Facing challenges

Spiritual awakening doesn’t remove challenges from our lives, we will still have our humanness to live out, but the difference after an awakening is that arguments with life stops, there’s no more complaining going on, only a deep sense of peace even when things may be challenging and difficult.

The underlying peace is what carries it all, and there’s a trust that cannot be rocked.

I come in contact with people who are going through some difficult times and what I clearly see is that the people that has a willingness to look at the situations they find themselves in from a higher perspective, those are the ones that moves through the difficult times with most harmony and also come out of it completely transformed.

When I encounter someone who wants me to wallow with them in their self-pity and hold their hand and feel sorry for them, I simply can’t do anything for them.

Feeling sorry for someone is not compassionate at all.

I can see that the challenge is there for their awakening, but for them to refuse to see that, or not have the willingness to listen to what I have to say; if the openness is not there, I’m out.

I have no interest in talking with people who are not willing to look differently at what is going on.

There’s nothing I can do for them, because my main and sole interest lies in pointing you towards that which is true and real in your heart, and the heart does not suffer as the ego does.

Of course there can be pain in life, and of course I feel for people, but I also know that there’s another way to look at things.

The heart can take anything, it remains whole and strong through everything.

The conditioned self on the other hand looks at difficulties and challenges from the perspective of things being wrong and bad, that there’s failure or that they are being punished by some unfair God.

And I know how it feels to wallow in self-pity, believe me! I’ve been there and done that myself, I have had my rantings with God too in the past. 

The suffering is there to help us awaken (or, consciousness waking up to itself from its wrong identification) and it’s not the enemy as the ego wants it to be, as the ego judges life to be unfair and wrong when life is not bending itself to please the ego-self.

The suffering is what makes us seek something better, aka “God”, or liberation; freedom from suffering.

Only when we are trapped in our story about the situation is it that we suffer, when we refuse to see what is there without the story to cling to.

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It’s not about putting on a happy face, pretending to be grateful for whatever is – it’s about being true to yourself and admit that ‘yes, this sucks, and it’s fine, I don’t resist it’.

To finally come to the point where you surrender, when you can clearly see that you have no idea what’s going on in reality so you let go of resentment and resistance.

You look at the situation and you see it for what it is without lying to yourself about it (telling yourself a sad story about it), and you look at what you already have.

  • Do you have your basic human needs met? Do you have food on the table and shelter?

Maybe you have just enough to survive.

Maybe you feel isolated from the world, but maybe that’s your biggest blessing.

Maybe you have all the time in the world to explore spirituality to the fullest, completely undisturbed from outside influences.

Maybe you are blessed with time in abundance to read, meditate, walk in nature, to go within and discover the true nature of who you really are without any distractions.

Maybe all you have is just enough, materially, but your inner life is rich, or could be.

Attitude is something we can chose. 

‘Poor me’ is an attitude. ‘This is a great opportunity, thank you God’ is another.

Peace comes not from external things being right, but your inside to be right, and that comes with acceptance and surrender. When you stop making life wrong in your mind. 

Read: Defeat or Liberation; Your Call.

When nothing goes the way you planned, sometimes you have to lose everything you were attached to and thought you perhaps wanted (that you thought would make you happy), to find that everything you need is exactly what you already have.

We are not in control of Grace. And this is Grace, everything is Grace.

It can be a very fruitful time to not have anything ‘to do’ (when you can’t change or manipulate life to be the way you want it to be, no matter how hard you try) other than staying put right where you are and being totally devoted to that within you that is calling for your attention.

Blessed with time

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  1. Sara

    I am so glad i read this post as this is the conclusion i came to as i went through my emotions……i have what i need to survive and time to reflect what all this is about….and having the courage to accept it for what it is and that i am supposed to be in this place, this space for a very good reason….

  2. I’m so glad to hear that Sara. I just read your other comment (and replied to it) as well.

    Yes, this is a blessing in disguise, and the fact that you can see that on some level, even in the midst of the difficulty, will be very helpful to you.

    That will bring you increased peace and trust, and from that space within you you will be able to hear the intuitive knowing of the heart that will guide you through this.

    Keep your attention to that which is truly important to you now (which I hope is God/Truth:) and don’t get distracted by the world with its demands.

    If something is required of you, do what you feel you need to do, and then get right back to your spiritual journey so to speak. (It’s all a spiritual journey, but you know what I mean).

    Surrender to the process moment to moment, no need to think about how on earth you will be able to surrender tomorrow of next week.

    Stay here and now and surrender wholeheartedly right now, always right now.

    You may like this article: http://mariaerving.com/follow-your-heart-into-the-unknown/ and here’s one of my older ones: http://mariaerving.com/stay-in-the-now/

  3. Sara

    Hi Maria

    Thanks for your reply here too….as we speak the window is open and all i can hear is the wind in the trees and see them…..i don’t want to be around many people right now…i just want to connect with myself and i am not interested at all in the “goings on out there” i really feel the need for this solitude and i am lucky that i have it available to me……just a small space for me to be….and i am being taken care of i know it……

  4. I’m glad to hear that Sara.

    Stillness is the greatest teacher and so is nature.

    In moments of difficulties the mind tends to desperately try to manage and control, when it’s in letting go that solutions can come forth with much more ease.

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