To Follow Your Heart Is To Be Willing To Not Know The Next Step

In order to come to that which you know not you must go by a way in which you know not.  ~St. John of the Cross

Contrary to what we have been trained to believe, that the more we know, the more intelligent we are and so to openly say ‘I don’t know’ undoubtedly raises a few eyebrows, that’s to be expected – the questions is; are you courageous enough to say that openly anyway?

Wisdom of the heart is not explainable, nor is it always popular to voice that you follow your heart as it will touch something within others that they know is true, but that they don’t have the courage to follow themselves.

I know this from my own experience; I have heard all kinds of things in response from people, one of them being: 

You can’t just ‘follow your heart’, that’s not responsible when you have kids”

So to be a parent that hates their job and only live for the weekends and next years holiday when they are “free” is to be “responsible”..?

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. ~Krishnamurti

Children are trained into believing that one should not follow the heart, but instead do what is expected because that is responsible and what grown ups do, and that it is very important to always know where we’re going and what we want.

I used to think that it’s absolutely vital to know not only my goals and plans but every step on the way into achieving them, I had endless goal-lists and knew exactly in detail what I wanted out of life.

Until the spiritual awakening happened that wiped all those things right out of my mind and the realization hit me that there’s absolutely nothing to tell God! 

After the awakening experience I started to download a lot of insights and revelations that made me sob out of pure joy – crying my eyes out for how obvious the Truth was, they came to me like popcorn popping and they just kept popping and popping and then after a while it waned off. (Like all experiences do).

This went on for a few months I think, I don’t remember very clearly, but one of the insights that came to me was a voice/inner knowing that said “It’s safe to follow the heart” and I cried and cried, I was in ecstasy.

I get all emotional even now that I write it, it was such a a profound insight that came with such reassurance to me that I had never felt before.

It was something I had always believed in (the importance of following the heart), but when the Truth of it hit straight into my heart I was floored by its power.

To believe something – even if it’s with all your heart – and to actually know it, is vastly different, it can’t even be compared with the actual Truth of something, the living Truth.

And to follow the heart, well, that means you have to let go of the belief that you actually know what’s best for you and what the best route is for you to go.

That means you have to always be willing to enter into the unknown, to where you can’t see the next step, and where you can’t predict any outcomes because you can’t logically understand why your heart is leading and guiding you to go in a specific direction.

You learn to just go with it.

You learn to trust it.

You learn to walk by faith.

You don’t question it, or ask “why?”, you just say “okay”, like a child that completely trust their parent.

That’s how you walk from now on. And you’ll love it.

I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect. ~Krishnamurti

There will be scary times, for sure, there will be scary ‘monsters’ (occasional ego attacks) that you think lurk in the dark (the unknown is usually seen as a dark place for the ego, while in reality that’s where the Light of Life is), but you keep on trusting that voice within yourself that tells you that it is safe to follow your heart.

I think that’s our only true responsibility; to be true to that which is true within our own hearts. It will never lead us astray.  

Trust Your Heart

“… In the process of spiritual awakening the whole construct of life is undergoing a transformation, and that includes the relationships we have as well.

Some will stand the test and some won’t, it really depends on how spiritually evolved your friends are and how much space there is for change as you are undoubtedly going to change a lot in the ways you move in the world.

Not all people are comfortable with change and would prefer us to stay as we have always been, and the more clear we get (about who we really are) the more clearer we also get about staying true to that which is true within ourselves.

Immediately when something is off, we’ll feel that (our intuition grows and become razor-sharp), and that goes for our own behaviors as well as they will change too.

When we are off path so to speak, our hearts will let us know immediately…”:

Feeling Disconnected From Others Because You Chose a Spiritual Path

Here’s a picture I took today when I was out walking. It’s from the lake where I live, the ice has started to melt and my guess is that in a few weeks time spring will be here for real!:)

Spring-time soon!:)


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