Living in the Flow of Life

The flow of Life never ceases to amaze me.

When you’re driven by the flow of your own life, that’s when you can really experience the beauty and fullness of it.

That’s when it can unfold as it’s meant to and Life’s own wisdom comes through you into everything you do.

And as life unfolds before you, your intuition and awareness of it increases as a way for you to understand its direction.

This is flow, when You and Life operates as One.

Being true to yourself is crucial. 

Be true to yourself and the Truth of the moment and your life; your unique path. Trust yourself.

There’s a current to your life and when you’re connected with it you’re letting yourself experience life without feeling the need to force it. 

Your life has its own flow and you have your own purpose for being, a purpose that expresses itself in many different ways throughout your life.

The drive you have for expressing that which comes through you is the key to your own personal fulfillment and greatness.

BEING DRIVEN BY FLOW means you’re driven from within and that you’re wholehearted about everything you do whether it’s an outward activity or an inward activity.

BEING DRIVEN BY FLOW means you’re always (passionately) learning, but you also implementing, and unlearning a whole lot! 

You’re always growing and evolving, as well as shedding and renewing.

This is true in all areas of life whether it’s about your personal, professional, or your spiritual life. 

BEING DRIVEN BY FLOW means you’re dedicated and focused, but also always equally ready to let go and surrender to the part of you that knows the bigger vision for your life.

This is how it is to be driven by the flow of your own life.

It’s almost beyond intuitive.

You just always know what to do and you do it, and your awareness and the action you take merge into one single movement.

This is flow. 

It’s deeply satisfying and fills you with a sense of meaningfulness that being out of your flow can never give you.

When you’re out of flow everything seems difficult and you feel stuck and stagnated and you might spend your days being bored to tears.

Life feels meaningless and without purpose and you go through life feeling like you’re not actually living it but merely existing.

You might even feel that there’s a force that is actively hindering you from enjoying your life, that life is somehow against you. 

Being out of flow feels like your life is out of sync and you just intuitively know that it’s not how it’s suppose to be.

Maybe your relationships are suffering, or your work, or your overall well-being.

If so, you can be sure that you’re out of your sync somewhere.

But that can be changed, and who wouldn’t want to live life moving with it instead of against it?  

When you are aligned with your flow you experience progress, continuous growth, enjoyment, synchronicity, and clear guidance and direction from Life itself.

Being driven by flow, that’s life at its best and this is how we’re suppose to live!

That’s when you can experience optimal living, or the true meaning of success.

When you live a life that is true to your nature and unique self-expression.

This is when you are fully present and involved in what you’re doing, totally immersed in a feeling of pure, energized focus in the present moment.

You and Life are One.

Ego cannot live here.

Fear can not exist here, worry and anxiety cannot survive here, and stress is a thing of the past. 

Anybody can live a fulfilling life and being true to yourself and allowing yourself to be driven by your own Life’s flow is the key to that. 

Living life this way you can live every moment to its fullest, experience almost seamless transitions between one phase to another, and have an ongoing, immediate communication with life itself as it unfolds before you.

You feel part of something larger, and things seem to almost happen all by itself as the pieces of life comes together in complete harmony and absolute pristine perfection.

This is flow, and this is how life is meant to be experienced. 

flow beyond intuitive
Flow is beyond intuitive. You just know, and move with it.


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