God Does Not Hold Anything Against You

Question from a reader:

“What do you do when you feel like the universe or God is against you because of the way you treated people or handled situations in a negative way in the past but you know you didn’t mean it and it was just a phase of pain that you took out on people?”

My reply:

There is no God holding any grudges anywhere, nor is there a God that punishes or watches over you when you make ‘mistakes’ in life only to then hold them against you in an unforgiving way.

God is not a person, God is a power, and that power is within you, so the God you think is against you does not exist, “God”, the universe, whatever word you want to use, is not a person, it doesn’t have human characteristics and moods.

So you can relax about that part, but of course if you continue to believe those things about God (or the universe) then I suggest you do some really deep self-inquiry into your beliefs and ideas simply because of the fact that they hold you back.

They diminish your own innate power from operating fully in your life, so don’t continue giving your power away to any concepts.

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So now that we have that cleared out of the way; that God is not after you in any way, let’s talk about the importance of forgiveness.

Whatever we have done in the past, whatever mistakes we have made, whomever we have hurt by our ignorance, both ourselves and others, all of it has to be forgiven, it just must be forgiven, there’s no way around that if you want to be free. 

We have all done things that we are not proud of, we have all hurt other people at some point in our life, and we have hurt ourselves too sometimes, but all those feelings of unforgiveness, resentment, blame, shame, guilt, .. all of them has to be let go of and the way we do that is by forgiveness.

And it’s absolutely crucial – you can’t get away from it, not if you want to become free. You must forgive.

So now that you hopefully know that God is not holding anything against you, now you need to let yourself off the hook as well by forgiving yourself.

Here are some of my articles and a free PDF about forgiveness and also, if you subscribe to my Teleclasses, I have a forgiveness meditation there for you as well:

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Only the ego holds on to the past and only the ego can hold you in the grips of regret, guilt and unforgiveness so give yourself the gift of forgiveness knowing that the souls of the people you have hurt in the past are not holding any grudges towards you because the God in them is the very same God that lives in you and there is no unforgiveness in the power that created us all.

Now that you have grown and know better, you also do better, just like we all do when we realize our mistakes and ignorant, immature behaviors that has hurt other people in the past.

So forgive yourself and let your past go.

And when you do your forgiveness work, also remember to forgive everyone that has ever hurt you, knowing that they too did not know better at the time they hurt you and that they too deserve to be let off the hook.

Set them free too, as you do yourself, and feel the freedom and liberation in doing that.


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  1. Mark

    I’ve come across a saying, I don’t remember where, that God doesn’t punish you for your sins, you are punished BY your sins. I like to think of the universe as an infinite spiritual gym, and no one is exempt from working out. I’ve also found it helpful to see the world and its duality, especially the unpleasant things, are here for our purification/evolution/advancement.

  2. I have heard it too Mark so I Googled it and the quote is “Men are not punished for their sins, but by them” – Elbert Hubbard

    Yes, I see it that way too; that we are forever evolving and expanding and all our experiences in life (especially the “bad”, or challenging ones) are there to support us in our awakening.

    Forgiveness is huge in this process as well; we can’t really move to a higher way of living unless we have forgiven (both ourselves and others), only then can we be truly free.

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