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Feelings are our guides (re: the Emotional Scale)

Living in alignment with the flow of Life is not about never feeling so called “negative” feelings.

Alignment is about being true to yourself, so if you feel sadness or anger for example, be honest with yourself and don’t make your true feelings wrong or try to push them away.

There’s a very old article on my website that people still contact me about to this day, telling me how much they love it. (You can read it HERE).

The emotional scale article is old, from many years back, and I have a completely different viewpoint and awareness today, so I was inspired to write something on this whole vibrational thing when it comes to feelings and emotions.

Emotions and feelings are not wrong or bad.

It’s more beneficial to deal with emotions instead of trying to get away from them (especially if you’re deeply depressed or full of rage or something that could potentially harm you or someone else!).

Feelings are our guides and any ‘negative’ emotions should be dealt with if they are persistent, that’s the healthiest way to transcend any mental/emotional suffering.

Some people use the emotional scale as a way of avoiding and running away from emotions when they should instead be dealing with and heal whatever issue they shine their light on.

The emotional scale can help people get into a better emotional state but the reality is that it’s only temporary, and it takes so much unnecessary energy from you to constantly be struggling with trying to get away from what you’re actually feeling!

And it’s only making the ego feel better for the moment, so no real inner work is being done on any deeper level than the surface self, so the vibrational frequency of the person stays the same (as they only put on a different mask on the false self.)

What happens is that the false self is jumping from one emotion to the next and because you still identify with it, thinking you are it, you never wake up to realizing that you are the awareness that is witnessing the whole ego charade.

Listen to what your emotions and feelings are telling you instead.

The thing with feelings is that the moment you allow them to be there and you become aware of them and you’re not pushing them away, they actually go away by themselves.

People who struggle with their emotional state are identifying with their feelings and resisting them at the same time, and that’s where the real suffering comes from (and from the programming that some emotions are ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ and should be avoided.)

You are not your feelings – and feelings come and go and can flow freely when you know that you are not them.

The emotional scale can be used to raise your vibration then and there to get yourself to a better mind-state, but obviously that’s not sustainable in the long run so you actually have to deal with the “lower” emotions because they are clearly signaling something that is of importance.

You’re better off dealing with depression or anger or whatever it may be in your life that expresses itself as ‘negative feelings’.

The feelings only come up for you because they clearly need to be seen, and in some cases they even point to some needed healing, so instead of clawing yourself ‘up’ on the scale as a way of avoiding your issues, deal with life head-on and you won’t need to suffer.

That’s why I don’t recommend the emotional scale anymore (and haven’t for many years) and why I felt the need to say something about it.

Emotional and mental suffering ends when you end the war you have with yourself and/or the world, and the way you end it is by making peace with them (and yourself), instead of fighting them (and yourself).

It’s all about resistance versus allowing. To either flow with Life or against it.

To avoid, resist or think that some emotions are bad or wrong, that is what takes you out of being in alignment.

And you can be sure that if you’re suffering from depression, anxiety, rage or resentment or whatever it may be, there’s always an underlying cause to those states and feelings that will not go away just because you find a temporary relief from them by ‘climbing the emotional scale’.

The underlying core issue must be dealt with in order for you to become free from the pain and inner turmoil you’re experiencing.

When you’re in alignment you’re not scared of your own feelings and emotions but you’re couragous enough to deal with any issues that needs to be dealt with instead of avoiding the pain it may involve to actually look at them and letting them show you what needs to be cleared out from your mind (from where feelings originate).

That’s when a shift in consciousness can occur and when real transformation can take place (and then it’s also permanent.)

The pain that people are trying to run away from is actually not the blockage to the flow, the blockage is all about their resistance to themselves and their own internal guidance system.

So I want to invite you to instead allow whatever painful or ‘negative’ feelings that are persistant to be there and become aware of what they are trying to tell you.

Stay with them (sit with them without trying to run away) and find out what they want you to know and you will find that it’s so much easier to trancend any ‘lower’ vibrations this way!

When you allow instead of resist, things flow with ease, and our emotions are, as I mentioned before, our guides so don’t ignore them or push them away.

And by all means, if you’re depressed, feel hopelessness or have anxiety and so on and can’t get out of it, then use the emotional scale to help uplift yourself,

But do yourself a huge favor and use it ONLY so that you can get to a place within yourself where you’re capable of taking further action in terms of doing something that is actually helpful towards yourself.

Think long term, not just to feel better for the moment, because that is only the false self attempting to save itself from anything that is uncomfortable.

How exhausting it must be to live like that!

You don’t have to struggle and suffer.

It takes so much unnecessary effort and energy to use the emotional scale to fight and resist your feelings back and forth everyday!

You can just as easily decide to take responsibilty for how you feel and what your issues are and instead deal with them maturely.

This is what living in the flow of Life is, what alignment is.

It’s about having the courage to respond to yourself, others, and situations, from a place of emotional freedom, and you can unhook from emotional turmoil when you know that you are not your feelings, that they are merely there to show you something that you need to pay attention to.

When you do that they go away, many times in an instant, so think about the progress you can make and how much time and energy you save if you put the emotional scale away and instead started to really listening to yourself and your feelings.

It’s always good to reframe and talk yourself up to help yourself shift perspective, that’s not what I’m pointing at in this particular article.

I just know that there are people that uses the emotional scale as a way of trying to escape from what’s going on with them internally, and that’s a very unhealthy and unfortunate way to live life.

Or they do it because they think it will change their vibrational frequency, but the truth is that your vibration is something that comes from your Beingness (deep-seated beliefs), and not from surface level feelings.

To put it bluntly; for as long as you only do surface-level ‘work’, you will stay as a spiritual child and not mature beyond that, because without a true inner shift in your consciousness, there will be no change in your outer world either.

When your inner world changes (truly changes), that’s when you have a real transformation that also shows up in your external world.

If that’s not happening for you and you’re struggling with changing your life and improving your circumstances, take a closer look at where you need to do deeper inner work, because that’s where the real blockages are.

When you’re honest with yourself and not afraid of looking at what’s going on with you emotionally, you will be able to move through life as an unafraid, confident and calm human being instead of being scared and tense all the time.

It’s the honesty that puts you back in alignment, so in that sense it doesn’t matter what you’re ‘feeling’ since we are the ones that are judging certain emotions as wrong and bad, and that’s where the misalignment comes from.

That, and the thoughts you entertain, but that’s another article altogether.


I’ll write more about feelings shortly (especially sadness) that happens in any transformational process and that actually is a good sign that indicates significant evolutionary progress but that many people are not aware of (so they do anything to try to run away from it and thus continue to stay stuck and stagnated.)

Stay tuned.

(In the meantime, HERE‘s a link to some other articles about feelings and transformation).

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