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Flow is the way Life moves (It’s not “spiritual”)

Living in the Flow of Life is not “spiritual”.

Life is consciousness, and spirituality is just an aspect within consciousness.

Spirituality – and personal growth – are both small parts of the whole.

It’s all within consciousness and both are equally important, and if one of the aspects are neglected, there’s disharmony (you’re out of flow).

Spirituality is personal, it’s very individual, it’s the connection you have with yourself, the deeper (and truest) essence of who you are.

It has nothing to do with religious or spiritual beliefs.

Actually, the less beliefs you have, the better off and freer you are.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest in the truest possible way where you follow the flow of your own life’s energy.

Flow is the way the Universe moves and living in the flow of life is about our relationship with it, how we relate to it.

We are either in or we are out of flow, but the flow is always there nevertheless.

It never goes anywhere, it’s us that deviate from it when we choose to go with the ego (or when we do it unconsciously).

Life, or the Universe, can only work through us, and when we fail doing our part (by not following the flow), that’s where the suffering (both the individual and the global) comes from, because we’re out of sync with the whole. 

And when we are in the flow, that’s when things go well.

That’s when things come together and fall into place and when there’s harmony and we’re continuously guided from within.

Flow is what connects you with the most fulfilling, authentic and inspired life.

To focus on both spiritual and personal growth is important if we want to evolve like we’re suppose to evolve.

Life is about growing both spiritually and personally.

We’re suppose to continuously grow/evolve/expand our awareness and consciousness, that’s what life is about.

It’s a journey of exploration and discovery where we have the opportunity to learn, realize and create wonderful new things every day in our lives that actually matter.

So to focus on both our own personal and spiritual growth (which is nothing but our relationship with ourselves and the Universe) is very important if we want to create something better for ourselves (both individually and globally) than what has been before.

Our true purpose is to live in harmony with the Universe, to flow with it, and when we honor ourselves and our path, Life honors us back, and that’s when all the magic in life happens.

Flow is true oneness, and on that journey, the ego cannot come.

It’s a choice for each and every one to make to either go with the flow (and continuously grow and thrive), or go with the ego (and remain stuck and decline).

You can go with the ego and struggle through life, or you can return to the flow and never walk your path alone again, because now the whole Universe walks with you.

It’s in the flow where you find your true potential and when you live in harmony with both yourself and Life. 

As you flow as life flows, you don’t need any other power, it alone will sustain you and support you on your path, bringing everything together beautifully.

Everything is healthy and good that flows with the Universe, and it’s only when we go against it that there is suffering and struggle (and fear!).

When you’re in the flow of life there is no fear.

Fear, stress, anxiety and worry only blocks the flow or makes it move extremely slow (there’s resistance to it and that creates struggle).

Flow is true oneness.

The flow of the whole Universe is within you and when you get in sync with it you receive everything you desire (that is aligned with Truth) and need.

Life can be easier and happier than it is for most people, there is no need to struggle and there is never a reason for fear.

When you get on the right side of life (Spirit/Soul/Truth) you get in tune with the flow of good.

So get yourself plugged in, remove the barriers and walls and get into the flow and release the energy of the whole Universe that already resides within you. 

Life asks of you only that you flow with it and that you don’t get stuck anywhere thinking life is either this or that, that it’s “spiritual” or whatever.

It’s not.

Life is simply consciousness and no one can keep your good from you but you and you don’t have to ‘be’ anything more than who and what you already are (your true essence).

It really is about coming home to yourself (click into place with yourself), to the unique expression of Life that you are, and to be that fully.

And you’re an infinite being! There’s so much more to you than you can ever realize fully. 

Once you open up to the whole, the whole (Truth) runs to meet you because all it wants is for you to get aligned with it.

And from that alignment, your truest and best life can unfold. 

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