What to do when ego thoughts are bombarding you (2/3)

How the ego prevents you from hearing your true voice.

Part 1/3 in this article series can be read here:

“I’m tormented by ego voices in my head!”

Let’s continue:

You wrote:

“.. and in the end I end up doing nothing. I feel like I am so tormented by my ego. I don’t know how to let it go, I don’t know how to surrender it.

I am so confused many times as to which direction to go in. Many times I just say we are not going anywhere I cannot listen to this any longer.”

I know this is obvious, but you really need to stop taking advice from the ego and not getting into arguments with it (no more answering to them or discussing with the voices).

That’s what I want to focus on in this article.

The ego voices are always in opposition to each other, creating inner war, confusing you, distracting you, and makes you full of fear and worry so you’re not able to hear the true voice.

While the ego says “I want/need/must have”, the authoritarian voice says “it’s wrong, you can’t have that/should not think about that/be like that” etc.

And the true voice says “this is what you’re meant to do/your truest expression”, “doing this/taking this action leads to the highest vision for you life, follow it”, and so on.

Can you feel the difference in the intuitive knowing versus the needy wanting?

There are things in this life that you are meant to do, and what those things are has nothing to do with what your beliefs are, what your ego wants and thinks it needs, or what is expected of you.

The things that makes you different and unique, that’s you gift, or destiny if you will, to share.

So if your gift, or natural talent, has to do with technology (as you mentioned you’re thinking of pursuing in one of your comments), then that is what you’re here to develop and share.

It really is as simple as that.

All the other stuff; the voices that are telling you otherwise, they are lies of the ego.

Here’s a comment where I shared a few common arguments between the ego voices that many people struggle with:

Go HERE to read it.

It’s important to come to the realization that the voices are not your voices and that you’re merely the observer of them.

But you don’t have to be the observer, you don’t have to listen to them if you don’t want to.

If a couple of people (like an old married couple) started a huge argument in front of you, wouldn’t you naturally want to leave?

You wouldn’t just stand there listening to them would you? Or even worse; get involved in their arguing!

The same can be done with your thoughts, or the thoughts of the ego.

We don’t have to listen to them and get involved in their arguing and bickering with each other!

And as I wrote in the previous article, it becomes natural not to listen to the ego voices when you know what they are and where they come from (fear/programming etc).

Let them argue with each other and when you do, when you stop paying attention to them, they will cease to exist.

Your attention to them is what feeds them, what keeps them alive.

When you on the other hand withdraw the attention from them, they simply vanish and disappear.

One way to do this, and this is really powerful and something I always suggest people to do, and when they do, it works!

It’s the simplest thing, but oh, so powerful.

Here it is:

1.) Stop arguing with the voices. Ignore them. Don’t answer to them, don’t explain to them, have nothing to do with them.

2.) Every time they try to make themselves heard (and it can sometimes be fierce!), you just say “I’m with Truth now”.

“I’m with Truth now”.

That’s all you say.

No explanations about why you are or how you are with Truth now, no justifications about why you choose to go with Truth now, no nothing.

Nada. Zip. Zero involvement.

Just keep saying the mantra “I’m with Truth now” as a way of disrupting the ego voices in your head.

The mantra disrupts the flow of ego consciousness and if you can just refrain from getting involved with explaining or answering back etc, you will soon be able to stay in the peace that being with Truth always gives.

In the beginning you will be drawn back to ego consciousness now and then, but just keep doing it and consciousness will follow.

“I’m with Truth now”.

Try it!

Do it for a whole week no matter what the ego voices say.

Even if you can’t hear the true voice at the moment.

Just keep saying it and staying in Truth.

And this too is not something you have to know what it is even.

Just say it and trust that it’s where you are (that you’re with Truth now).

Eventually the ego voices will drown as you keep redirecting the flow of consciousness.

The stream of consciousness is always moving, and we can help direct it with our attention.

Directly after you’ve said “I’m with Truth now”, simply put no attention on the ego voices.

Treat them as obnoxious children. Ignore them.

Don’t even think of them as obnoxious, just let them be what they are (and they are not even your obnoxious children).

