The Era of You is Now

Life is a moving, living thing, it’s in a constant movement (it is movement), and we have to let it flow.

It’s when we hold on to things, situations, habits or other people that we know we have out-grown or transitioned away from that there’s stagnation in life.

And when we get stuck and stagnated there’s usually something we need to get rid of, let go of, or give up. 

We can feel it, we know what it is already, we don’t need anyone telling us what it is.

We don’t have to go to therapy for years to figure that one out. Just listen to your gut. It’s about getting real and stop deluding ourselves and get on with it!

What most people fear is that they will loose something and find themselves ‘being without’, even if it’s a dysfunctional relationship they need to let go of they hold on to it out of fear of being lonely. (Or they think that that’s the best they can get). 

But what happens when we follow our inclinations and intuitive knowing is that when we feel that we should let go of someone, or give up a habit that is not healthy, or whatever it is, is that Life then fills that void (or vacuum) with something else that is in alignment with Truth once we have let go of the old.

The new relationship can mean a new, healthy relationship with yourself and then when that is in place a new person can come in. 

The old gets replaced with something better and more suitable to you according to where you’re at right now in your own unfolding, and that’s how life moves all the time, it’s circulating and moving, something is always happening and we can never really stand still.

Even when there’s frustration or anger; if we wallow in it, it grows and stirs up even more to be anxious and angry about. 

The point is to enjoy what is now, and if we aren’t enjoying it, then get rid of it. 

The Era of You is always Now and the more we can live in the Now and being true to ourselves then there’s a sense of life moving upward, forward.

Not God-ward (because that implies separation), but from God-within-you and upward, higher and higher.

Life (“God”) is always affirming itself and growing towards greater and greater expression and development.

We can’t go back in development as life is always moving forward.

It’s only when we hold on to the past, or something that we have outgrown that we feel stagnated.

It’s like holding on to old corpses of yourself with all their attachments and dragging them around to the present moment when you know you’re a changed person, you know you’re not that old self anymore.

You know you need to change.

But you’re still holding on to the old somehow, otherwise there would be flow and peace. 

There has to be a vacuum, something has to go, but before we can really step into the new level of consciousness we have to let go of the old, it just doesn’t fit into our life anymore.

What is that in your life? What are you feeling drawn to let go of, stop doing, or change in your life?

Whatever it is, “Just do it”. Let the old go.

See this as Your (new) Era, because it is. It will never again come back. 

It’s Your Life so walk through the open door that Life invites you to do (by your inclinations and inner knowing) and come into the newness of life where you can breathe freely again.  

See how life supports you in your decision.

Start moving the energy in your life, do something new, or start cleaning out your house, give stuff away, clear the clutter.

Go for a drive somewhere new, or to a cafe’ you haven’t visited before.

The most important thing is to DO something, anything that is out of the ordinary. 

Stir things up a bit and move things around, get your routine disturbed a bit, it’s good for all of us to do regularly.

It creates new movement when we stop doing the same things over and over again because life is not suppose to be monotonous and rigid where we kind of follow the same script day in and day out. 

Just start moving your feet and don’t worry about what happens; take a plunge into the unknown even if it is something seemingly insignificant or small such as going to a different grocery store this evening.

It really can be that simple – if done consciously, if you go with the intent and the spirit of adventure and wonder, then we’re more open and welcoming to Life to show us something new, whatever it might be.

Life responds to us in magical ways (yeah, I know it sounds woo-woo, but that’s the only word I can use to describe it) when we dare to do things differently (or something different and new), even if it’s something small, but of course the more way out of our routine and comfort zone, the better. 

Do something new this weekend – Let some fresh air in!

The Era of You is Now. Grow, discover, evolve!

And most importantly; Enjoy 🙂


My sister Hanna and my niece Thilde visited me here in Nerja for a few days (they live in Scandinavia) and we had such a great time together.

It’s so important to nourish the relationships that matters in our lives and let go of the ones that are not working. Then we can enjoy the good ones even more!


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