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I did it – I let go of Energy Healing [UPDATE]

I received a quick response from Life regarding my energy healing work!

(Referring to THIS article that I wrote the other day.)

Yesterday I was busy all day and had planned to take today as a “Maria-day” where I would just go within and do some inner work on whether or not to continue offering energy healing,

– But the Universe beat me to it! 😊

This morning around 5 AM I woke up by a very clear inner communication that energy healing has run its course in my life and I just knew it’s no longer going to be part of my work.

I didn’t have to do any soul-searching at all on it, it was suddenly clear as day to me that Life, my soul, wanted me to let go of it.

So I’ve let go of energy healing now, completely. 😊 It’s just not ‘me’ anymore.

The Sessions page is now updated too (I’ve removed the healing information).

Wherever you are in your life, whatever is going on, never doubt yourself and your inner guidance.

If you feel called to do something – Do it! – Make the leap, trust your heart and follow your highest calling!

Do it even if you can’t see the next step because it will be shown as soon as you let go of what has expired in your life.

Every next level of Alignment always brings new Magic and I’m excited to see what happens next! 😊

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