the ego and its ways of leading you off path.

This awareness will take you far, even all the way, if you just keep doing the (inner) work.

You will now begin to turn away from asking “what should I do, what should I do?” in a panicky ego way and instead begin moving into a more peaceful place (and state of mind).

A place where you trustingly dwell in a place of not-knowing until something starts to move through you.

So you say “okay, nothing seems to come through me at this point, and that’s okay, I’m not going to move until prompted from within” and really man it.

This is where you ask about what wants to come through, not what you ‘should do’ in order to make things come through.

Feel the difference?

This puts you in a place of peace where you trust the intelligence that runs your life (Truth).

It knows what it’s doing so you wait in trust for that something to start moving from within.

What to do while you wait for the inner prompting that causes some kind of authentic action that is in alignment with Truth?

In the meanwhile you just focus on enjoying your life as much as you can.

It may sound too simplistic and also irresponsible for the ego to hear, but all action that is in alignment with Truth comes from a place of naturalness.

It’s not natural for us to be in constant stress and anxiousness.

It may be “normal”, but it’s not natural.

Our natural state is one of peace and tranquility. 

When we enjoy the present moment and are simply doing the next obvious thing (which can be something simple as going for a walk!), then from that place new inspiration will soon start to flow.

It’s always like this.

So make enjoyment your #1 priority for the next week or two, no matter what, and see what happens when you stay unattached and “desireless”. 

Be still, wait, listen, trust, and enjoy yourself.

Take a few days offline, go for long walks, listen to music, and don’t be concerned about what you ‘should do’ or what the next direction in your life will be.

Leave the ball completely to the universe and let it bring things together for you.

“It’s all in your hands now. I don’t know what to do, but I know that you do, so I will let you take care of everything in your own magical way (which I cannot predict). And in the meantime I’m just going to enjoy the present moment as much as I can”.

When you release everything like this you will always come to know with absolute certainty when it’s your turn to do something again.

One day you just suddenly ‘know’, many times when you least expect it.

You might wake up one morning with a definite knowingness, and then things start to roll, sometimes very quickly too, and in wonderful ways!

So for now, leave it all to Life itself.

The ego will fight this at first, and sometimes ferociously and aggressively, but the moment the true surrender is there, the ego voice becomes still.

Here’s a few articles that can help you understand the way of the ego when it feels threatened:

“The More Light, The More The Ego Resists”

“How To Deal With An Ego Attack”

“When you come upon Truth, the ego will fight”

Let go, and trust that you will know exactly what to do when it’s your time to do something.

When the moment comes, you will feel eager to get started 🙂

Lastly I want to suggest some other things, see if they resonate.

These suggestions can help anyone that suffers from anxiety, stress and depression.

  • Go and check your hormone levels and take the necessary actions if there’s an imbalance.

Hormones play such a big role in our overall mental and emotional well-being (and can be balanced either by meds or by changing your diet etc).

It’s worth checking up, or you can learn about the correlation between hormone imbalance and mental/emotional instability and suffering and see if there’s something there that you can relate to. 

  • Stop taking vitamins and mineral supplements for a while.

They can actually cause depression and anxiety and even panic attacks in some people .

Even to people who has never been prone to anything like that before. 

And then when they stop taking the supplements they feel back to being themselves again, usually pretty quickly, within a few days.

So if you’re suffering from anxiety or hopelessness, depression etc, it might be worth it to not take any supplements at all for a week to see if your outlook on life and mood changes. 

  • Caffeine can trigger anxiety too (and stress and distress). It releases stress hormones in the body which puts it in a fight-or-flight mode. 

You could stop drinking coffee for a couple of weeks (or cut down the amount you drink in half) to see how it affects your overall well-being and inner peace.

(Although be aware of withdrawal/detox symptoms the first weeks or so if you normally drink coffee every day. Just plough through it and things will soon improve). 

  • Same with alcohol. It can worsen your anxiety and depression. If you use it as a way to self-medicate and to “de-stress”, cut it out.

Stop drinking altogether for a couple of weeks and see how it affects your mood etc when you stay away from it.

Alcohol is a depressant and moves consciousness towards darker places within your mind if you’re already struggling with it in your everyday life. 

Drinking will only amplify the ego voices even further and make you prone to irritability, anger, resentment, bitterness, self-pity and so on.

All in all, give it at least a week or two (with everything) and see if you experience any difference in the quality of your life.

And remember, if you notice any resistance, pay attention to where it’s coming from and become curious about it.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying coffee or alcohol, nor is there anything wrong with taking vitamin supplements, and no need to become a super healthy vegetarian or anything like that.

But if you cut these things out for even a week and do the things I suggested, it could be a life-changing turning-point in your life if you suffer from stress, anxiety and/or depression.

In this period I also suggest that you write a few words each evening about your day, how you felt, what your thought-stream was like and so on. 

It will help you see your current everyday life experience in a clearer way.

You will be able to detect and see common threads and also shine light into certain themes and patterns in your life that in turn then will help you get back in the flow of Truth.

Hope you have enjoyed this article series and found it helpful.

To read part 1/3 again, go here: 

I’m tormented by ego voices in my head!”

Please feel very welcome to share your thoughts or additional questions in the comments below.

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