Faith is a Productive Force

Nothing is more powerful than a changed mind – and when a mind is transformed and restored to Truth there can be no more fear or worry.

Faith does this to us, when we keep going and doing our thing despite of what appearances tell us and regardless of if people are hearing us or not; we just keep moving with that which is of importance to us

Anything we do, whatever goals we have, whatever desires and hopes we have for ourselves or humanity, none of them can become reality unless there’s faith involved.

Most important is having faith because when faith is lacking there’s nothing there but lukewarm wishes that carries no power at all.

I don’t care what you have faith in; for most people it’s in their God, but whatever you call it I know it’s all You, and as long as you have the kind of faith that moves mountains, then I’m fine with whatever word you use.

If you however don’t have the kind of faith that actually removes the mountains (=issues/challenges) in your life, then this article might be just the right one for you to read right now.

I know that the power is who I am, that it’s all in me and that it is all good – and that same power is within each and everyone of us.

There are people out there that are frustrated and worried – 

There are people out there who are wondering if God is even listening – and I’m telling you that you don’t have to have any concerns at all about that because if you heard and understood what you said, then rest assured that your God did too – because you are One and the same!

There is power in prayer (self-talk) and someone I talked with the other day who is fairly new to spirituality asked me “well, how often do you pray..?” and I told them “All the time!”.

My prayers are not the begging kind (there’s only begging and pleading when people believe in duality), they are simply an ongoing, constant, communication with the Truth within me. 

We can all  can have the wonderful experience of being plugged into this at all times, we only need to seek it out. 

Most people don’t though, they prefer running around frantically trying to rearrange surface things instead of coming from a place of peace and inner direction, which can only come from having gone within in the first place.

Intuition always speaks to us (even when we don’t mediate or pray), but to have a constant flow going on there has to be both listening to it and also a more active part where you in prayer ask it to show you whatever it is that you need and want to know. (Listening and asking). 

And what’s the use of prayer if you pray without faith? To pray and merely hope, or pray wishing that you’re being heard accomplishes nothing at all.

It’s faith that produces the fruits of our prayers.  

I don’t wish that my prayers will come true, I know they are on their way as we speak.

I don’t hope, I know. That’s why I can be at complete peace; there’s no fear or worry in me in times of transition or change. (Or when I have asked for something).

That’s how faith is productive. It will not produce for you the results you want to see in your world if you don’t believe in them!

But do be aware of the fact that fear is productive too because whatever we expect we get, and the world is full of people who expect failure, limitations and lack. 

“I expect great things because I know that the power within me is eternally good”.

In that goodness there is no place for fear or worry, no place for limiting thoughts about my life and who I am, and I know that that’s the truth of your life as well; fear is an error-thought that has no place in who we truly are.

I don’t say these things to merely uplift and encourage you, to me this is a living reality and I can with confidence say that however your life may look at the moment, there’s wonderful things happening in your life right now.

Believe it! Expect it.

Look at it this way; either expect great things, or expect to fail and be miserable. (You don’t even have to fail to be miserable, just invite fear into your life and there you have it).

Whatever you choose, don’t be lukewarm about it, be all in.

If you expect to fail then okay, you have the permission to give up right now. Go and be miserable for the rest of your life,

Or, be all in for victory and triumph.

To wallow somewhere in between will keep you wallowing there for eternity. (This is where wishing and hoping lives too by the way). 


“I’ve had it with this on and off thing! I’m gonna do this, even if it’s the last thing I ever do, I WILL DO IT, and I will have faith that it will all work out.

And not only in good ways but in awesomely great ways! That’s right; GREAT ways. I hereby claim the great, the very best!”.

That’s faith. It moves you.

Wishing is weak, hoping is even weaker, but faith is a force of nature – faith will remove the mountains. Not your wishes or hopes, but Faith will do it.

Faith in yourself and the power within you.

I could hear in the persons voice the other day (who asked me about how I pray) that they wanted me to share how to pray, what to say and so on, because they simply didn’t know.

So I shared with them because I want people to know that it’s not complicated and it doesn’t require any props like lit candles or incense, altars, or bent knees or any of that.

It’s self-talk, so you don’t have to impress anyone. Speak freely and powerfully.

Speak with authority, with expectancy, but not in an ego-demanding way, but in a no-nonsense way where you simply claim and appropriate what is yours for the taking.

Because you have come to know that there’s great things in this life that belongs to you because of who you are. (You are Christ consciousness).

You can do this in different ways; either by first going into silence and then when you get into a meditative state, you simply start speaking about everything that’s on your mind and heart and you ask a lot of questions.

In an expectant way; as if you expect guidance and direction. (Again, don’t merely hope or wish). 

Always with expectancy and a knowingness that every word you utter has been heard and now the answers are on their way to you.

You don’t ask wishing or hoping that the power within will hear you – you know it hears you and that it answers you.

