Is your desire coming from the ego or from your soul?

Where are your desires coming from?

Life wants to experience things through us, it wants to do things through us, and give/express things through us.

Ask yourself WHY you want the things that you want.

“Why do I want this, where is it coming from?”

Is your desire coming from a place of lack, or from a need to create an image that can give you some kind of status or recognition?

Or is your desire coming from a natural inclination to do something?

Does it feel like a calling, something you ‘have to do’ with maybe no other apparent reason besides from that?

Is there a pull towards a certain direction with a sense of naturalness and rightness about it?

Your WHY is important to know.

Then you will see if it comes from the ego, or if it’s something that originates from a soul level.

If you’re answer is something like this:

“I feel drawn to do this, it feels like I’m meant to do this, that Life is calling me to do it”, then you might be on to something good and real.

If your answer is in the lines of:

“I want it because it will help me make money”, or “I want it because when I succeed it will make me happy”, then you can be pretty sure that your desires are coming from a level of ego.

These are of course just a couple of examples.

The most important thing is to become aware and to really connect with and understand  your “why”.

Why you want the things you want.

Authentic desires are the desires that comes from a true place within you and where you pursuit a path simply because you feel a calling to do that. 

When you live in the flow of Truth, things unfold naturally and you always know when to take action and also when to let go and let the rest be done by the universe.

Let yourself fall into the flow of Truth by surrendering to it.

When you do, things continuously manifest for you as you move with the Now-moment.

The process of flow is when you move with it in a state of surrender, and that’s when things start to happen for you.

It’s not like you have to struggle, strive and push to make them happen, but Life brings to you what you need for your next unfoldment, whether it’s opportunities, resources or insights and so on.

Life just starts to unfold for you in almost magical ways and things mysteriously start to fall into place and you’re seeing all this happening before you. 

That’s what flow is, and you get to observe the perfection of its unfoldment as you move with it.

Doors open up, people appear that needs to appear, things happen that are perfect to happen etc.

There’s no neediness in this, no clinging or ego wanting going on.

It’s a harmonious way to live life, but it doesn’t mean that there is never any work involved, of course there is.

That’s why your love/passion/interest for what you do, or sense of purpose or calling, is vital.

So there are times when you’re doing everything to make something happen, maybe for years you’ve done that, and then one day when you finally let go (surrender), the thing you wanted happens.

But if your desire comes from the ego you won’t even last that long because you will give up very early and then the surrendering is not real.

Then the surrender is of the ego.

The defeat that comes with that kind of surrender makes many people not believing in themselves anymore.

But it’s not really about believing in yourself, it’s about believing in the vision that Life has given you.

So you continue doing the work you’re called to do while keeping your ego out of the picture.

You keep working on it because it’s your calling, not because the ego wants it. 

Life wants it, through you, so you keep moving forward despite your ego’s disappointments.

And when you do, you will eventually come to a place of true surrender.

That’s when you click into place with your flow and all the struggle and striving falls away and the process of creating becomes effortless and natural. 

When the final letting go happens, you fall into a continuous ‘state’ (beingness) of surrender with Life and that’s when things starts to work out for you.

That’s when Life and you come to flow as One.

oneness flow
Let yourself fall into the flow of Truth by surrendering to it. Become one with it by keeping your ego out of it.


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