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Fear attacks are a sign of progress

Moments of fear and doubt are to be expected in any transformational process.

Sometimes those moments last for only a few seconds and you’re able to nip them in the bud and prevent them from spiraling and taking you into darkness.

You all know what I’m talking about; the gripping dark feelings that comes when you have allowed your mind to wander beyond the normal, surface levels of concern.

If the concern is allowed to develop into fear it can quickly spiral into discouragement, deep feelings of hopelessness, and even worse.

But know this; that when you’re about to have a breakthrough of some kind, the old self gets scared (because it knows its about to die) and resists the change with all its power.

The fear it creates in you can take a hold of you and get extremely uncomfortable and intense, almost to the degree of being unbearable – if you let it!

Instead of a few seconds of that stomach pit fear that we all can relate to, it can go on for hours or even a day or two if you allow it to continue.

If the person is completely unaware of this as a part of the growing process (and that it’s actually a sign of progress) then it can escalate and become a permanent state of mind and lead to panic attacks, anxiety disorders and depression.

For people who are aware and have learned to control their mind, we are able to nip the fear in the bud (99% of the time!) and turn our thinking around and take charge of the unfolding.

Sometimes though, when the transformational breakthrough is really big and about to pop, the fear can spiral and get so big and overwhelming that we stop trusting the process and we fall back into the old self’s survival mode state.

That’s when we have exchanged our trust and faith in the divine unfolding of Life and put it in the old and familiar instead, the things we can see and experience with our senses, and we make them more real than the vibrational reality from which Life actually unfolds.

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Fear attacks are common in the transformational process, but when you learn to control your mind you also learn how to prevent them from getting a hold of you and hook you into any emotional turmoil roller-coasters.

The fear attacks can be violent, and especially just before something really great is about to happen, when you’re progressing somehow in your personal or work related life.

That’s why it’s so helpful to have a mentor!

Someone who knows the ins and outs of the processes one goes through and who can help you through them quickly so that you can both laugh fear in the face and move beyond it fast.

Because it’s gonna show its ugly face, that’s a fact.

The only question is, how long are you going to allow it to flow through you; a few seconds or minutes, or days, weeks, even months and years?

Many people get stuck in fear and it actually becomes their way of living life.

They think that a little bit of anxiety and depression is normal and just a part of life.

That is completely false! We are meant to live with peace in our hearts and minds, not turmoil.

What causes the fear attacks then?

The cause is always the old self (that you’re in the process of out-growing or waking up from), or the false self (ego), and its attempt to control or force things and make them happen as it wants them to happen (it thinks it knows best and that it can figure out the ‘how‘ of the unfolding of life).

In other words, the cause is doubt and doubt always comes from a sense of separation from the Divine, or whatever you want to call the higher power that is within you and that governs your life.

It’s the friction that the old and new level of consciousness causes when you’re in the transitional phase.

It begins with you having done your part/all you can do, which brings a sense of being “done”, which feels great and encouraging and wonderful, and then after that comes a period of stillness and quietness, which is great too, up until a point..

The point when the old self gets impatient and tries to force and control (if you’re not aware), which then in turn reactivates the old thought-patterns since they are still very easy to activate as they are not yet completely rewired and stabilized.

The old self always reaches to and goes back to the old (past memory instead of future vision) and the way you recognize that that’s actually what’s happening is by the thoughts you begin to think.

Become aware of thoughts like:

“It’s impossible, I’m never gonna..”, “there must be something gravely wrong with me, maybe I’m just one of those that will never..”, “I’m too damaged, it’s just no hope for me, I have tried everything”, “maybe best to just throw in the towel and give up” etc. etc.

These types of thoughts can come from many things, like being influences by others around you that says things like “it’s impossible!”, or “who do you think you are?” and so on (even your own mind saying those things to you if you’re not aware of your inner talk!).

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