How To Create An Email Signature And Autoresponder In Roundcube

Here’s how you can….

Create An Email Signature And Autoresponder On Roundcube!

It’s great to have a signature to your email, not only does it save you time every time you send an email to someone, but it also allows you to add links to your websites so that people you interact with can easily see how they can connect with you elsewhere too.

A signature can look like this for example:

This is how you set it up on Roundcube:

Log in to your cPanel at HostGator > Webmail

  1. Select Roundcube application
  2. Click on the Personal Settings on the Right Top Panel
  3. Select Identities Tab.
  4. Double Click on the Email you want to create the signature to.
  5. Write/create your signature.
  6. Click Save after you are done.
  7.  > Go to Preference tab and check on the box for Compose HTML messages

And Save.

After you’re done: test it:


Now you have your signature ready and it will be inserted automatically in every email you send.

I usually like to use the Georgia font and font size 12 and I have set the font color to a dark grey as it makes it softer to the eyes as well as it stands out from the actual email message which is written in black.

How To Set Up Autoresponder In Roundcube:

This is not to be mistaken or confused with for example Aweber, but this is the auto-responder that people who write you will receive after they have sent you an email. (Often times with the subject line “Thank you for your email”)

This is great to have, not only to let people know that you have received their email, but also if you’re on a vacation for example you can write that in your auto-responder to let people know that you’ll get back to them when you get back to the office for example.

This is how you do it:

Go to Cpanel at HostGator > Autoresponders:


Once there; leave the Character set on Default, and the time interval on “0”. (“0” means that the auto-responder will be sent immediately when someone writes you)


When you’re done; test it by writing to yourself from another email account to see if you receive the auto responder:


This is a great way to market yourself and of course you can insert HTML too instead of actual text links. It looks better actually to have for example Facebook Icons in your emails, but that’s just my personal opinion.

This is how it can look if you insert HTML in them:








The process is the same, only you select that you are going to insert HTML code in the signature instead of plain text.

Here’s a post about the Social Media Icons I personally use in this particular example:

Let me know if you have any questions!:-)




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  1. Aurelie

    Hi Maria,

    Thanks for sharing this, it was very helpful!!
    I just can’t manage to insert social media icons… Could you explain me a bit more in details please? as I can’t find the HTML code options you mentioned above 🙁

  2. Aurelie

    Woahh this is really magy!! Thank you so much Maria!! I spent hours and hours trying to find a solution online but couldn’t find anything working….
    I now have a nice email signature with the icons I wanted, brilliant!!

  3. I’m glad I could help Aurelie! 🙂

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    And also, if you have a website of your own you can get more traffic to it by adding the link to one of your posts or pages to my CommentLuv plugin when you comment. (If you weren’t aware of that option)

    All the best!


  4. Aurelie

    I didn’t know that.. I’ll have a look at that plugin as well, thanks for the tips 🙂

  5. Mat

    Hi Maria
    great advice,, but I seem to be having trouble with my HTML signature, I have a pic of my logo which is a hotlink to my site, alot of my customers are complaining that they are either not receiving my emails or that they are going to spam!!
    Am i missing something?
    I really love the way the signature is looking and I really don’t want to go back to plain old text but I might have to, unless you have any suggestions?
    I use roundcube and can send you an email if that helps?
    Heres’ hoping you can help

  6. Hi Mat,

    Thank you for your question/comment.

    Unfortunately I can’t help you, it’s been a while since I created my signature and so I don’t remember how I did it.

    Have you looked into WiseStamp?

    That’s a really great tool (and it’s free:-) and you can create very nice looking signatures there that you can insert in your emails by right-clicking and simply inserting them directly in to them, RoundCube included.

    Here’s a post about it with link to it:

    (You may be able to create the signature there and copy and paste the code to your signature in RoundCube).

    Otherwise I can recommend Kimberly Castleberry, she might be (most probably so) help you with your question.

    You can find her here:

    Regarding the issue with your emails going to spam/are not received by your costumers; I would write/contact my web-host and ask them for advice, there might be some adjustments due to spam settings etc.

    I use HostGator (affiliate-link: myself and they are always very helpful with everything.

    Hope you figure it all out quickly!

    Wishing you a great weekend 🙂

    All the best,

  7. Hello Mat,

    Did you manage to create your signature..?

    I just updated my own and added an image to my signature without any problems, I simply highlighted the image in WiseStamp > copied the Source Code (right click after highlighted the pic) and then simply pasted it into my RoundCube signature (click on insert HTML), it took me under a minute, very easy to do.

