The More Light, The More The Ego Resists

When we become more and more clear and the Light within starts to shine brighter and brighter, there’s other forces too that start to come alive even stronger and that is the resistance from the ego that doesn’t appreciate the transformation and change.

All this journey is about is to ultimately surrender to Truth  – and that process will show us who we are not, and that in turn means that the ego will loose it’s power and significance in our being.

So it will resist. And many times very powerfully so.

Lots of stuff will come up, and lots of stuff will be shone light on for you to look closer at.

Not to fix or heal; it’s a shedding process.

It’s like Truth has a torch and sheds light on everything that is not in alignment with it.

Truth will shine it’s light on many things;

  • “That behavior,.. nah, not cool anymore, have to stop doing that”
  • “Hm, yeah, gotta let go of that friend, he/she’s not in alignment with you anymore, too toxic”
  • “Yeah, about that… gotta let go of that too, and that..”

We become more aware about how we conduct ourselves, not in a phony way as if we’re trying to be somebody, but in a way that immediately lets us know if we are not being true to ourselves or if we are compromising our integrity.

We are informed even stronger the more clear we get, it becomes very obvious to us when we are not being true to Truth. 

It just feels wrong, or “off”, and we become keenly aware of that so we get back in touch with ourselves again and thus act more authentically and with greater confidence, and that confidence doesn’t come from the ego, it comes from a deeper place of Truth.

That’s how intuition becomes stronger and the more we trust it and go with it, the clearer life becomes. 

De-cluttereted from that which is not true.

It’s a process of relinquishing and letting go so that the Light can shine bright again.

Because the Light is who we really are.



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“… No effort needed to be who we are!

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When we are naturally ourselves the intention is not needed, because it is already inherent in Life itself, and Life wouldn’t intentionally hurt itself. Intention is mind-made, a technique for the ego to learn how to behave in appropriate ways.

The seed doesn’t have to ‘intend’ to grow into a flower, it just does, naturally.

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It includes the willingness to look very closely at everything that is not true in our lives and have that removed either by our own choice, or by us kicking and screaming our way through it by the feeling of victim-hood. But it will be removed, trust me on that one.

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