The life of Flow is the effortless life

Flow is effortless.

That doesn’t mean that you never act or do anything though.

It just means that the actions you take is natural action, it comes from a place of the Truth within you, and from the Truth of the moment.

The action doesn’t involve struggle or excessive effort or force that comes from the ego.

You simply do what you’re guided to do quite effortlessly and spontaneously, without trying.

It’s like breathing.

You do what comes to you in the moment.

Instinct. Intuition. Gut feeling. Rightness. Obviousness.

Those are the keywords. 

Flow is when you act in a way that’s in alignment with the universal current of your life.

It’s the action that comes from non-action (ego-less “choice”).

There is a natural current in life and it’s joyous and free, and tapping into it is what flow is.

When you live in the current of flow by trusting your intuitive guidance you will be able to create a much richer and more satisfying life for yourself.

From this place of flow life feels more loving and your connection with it becomes very clear.

This is true oneness. 

Flow transforms both your inner and outer world.

The unlimited potential that awaits you is the result of getting into flow, and this is what you’ll be able to see more and more clearly as you move forward with it.

Notice the guidance.

There’s a dynamic current at work in your life and the way you connect with it is to notice the guidance and responding to it. 

It means taking action from a place of peace where you effortlessly – and in alignment with the ebb and flow of Life – respond to its guidance.

You respond perfectly to whatever situations arise, and out of that place things start happening around you – without you doing anything.

With that I mean without the ego’s interference where you anxiously try to ‘make things happen’ from a place of its demands and desires.

That is action coming from ‘inaction’, or effortlessness.

The doer of the thing done is the source of the Universe, or Truth, Life itself.

You are the channel or medium through which the things are done, and whatever you do will turn out to fit perfectly and beautifully into the bigger picture of your life. 

So by “effortless” I don’t mean that you should not take action.

But it also doesn’t mean that you have to take big steps or massive action towards something every single moment of your waking life.

Although sometimes you definitely have to do that too for extended periods of time (again, depending on the flow), but that is not the default state of mind from which you live your life from.

Grinding and struggling against the flow leads to nothing but unhappiness and more struggle.

Situations in life can be challenging at times and sometimes Life asks you to do things that are difficult, that’s life, but it really is all about how you (choose to) respond to it.

If you let your ego cloud your (positive/optimistic) attitude with its judgmental energy where it makes you believe you’re a victim, well, then you become one.

But at any time you are free to shift your perspective and thus your energy too, which then helps you get back into the flow again.

Just stop listening to the ego, even for a moment, and turn back your attention to the higher perspective of Truth. 

In life, our job is to do what is ours to do (by responding to the flow of life) and then Life meets you ‘halfway’ and usher you forward so that you can progress. 

So in order to get into flow with your life, you simply need to respond to the moment of Now.

What is the moment asking from you, what seems to be the next obvious thing to do? 

What small or big, maybe even seemingly insignificant action, can you take today that could put you in the Flow of Life?

All you need to do is to make one small initial effort in this very moment and as you do, the flow takes over and takes you more and more into its greatness and lifts you to higher levels of consciousness.

With the ego you move slow (or not at all/you stay on one level of consciousness), but when you choose to go with the flow, you’ll continuously grow. 

flow like breathing
Living in the flow is like breathing. It’s natural, spontaneous and effortless.

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