Eliminate the word “struggle” from you vocabulary

To go through challenges, trials and tribulations or even a huge crisis in life doesn’t mean that you need to be struggling with them.

Challenges are a part of life, none of us will ever be sheltered or protected from them as we all have them at some point in our lives, but ‘struggle’, that’s optional.

Struggle is a mental attitude and if that’s a word you use frequently then stop using it and see your life transform!

Struggle keeps you powerless, small and afraid; struggling reduces you to a worm; just feel how the word feels when you say it.

Struggle. Struggle.

Nope, it’s not for me. How about you?

I personally don’t do fear, I don’t do worry, I don’t do blame and shame and I don’t do struggle.

When I use the words ”I have been working a lot lately”, that doesn’t’ mean what most people think it mean because I’m not ‘struggling’, I’m working a lot yes, but I’m mostly working on my consciousness.

In addition to doing what I’m guided to do as in taking right appropriate action and so on, but consciousness always comes first so there’s no striving and struggling going on because I know that all change begins from within so it doesn’t matter if you try to change the outer (which most people do), it has to be the inside that transforms first and then the outer will follow.

We can all go through a crisis in a peaceful way with a positive empowering determination to come through it as a winner instead of struggling our way through them feeling like helpless worms.

So instead if using words like ”struggle”, use words like “challenge” instead, it’s more empowering and as you change your vocabulary your mental attitude changes too to match your words

However we experience what we go through depends on what words we use to describe what we go through, simple as that. It’s all about attitude! What we say about what is happening, both to ourselves and others.

I don’t even like the word ”problem” (and I rarely use it) although sometimes you need to use it, but I always in the back of my mind silently remind myself that ‘I’m not making this to a problem, I’m only using this description right now because it fits into the conversation, sentence or situation’.

A ”problem” can instead be ”a challenge”; there’s a difference in energy there.

Feel it for yourself as you say them slowly and attentively to yourself and feel how there’s nothing negative about a challenge, at least it doesn’t have to be.

Only if we make it a ‘problem’ then it’s a problem.

We can go through difficult times, yes, but that’s just a description; something can be easy or something can be difficult, but difficult doesn’t mean that it has to be a struggle.

You might like one of my Teleclasses where I spoke about the power of words: Teleclasses

And you can have pressure without stress, just to make another example of the power of words and attitude.

It can be annoying to not have enough money to meet your needs, but it doesn’t mean you have to worry about it.

I personally haven’t had any sleepless nights about money for a long time (or anything else), I’m free from all that, and it really changed when I began tithing when it comes to money; it was very transforming for me – a huge change in consciousness came as a result of it and it happened immediately.

To ”be annoyed”, or occasionally feel it because it’s not like you go around feeling that way all the time, about a shortage of money can make you more determined to never live with lack ever again (and you begin your consciousness work in regards to it), while worrying brings you down and creates fear and even panic.

Annoyance can be a creative force if used right (annoyance is similar to an ‘angry’ energy and anger can be very transformative if channeled right); a fierce determination can be born out of it.

You can go trough a crisis without panic and fear, and even if fear comes up (or tries to) you don’t feed it with worry, you don’t let it have any power over you, you don’t allow it to have any place in your life.

We all go through tough times, and not all is what it seems even with those who portrait themselves as having it all perfectly together.

I have for example had Law of Attraction coaches as clients and their personal lives has been a mess (or challenging), but that’s their secret even though everything looks fine on the outside.

So don’t be deceived by appearances because everybody has a personal life too in addition to their professional life and it’s not always picture perfect for any of us so don’t feel bad because you go through a difficult time right now if you are because there’s no life that is without challenges, that’s a total myth! 🙂

If you’re on the transformational path, you will absolutely encounter times when things are not so comfortable, but you grow through them.

Not just merely go through them, but you grow through them.

Life has challenges for all of us no matter where we are in our spiritual development and growth, no matter how awake, aware or conscious we are, but at the same time there’s nothing gloomy about them because the more deeply awake you are, the more aware and conscious you are, the less you let ‘the world’ bother you – it just don’t get to you as it does most others.

Accept them as part of life and use them for your continuous growth and let go of self-pity and complaining about how you’re struggling through life and change your attitude about it all; “struggle” is what keeps people stuck and small because they have accepted defeat, and because they allow fear to be a controlling factor in their life.

If you’re going through something challenging in your life right now, then say these words out loud with power and authority and take back your power!

”I’m a VICTOR! I’m not struggling! Struggle is welcome to struggle with me and my attitude if it wants to but it doesn’t get to me one bit!”

Andalucian nature

Isn’t this just absolutely beautiful?

This view is from my friends house.

As I shared in my previous post I have now moved in with a friend and her husband (and their three adorable dogs) for a while, and I’m now living in a small Spanish village up in the mountains about 35 km. from Nerja and 9 km. from the city of Velez-Malaga.

It was wonderful to wake up this morning and all you could hear was nature waking up with me, no traffic at all here 🙂

Of course I prefer living closer to everything as I don’t drive but right now this is wonderfully perfect!

I would like to share a few words about my friends Sari and Pasi and tell you what they do just to promote them a little bit in case you live in Costa del Sol and would have need for their services.


Sari works as a translator, she translates from English to Spanish and Finnish.

She works with all kinds of people and in all kinds of situations; hospital visits, legal stuff, oral and written translations, doctor appointments, tax office translations, police, real estate, and she also does interpretations and other paper work in regards to everything that has to do with Spain.


Pasi is a lecturer and teacher of creative writing and he runs a philosophy cafe’ in Fuengirola.

He mainly lectures on topics that has to do with Spanish society and politics.

He has a master in philosophy.

Contact me if you’d like to get in touch with them! 🙂

Contact me here.

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