Live in the flow of your own life's energy

Follow the flow of your own life’s energy

Listen to yourself first and foremost.

Follow the flow of your own life’s energy and live your life in your own unique way.

How you find it is by listening to what feels right to you, even if others disagree and it doesn’t make sense to anybody but you.

Make choices that are in alignment with yourself, that’s how you find happiness in life.

My invitation for you today is to throw out all the rules about how the world thinks you ‘should’ live and how your path ‘should’ look (or how you ‘should’ be), and make it your mission to realign with yourself again, with your own inner truth.

It takes courage to look within and ask with complete honesty “what do I really want?” and then making an aligned decision after you’ve come to a conclusion by your own thinking, but do it anyway.

Be relentless about it, because this is Your (one and only!) Life.

When you are true to yourself you will almost instantly feel a realignment taking place within you, a sense of coming home to yourself, to your own flow.

We’re all already in a flow, the question is; are you in yours?

Many people don’t live a life that is true to themselves.

Deep down they just know they are out of alignment (by a nagging feeling that won’t leave them alone), that something is missing, but they don’t know where or how to even begin to entangle themselves and set the inner hostage free.

They just lost touch with themselves and got stuck somewhere along they way.

But it’s never too late to find it again – never. The flow is always there, waiting for you to say Yes to it.

Flow is the authentic life, and it’s not static, it’s a very dynamic way of living and the more aware and tuned into your own intuition you become, the easier it is to trust the unfolding of your life, it just becomes obvious because that’s the only way you can ever feel contentment and a ‘rightness’ about your life.

When you begin to tune into your intuition and following it you start feeling like yourself again and you begin feeling freer than you have in maybe many, many years, – So listen to that little voice with yourself that is calling for a change.

What is it saying..?

Listen to it and take some kind of action right away to honor it and you will be massively rewarded for it.

When you commit to changing your life to live it authentically (=in the flow), you are bound to find happiness, while if you hold on to the past and to the old hoping it will change, you become stagnated and stuck, sometimes for years on end.

That is, up until you finally decide to listen to the small voice within you that urges you to make some changes, ..

And when you do, that’s when the flow opens up again and new energy rushes in to bring excitement and enjoyment into your life again.

So go with the flow of your own life’s energy, trust the calling, the unfolding and the desires of your heart.

That’s your true self calling you, it’s calling you to have the fullest and most enjoyable experience of this journey called Your Life.

Answer the call and you will not regret it, even if it goes against what others think is right or what the world expects from you!

If you feel the calling to do something, go somewhere, talk with someone, end something, start something, whatever it is.

Do it, and don’t wait.

Go with the flow of what is shown.

Live a life true to yourself and you’ll be happy! 😊

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Align with the Flow and Transform Your Life

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