    Hope you got yours too, I just came to think of you today and thought I’d share:-)

    All the best,

  8. Charlie Nielsen

    Nice walk-through. Please note that this tutorial wont help most users as the autoresponder is configured through the hosting control panel and not through Roundcube.

    Also as an ISP, we can define the various presets and settings allowed for the users – both in the controlpanel and Roundcube and HTML isn’t default in Roundcube.

  9. Thanks Charlie. Yes, I use RoundCube through HostGator so you may be right about that – I don’t know how RoundCube works outside of HostGator. Thanks for the heads-up, it may be helpful to others.

  10. Hi Maria, that was a great walk-through 🙂 I think no one could have wrote it any simpler. I was trying to help a colleague setup the same. He mentioned that he couldn’t set a auto-reply from within RoundCube. He was planning to take a few days off and wanted to set an out-of-the-office notification.
    While I was strolling through the RoundCube repository for a auto-reply function, I found that it was only available for a specific Windows mailserver. On the forums of RoundCube the programmers state that there will be no such official plugin or feature made available since they think it is not something the webmail program should manage. Sigh! Why do they make it so complicated for the average user?
    This post really helped us setting it up with the least fuss. You rock!

  11. Gasper

    Hi, Maria!

    Is it maybe possible to insert in the signature also a picture? Lika a logo of a company or something similar?

    Thanks, Gasper

  12. Hi Gasper!

    Yes, it is 🙂

    I have an image and contact-info and website etc in my signature too.

    You can create the signature in WiseStamp (upload the image into the WiseStamp signature) and simply copy the code (right-click > view source code) and then paste it into the RoundCube signature.

    All the best,

  13. Here’s the steps:

    When you have created the signature in WiseStamp first, log into RoundCube, go to Settings > Identities (create one if you haven’t one already) > Click on the email ID you want to edit/create > Signature > Click on “HTML” in the toolbar (upper right corner) > Paste the code from WiseStamp in the box > Update > and Save. (And test it so that you know it works and looks great)

    Done! 🙂

    Hope that helps.


  14. Dear Maria,

    The post you done for the creation of Signature in Round Mail is very easy to understand. Now In my Signature i added image, contact-info and website,etc. You have Done a great job , thanks a lot for your help.

    All the best….!!!

  15. You’re so very welcome vignesh, glad my post was helpful to you 🙂 Thank you also for using one of my articles in the CommentLuv, I appreciate it.

  16. Hi Maria,

    Thanks for your post. I found this article by searching in google for how to create more than one autoresponder for a single email address in hostgator. For instance, I was trying to set up a new autoresponder for every single sunday (because I would like to be away from the computer on sundays, so I would like to let people know that I’ll get back to them on monday).

    But when I created a new autoresponder, it only saved the most recent autoresponder I created. So I created one for this sunday the 16th, then the next sunday the 23rd, and the next sunday March 2nd. But each time I created a new one, I could only see the most recent one I created on my list of autoresponders.

    So I was wondering if you knew how to make it save all the autoresponders I was creating, and not just the most recent one I created… It seems I am not able to do so. For now I think I’ll just go ahead and send one autoresponder every day of the week, with a sentence about how if it’s sunday I’ll get back to them on monday…

    Also, I wanted to let you know a little correction on your instructions above for the autoresponder. Where it says “Interval” that actually means the amount of times you want to respond to the same person who sends you another email within that amount of time. So, for instance, if you put zero, that means if someone sent you an email and then a minute later sent you another email, they will get your autoresponder response email both times. But if you put 24, then that means they will only receive one autoresponder response no matter how many emails they send you that day. I personally like to set the interval at 12 or 24 hours. Anyway, all that to say that all autoresponders will be sent immediately and automatically, no matter the interval you choose. The interval is how much time you want to pass before you will send the autoresponder message to the same person if they email you again during that time period.

    Good luck on your adventure in Nerja. I read a few of your other posts while I was here. You are very brave, and I believe you will be taken care of. You’ll be in my prayers. I hope you have an enjoyable experience and that all your needs are taken care of 🙂


  17. This is a very old post so yes, there might be some updates to how things are done now so thanks for the correction.

    It’s up to each and every one to look up any changes for themselves as I haven’t been doing much of this type of editing in a while.

    Thank you also for the well wishes on my move to Nerja, I appreciate it:)

    I do however not believe in praying to a God – but I understand that you come from a loving place in your heart and for that I thank you.


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