Or, you can do this in everyday moments at any time without going into silence:

If fear, worry, or doubt comes up, immediately interrupt those thoughts with a statement of Truth.

This too with power and authority.

Do not be intimidated by fear, it has nothing on you and can never touch you when you abide in a place of faith and trust, so don’t be timid about it.

Declare, with authority, that those thoughts do not belong to you; has nothing to do with you, nothing whatsoever.

Don’t be trembling about it or by trying to reason with your fear but speak with authority.

You cut it off with power in your voice, like a parent that speaks to a misbehaving child.

Fear simply does not belong to you and that’s that.

After you have said that affirm what is true about you. (Remember who you really are).  

You can also interrupt fearful thoughts with an affirmation or prayer (Lord’s prayer for example) by simply redirecting you attention to that which is true and eventually the mind will grow tired and will no longer go in that direction.

I say this because of my own personal experiences, I’m not just trying to cheer you up.

Keep affirming the Truth of who you are until its established in your whole being.

Know that if your heart is pure then there’s nothing to be anxious about, just continue affirming Truth and don’t engage in worry or fear.

We’re all talking with ourselves all the time anyway so you might as well start saying things that makes sense, and fear is a total waste of time and will not lead to anything good.

It only robs you of your good when you could have been peacefully going about your business doing whatever you feel inclined to do right now, trusting that the power within you is directing all your steps. 

Enjoy your life and use your time well, use it on things that matters.

Do this right now if there’s still some doubt left in you:

Sincerely look if there’s anything more you can do (without strain and struggle) and if you can’t see anything, go within and say something like this: (Speak silently to yourself).

I’m speaking to the power within me that knows everything about me and my life.

I feel that I have done all I can do regarding ________ and you know my heart, you know there’s nothing more that I want than to be moved by the Truth within, so if there’s anything – anything at all – that I’m somehow missing, that I’m not aware of, then direct my ways right now and show me what that is so that I can take appropriate and right action.

I will listen carefully now and if I don’t hear anything I will take it as a sign that the rest is up to you and that I can leave it all to you to handle.

Speak the Truth to me clearly so I that I really understand any messages. I’m listening”.

And then you sit there, listening. Not seeking answers, but letting answers come to you. (Sometimes people think that they should listen to their thoughts, but that’s not it; you listen beyond the thoughts, behind them). 

If nothing comes up (you will feel intuitively when it’s time to stop the prayer meditation), declare that you take that as you have done what could be done by you and now the power within does the rest.

If you have done what you can and you don’t see what more you can do, then relax about it.

And while you go about your day and do the things you do, stay attentive and open, but don’t try to fix anything.

Sincerely take your focus off of the issue or challenge completely, trusting that the power and wisdom within you is doing its work in your life right now.

In these times of transition we need to still use our time well, even if we don’t “do” things.

We don’t waste our time on trivialities, but instead we tend to the inner while letting the outer take care of itself.

When we keep doing what we know to do on the inside (sometimes that means reading and listening to inspirational stuff and nothing else) we can be witness to the outer changes with the inner transformation that takes place with no doing whatsoever on our part (things just seem to happen and unfold for us).

At times it may feel that maybe there’s not anything more you can do, but don’t get spiritually passive; keep reading and going within and do things that inspires you to grow spiritually.

Above all, don’t do anything you don’t have peace about, and keep that internal communication going.

Something great is about to happen, I can feel it!”

Have you ever felt as if life gave you a promise?

I have, and those times have been among the most beautiful and wonderful experiences in my entire life.

I have actually been so taken by the promises that has been made to me that I have broken down and cried of joy and gratitude in the ugly-cry-way. (As in ‘sobbing’:) 

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has received such promises.

Trust them. A promise is a promise. A promise. Spirit will not fail you, you can depend on its word.

Something wonderful is on its way to you.

Work is being done in the background of life. You can’t see it, but you can sense it can’t you?

Believe that great things are happening, and remember that the result will be according to your faith.

Faith only works along with patience and full assurance of good things to come. Faith is full of expectation.

Right now you’re being prepared, you’re in a process of growth and you’re maturing, your character is being built, you’re a hero in training, and the power who holds it all together for you is Love. (=Eternal goodness).

Rest peacefully in this love and don’t be anxious; rejoice in what is on its way to you.

Firmly stay in the serene confidence faith brings and continue following your inner guidance no matter how things might look on the outside.

I’m in the process of receiving my good now”.

Release faith by affirming Truth. (Faith conquers fear every time).

Trust that the ongoing conversation you have with yourself always guides you, and if there’s anything you need to do or know you will be shown exactly what that is;

I trust my intuition 100%.

I know that the power and wisdom within me directs all my ways, and I have asked for clear direction and therefor I also know that I receive it.

Until I hear clear guidance I will not move a finger on the outside but instead in complete confidence put all things in the hands of the power within, trusting that great things are being accomplished in my life right now. 

Thank You”.

spiritually attuned


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