Henry David Thoreau quote

Stay present in the Now and focus on the Future

Think Now and Future.

Because as long as you continue to let your past results control your thinking process, you will never live to see your dreams come true and will always be creating way below what you actually could achieve and do.

Instead of staying with thoughts that are of the known, imagine the life you want to live, the Ideal, and then everything you do will grow and expand and express itself in a greater and greater ways.

As soon as you make an aligned decision or a definite plan, everything you need for your goal or vision to materialize will begin to be attracted to you and you to it.

Whatever you need you will receive, you will have it, and it will all come together in amazing and perfect ways, in ways that at the moment are completely unknown to you.

So be more imaginative and dream bigger and give all of your mental energy to the positive; Live in the Now and focus on the Future. 

Your minds capabilities are limitless and when you come to understand and use your mind and energy the right way, your life will right itself too.

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