Energy Work with Maria:

Here follows a description of what you might experience during the treatment (both distant and hands-on) as well as what can happen after a session.

During an energy treatment there are a few things that you can experience that are common, such as:

You fall asleep! This is very common, but it’s not normal sleep, but a very, very relaxed state where you can experience not even feeling your body.

It feels like floating, and it’s a wonderful sensation.

While in this state where you can’t feel your body, you’re still aware of everything that goes on (only your body “sleeps”).

You might experience emotional releases such as crying/tears running down your face (either by sadness or joy), or even laughter.

We don’t always have to know why, it’s just old stagnant energy that is being released and sometimes it gets released by sudden laughter too.

It’s all good though so just let it happen. 😊

You might experience your body twitching, buzzing/vibrating and moving and you might actually feel energy moving around in your body.

A client has also reported seeing her body/skin glow in a golden light during the session.

There might be sudden exhalations of breathe, like a short puff coming out of your mouth that you didn’t do consciously.

You might experience different kinds of body sounds, like gurgling and rumbling in your stomach etc.

You might also feel several healing hands on your body while I’m the only one physically in the room, or if I’m on the other side of the planet here in Spain you might still be able to feel my presence/hands.

Sometimes people feel a loving presence with them there in the room, and to me it’s the presence of Love, but many also interpret the presence as being an angel or their spiritual guide etc. (whatever resonates with you).

Some people see visions and colors, or experience an expanded/heightened sense of awareness, almost like a vivid dream.

Energy work can be very powerful and remove issues/difficulties instantly without the need of ‘working things through’; it just leaves you to never come back.

Those were a few of the experiences that you might have, but of course sometimes there are no experiences at all as each person is unique and each session is different.

One time there might be a release of emotions and then the next there’s just very deep relaxation where you snore and drool your way though the whole experience!

However you experience it, positive change is always happening, but it might happen on a deep, unconscious level so that you don’t necessarily have an experience of in the sense that you physically feel something happening in your body, emotions and mind.

The best way to enter into the session is by letting go of any specific expectations and just allow yourself to relax and enjoy it, however it turns out to be, knowing that the energy knows exactly what to do in you and in your life and that the right things will unfold from that.

After the Energy Treatment:

You might “wake up” from it feeling slightly disoriented and dizzy and if so you only need a few moments to recoup and stabilize yourself.

You might be cold and shiver a bit directly after a session, so if you can, take a warm shower afterwards.

The healing energies will continue to work on you intensely for the next couple of days or so so be extra kind to yourself during this time.

In the following few days after the treatment it’s important to drink a lot of water, and be careful with alcohol and caffeine because you become more sensitive to substances and also medications.

If you have diabetes for example, please check your blood sugar levels regularly as there can be (positive) changes.

You might also experience instant healings and liberation from anything that has been blocking or weighing you down.

A lightness of heart can come over you leaving you feel invigorated and with a new sense of freedom where you’re almost overwhelmed with loving feelings towards life and everyone around you.

A newness of life enters your being as energy work gives more life to life.

When we are released from the past (and the old) our whole being gets energized as if it comes alive again, so that happens too;

Eyes lit up, there’s a joy welling up within you and a sense of gratitude and an increased love and appreciation for life itself.

There can be life-changing shifts that you experience right away, and there can also be subtle shifts that start to unfold over time after the treatment.

Most people feel emotionally uplifted, empowered and more present in the Now and filled with lightness (relief) and a sense of increased well-being and general optimism.

Any heaviness melts away and an inner sense of deep peace and harmony comes over you as a result of the shift in energy and consciousness. 

Clients usually experience more synchronicity, signs, and happy coincidences where things suddenly start to come together and fall into place for them.

They also feel more connected to their inner truth and intuition and have an increased awareness of themselves (self-awareness) and the energy around them.

Those were some of the things you might experience from an energy treatment.

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