Embrace Uncertainty in 2017 with Poise

Be a person of poise in 2017

The (ego) mind craves certainty, it needs certainty in order to feel in control, but since certainty is an illusion it will never be able to predict what will happen next, hence the anxiety for the future.

What if you could go into then new year of 2017 with poise?

I love that word; Poise

1. having a composed and self-assured manner.
“not every day you saw that poised, competent kid distressed”
self-possessed, self-assured, composed, assured, self-controlled, cool-headed, calm, cool, {cool, calm, and collected}, at ease, tranquil, serene, unperturbed, unruffled, impassive, nonchalant, confident, self-confident, dignified, equable, imperturbable, suave, urbane, elegant.
Having a graceful and elegant bearing.

Join in on my next distant group healing session on December 29th where the focus is on poise!

Many people live with stress and anxiety for the future so I was guided to have the next distant group healing session being about meeting the new year with poise no matter what is going on in your life.

The scared one within (the ego) feels that it needs to understand everything and know every step in moving forward so it can have a feeling of safety.

It thinks that if it’s able to predict what will happen the anxiety will cease and thus bring a sense of having control, but it can never have the control it craves.

Just look at it with realistic eyes:

Has there ever been a time when you knew for sure how things would unfold?

We can never be certain about outcomes in life, we can’t control those things, but we can influence them by how we respond to the circumstances in our life.

We can remain poised and go through the processes gracefully and with dignity

Being anxious and worried about the future is not created by the circumstances in our life, it’s our thoughts about them.

Human beings are experts in scaring themselves by believing thoughts to be true, but there is also another aspect of us that is looking at the situation completely unruffled.

That’s what I’m going to focus on bringing forth for you in the next healing session. 

It’s how the ego mind reacts to what is going on (what it *thinks*) that creates fear and also which can escalate the fear into panic but it doesn’t have to be that way for anyone.

The ego mind craves certainty but can’t but live in uncertainty. How’s that for a downward spiral?

It will never be free from the tension as long as it seeks safety in this way because it chases an illusion.

In order to free the mind from this toxic downward spiral the focus needs to change towards what can be controlled, and that is our mental and emotional state.

Instead of thoughts like:

Will I be able to ____”, and “What if ____ happens? , we can think “Whatever happens, I’m able to deal with it (with dignity and poise)”.

Uncertainty is very uncomfortable for the ego and it creates tension that sometimes moves a person into the wrong kind of action because they come from a place of fear.

So the intention with the distant group healing session on December 29th (at the new moon) is going to be about letting go of the need for certainty and going into the new year with poise and grace.

You can go into the year of 2017 with confidence knowing that even if you don’t know exactly what is ahead of you, you will be able to meet it with dignity and poise.

In many ways the new year is a blank page (even if you have goals and plans) and whatever uncertainty there is in front of you this healing session will help bring you to a place of confidence and empowerment.

It will help ease the anxiety that prevents you from taking the steps moving forward into the new (and the unknown) with poise.

Let it all unfold with grace

Transformation and any transitional processes and periods can unfold gracefully, and they do that when we relax and let go of the need to have everything figured out.

It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable to the extent that it makes you anxious and fearful. 

One can be poised in the midst of change, there is no need to create a toxic inner atmosphere.

There is no need at all to be uncertain about your ability to have a serene state of mind even if everything around you is uncertain.

You can go into the year of 2017 with poise and self-confidence! 


Distant Healing Session at the Last New Moon of the Year:

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Poised and dignified in 2017.
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