Refrain from explaining anything to them. Don’t try to make them understand you in any way or form.

Let them be and come and go as they want to, and then you will realize that the less attention you give them, the less power they have over you, and that’s when you hear them less and less, until they no longer can be heard at all.

And the mantra is really more for you than for them.

It’s something you say to yourself to keep yourself (the stream of consciousness) on track, while at the same time you use it to cut out the chatter, to nip it in the bud and dismiss it.

Like “yeah, whatever, I’m with Truth now” and then you just continue with whatever (enjoyable) things you were doing before the voices tried to distract you and disrupt your flow.

Moving on;

You wrote:

“The problem is that the ego can create such a disturbance through depression, fear, anxiety etc that it becomes impossible to listen to the divine.

Many times I put out there in a prayer for guidance from the divine/high power whatever you want to call it and I hear nothing.”

The mantra I just shared with you will help you to hear the true voice.

You will find yourself being steered back to Truth over and over again until it “sticks” and you’re able to finally dwell there.

And then from that place of dwelling there, you will stat to dwell from there (you start to move from Truth).

You will start to hear the true voice more and more clearly and be guided by it and eventually also be prompted by it to move in a certain direction.

So it’s really important that you nip the ego voices in the bud in the moment they arise.

Not in order to fight them or resist them, but to release them the moment the chatter begins.

“I’m with Truth now” implies on all levels of your being that you’re no longer interested in hearing the other voices out.

Because you’re with Truth now.

So keep doing it until it sticks, but do it with an obviousness, a lightness.

There should be no resistance to the ego voices.

Only an obvious redirection of your consciousness to go with the Truth, even if you don’t know what it is or how it looks.

Truth will lead you so you just see to it that you get clicked into it (the flow of Truth consciousness) and you trust its direction.

And whenever the ego voices come in again, you keep seeing them as obnoxious children (or as an old drama queen marriage) that you don’t really have much in common with you so withdraw yourself from them peacefully and quietly.

You don’t argue with them do you? What would be the point, right?

And you don’t engage with them either. Because again; what would be the point?

They are children! Or an old married couple who will fight with each other until the day they die.

So you turn away from them and go your own happy way towards more enjoyable things.

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Another thing I want to suggest you do in this process is that when/if the ego voices get so strong and loud that you can’t sleep at night, you drown them.

Sometimes when a person is in a ego purging process it can keep them up all night up tossing and turning in bed, and in these phases it can be helpful to drown the ego voices.

You can do so by listening to (helpful/empowering) audio books or long guided meditations as you go to bed at night.

This is not the same as avoidance or running away from anything, it’s more as an aid to help you sleep and only to be used in the most difficult phases of the ego purging process.

More about that here:

“Waking up at 4 am by a very loud ego rants” 

ego voice
Click on image to learn about 9 tools that the ego uses in order to keep humanity small.


Part 1/3 of this article series can be read here:

“I’m tormented by ego voices in my head!” 


Part 3/3 will be published shortly and can be read here:



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  1. vik

    hi maria

    1) i have had moments where the ego has tried to make me feel like shit and many a times i have fallen for it – and then there are some days where i just want to ” feel good ” – so i just put my foot down and tell it ” go &*%^ yourself !! i am feeling good today ” – and if i have slept well on those days and feel refreshed – it actually works – do you think its good to get angry at the ego ?

  2. You don’t want to live like that, to constantly have a war within.

    As I’ve said many times already in our conversation;

    It’s very important that you get to know the ego and that you do the inner work, otherwise you will never be free from it.

    You don’t want to have a constant battle going on inside of you, but as long as the ego dominates you it will be there.

    It has been great talking with you.

    I will leave you for now, wishing you a great journey moving onwards from here.

    All the best,


  3. vik

    i hope i am not upsetting you with my questions
    i havent had anyone give me the info that you are giving me
    its like a world of information has opened up to me
    i hope you dont mind my questions
    i will focus on getting to know my ego more

  4. No worries at all Vik.

    I’m glad that I’ve been able to help you and it has been great talking with you.

    You’ve received lots of suggestions and advice today so use and implement what you have received.

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