Feel good Now-don’t wait

The “big secret” with the law of attraction is that you have to feel good now; before physical manifestation can take place. To live life in a place of constant needing of something that will “make” us happy only keeps us in an vibration of wanting and needing and the universe keeps answering that vibration with more for us to want– and not “get”.

It’s crucial that you get yourself in a state of mind that is already happy and peaceful and not keep yourself away from what you desire by thinking that “one day, when I have this new job, this great relationship or my million dollars-then I will be happy and fulfilled” because when you think like that you are actually coming from a place of lack and the universe knows nothing about lack and scarcity.
It is abundantly rich, and so are you– so when we seek first to get into alignment with the reality of which we truly are; perfect, whole and peaceful (and yes; WEALTHY too:-), only then can we “get” what we desire the easy way. “Seek ye the Kingdom first..and all things will be added unto you”.

From a place of peace not only are we attracting our highest good, which includes joy and freedom, but we are also hearing our inner voice more clearly and we are more likely to make the right decisions for ourselves. We can’t hear the voice of the Holy Spirit when we are holding ourselves in fear and worry.
Fear only blocks us from our good, so let it go, if only for today, and then again tomorrow-one day at a time. One step in the right direction taken consciously every day puts our good intentions out there and the universe will respond to that.

If our goal would only to be to seek peace first, or the feeling of happiness, all things would easily flow to us, because we are now facing in the right direction of the flow of life; and not striving to “paddle upstreams” as Abraham Hicks puts it:-)

Manifestation is not something we have to strive hard for at all. We are to only step into the flow of natural abundance; the alignment with God if you will.

So make this day a day when you put your happiness on the top of your list; do things that feels good to you and forget about the hows of your dreams. Stop struggling with trying to make things happen, relax, let go for a while, and focus on the why of your dreams, and feel the feeling of already having that which you desire- Now.

Get yourself to Peace. That’s where you can find all the good stuff waiting for you! 😀

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  1. mary lessis

    After I read your post I took a nap that seemed to help! Thank you Maria.

  2. Yes, it might have helped Mary, but only the ego!

    This is a very (very!) old article of mine and I don’t teach nor suggest any of this anymore. (Law of attraction/new age).

    After the awakening all these concepts and ideas has fallen away completely as they have nothing to do with Truth.

    All these strategies of “feel better now” and “be happy all the time and get what you want” etc are for the ego, not for the true self.

    Life doesn’t have to be manipulated or avoided, we absolutely should not take a nap when things are challenging or whatever, absolutely not. (Not if you are interested in knowing and living the Truth).

    If someone wants to polish their illusion then that’s fine, they can do that, they can delude themselves into thinking they can control and manipulate life into getting them what they want but that’s not what I share about here at all.

    I’m dedicated to the deeper realms of spirituality and existence, not new age/mainstream spirituality stuff that only keeps the ego well and alive.

    So my suggestion to you now (if you want to look beyond the minds concepts) would be to look deeper into who it is that took a nap instead of facing life head on, who thought it would be a great idea to escape life instead of meeting it as it is? (Self inquiery)

    Here’s an article that can be helpful:


    And this one: https://mariaerving.com/who-am-i/

    And here’s a couple of articles about the importance of not avoiding emotions (as the ego likes to do):



    Hope you enjoy the read!

  3. mary lessis

    Ok I am going to reply to the message that you sent me from my reply. THANK YOU. I LOVE YOUR INSIGHT ! who it is that took a nap ,my mind and my menopause body was tired I was trying to fix my life ! not letting go and letting god. when I woke up from my nap I felt so much better I was able to get up and clean . I am in the middle of throwing out stuff and DE cluttering my life. I LOVE THE WAY YOU CHALLENGE ME ! THANK YOU.

  4. Yes, sometimes we’re just tired of natural causes (not that I know anything about menopause personally just yet but you know what I mean:) and not for any other reasons than that.

    We all know deep down when our actions are coming from the ego or if it comes from the Spirit and sometimes a nap is what the body wants and it doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that 🙂

    I know that one of the strategies the ego uses is the sudden urge to sleep when we’re close to Truth and I just came to think of this article that describes how the mind even tries to escape meditation in order to maintain its position:


    Hope you enjoy the read! 🙂

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