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Follow Only Your Self

Nothing and no one from the outside is meant to ‘followed’. 

Believe in who you are and realize that you have everything you need within yourself. 

We are meant to continuously grow and evolve and not get stuck on one level of consciousness.

There are an infinite number of levels of consciousness and consciousness is constantly expanding, so why not have a life where you continue to evolve and expand your awareness of who you are and what life has to offer?

Sometimes people give their power away by treating external sources as The Truth, or they think that something else outside of them has power over them.

To be a powerful creator of your life you need to realize and remember who you really are and start trusting yourself again.

Which everybody once did at least when they were children before we learned that we should listen to the world and other people more than to ourselves. 

By this disconnect to the truth (intuition, inner knowing, gut feeling) within them, many people make the mistake of making the messenger of signs, synchronicity, guidance, direction etc. as The Truth and they start worshiping them.

When in reality all the Universe did was actually not giving you an idol to worship, but it was merely speaking to you (through the person/book) what you needed to hear in that specific moment in your life so that you could move on from where you were.

But instead of just taking the guidance for what it was, they got attached to it and made it into The Truth. 

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We are always going to rise higher in consciousness (or, that’s what we are meant to do!). 

But instead of continuously growing and evolving, many people worship books, people, etc, making them into Truth’s to be followed and by following others they stop following themselves, their own inner Self.

Anything can speak and deliver messages directly to you.

Life has infinite ways of communicating to us and it’s always speaking, always. 

A child can speak words that are directly meant to be heard by you, and when something like that happens you know it was a message specifically for you and no one else. 

Even a dog or cat or some other pet/animal can be (and often is) a powerful teacher to us.

A passage in the Bible or some other religious book can speak directly to you too and deliver a message you need to hear, but that doesn’t mean that you should regard the whole book as being true!

It’s just a book! It’s just another human being! Just as a sign on the wall is just a sign on the wall, or a song on the radio is just a song on the radio that happened to speak to you. 

They only delivered to you the message you needed to hear, that’s all there is to it.

Literally any book, or thing, person etc. can come your way (be sent by the Universe) and in the same profound way deliver a message to you, but don’t start worshiping them!

Don’t give your power away.

Simply acknowledge the guidance/sign/validation/synchronicity you received, say thank you, and MOVE ON.

Move on to the next level of your development and growth.

Some people stay with teachings (or teachers) they should have left ages ago because they have become attached to them, making them into something they are not. 

Whatever and whoever that comes your way is only there to help you towards going higher in life.

It/they are merely there as the ‘next step’ on your evolutionary journey. 

You will continuously always attract more and more synchronicity, sign and guidance to you as you keep moving forward in life.

Those things become the norm, it’s how you live your life.

New direction and guidance shows up every single day, not just now and then. 

So don’t make anything as The Truth; books, teachings, teachers and so on show up as a way to help you progress, that’s all they are meant to do.

No teaching, book, or person is to be followed (which is essentially you making them into an idol and thus giving your power away to something/someone outside of yourself), but to be inspired by and learn from.

And when you have learned what it was you were meant to learn, you move on. Simple as that.

That way you’re always going higher in life, exploring and enjoying all the things and people that the Universe is continuously sending your way. 


Consciousness is the only reality, and whatever you hold in consciousness, you also keep alive.

Your current reality can only live within your objective world if you keep it alive within you consciousness.

A person who holds on to beliefs, teachings, teachers and so on, that person holds themselves in a state of consciousness that limits their perception of what is possible.

Just look at any religious belief-system for example.

There’s no room for growth there; you either believe the teachings or you don’t.

If you don’t follow the herd (=the particular state of consciousness), you’re an outsider or a trouble-maker. 

Those people live in the past and are daily reciting their beliefs over and over again (programming themselves) only to re-create the same kind of reality again tomorrow.

So life never changes for them, they are only re-living their beliefs over and over again. 

To have an enhanced (and free) experience of life and a more exciting and fulfilling reality, the old has to go and it can only go if you let go of it.

You have to choose to only follow yourself and not make anything outside of yourself as a source of power or Truth. 

You are all the power you need and you are already it.

And the Truth is within you as well, ready to make you free as quickly as you allow it to. 

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To progress in life the old state of consciousness has to die. 

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You have been an amazing addition to my life!

Thank you for all of the wonderful light, and love that you send out into the world. You are indeed an inspiration even though we are half way across the world – isn’t that wonderful! It is a privilege that is not taken lightly. Thank you Maria! 

Ruby Coleman Professional Musician and Actress, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

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