Swimming not possible in Fort Cochin

I didn’t know this when I first decided to go to Fort Cochin, and in fact, the beach was the first thing I asked people about when I arrived because I wanted to go swimming but they told me that it’s not suitable for that. 

And then later I saw it for myself, it’s really dirty and no one is able to enjoy it to the fullest.

Here’s how it looks: >> Click Here 

So this morning I took the ferry from Fort Cochin to Vypin, which is a half-island opposite to Fort Cochin.

It only takes 5 minutes or so and cost 3 (!) rs.

fort cochin ferry to vypin
The ferry that takes you from Fort Cochin to Vypin.

From there I hopped on a bus (17 rs) and said I wanted to go to the beach (any beach where you can sim!) and after 45 minutes the driver told me to get off and start walking in a certain direction.

So I did and walked over a bridge to another half-island and after about 20 minutes or so I arrived at Cherai beach.

Here’s a map of where I went: https://goo.gl/maps/5egJgCZ1ZD22

It’s a very long beach so I walked away from all the people (I only saw Indians) who were enjoying themselves and swimming etc and found a secluded part where I could stay.

And I loved it! 

It only took me an hour to get there and I like taking local buses now and then, it’s like a sightseeing trip for me 🙂 

When you get away from people the beach is clean and serene and the water is just so incredibly wonderful in the heat we have here in Kerala now so it was really nice to be able to get in there and swim.

After a while there were men coming and flocking around where I was swimming and they were literally waiting for me to get up from the water.

I had to get up but then I left and moved further away from people again, and swam, enjoyed myself etc, ..

.. until the men again began to flock around me, there were even two men ‘hiding’ (not sure what they did there) behind some rocks, all I saw were their shoulders and they were all staring at me.

I didn’t want to go even further away from other people on the beach so I decided to leave.

On my way back I thought about how free we are in the west who can wear bikini and sometimes even swim naked without anyone even raising an eyebrow.

I saw the women here have all their clothes on when they were in the water, I just thought to myself that how uncomfortable that must be.

The men who stared at me didn’t even care that I saw them stare so I took a large sarong that I use as a towel and wrapped it around my body and left, and I had to do it twice (walk away).

It’s really different here to say the least.

Anyways, it was nice to spend some time swimming and being on the beach the time I did get to be alone and in peace.

It’s my last day here in Kerala tomorrow and I will enjoy it as much as I can (will go out for some fish again after I have published this post!:) and then on Sunday I’ll leave for Pondicherry, which is on the other side of India (12 hours with bus, AC this time!:)

So as the high season comes to an end here in South I’m heading up North (where high season begins when I arrive) in the beginning of next month and I feel a little bit like I’m going to a new country again.

It’s exciting and it feels like a new part of my journey is unfolding, both with this long journey that I’m taking up to Darjeeling (50 hours!) and also because April is my birthday month and it’s always a special time for me 🙂

In Europe it’s spring time now, my favorite season of the year and nature is always extra beautiful at this time there (or in the end of April when the snow has melted).

Although fall in Spain is incredibly beautiful because everything in nature get so colorful and green!

It’s almost the other way around there but spring is always spring so I’m happy for my family and friends who get to enjoy it, wherever they are there on the other side of the planet 🙂 

Anyways, .. I’m so happy to be here on this part of my journey and I look forward to the next, which will take place in the northeast part of India at first and then the other parts of north India (Dharamsala for example).

And maybe even Nepal since I have a double entry in my visa which allows me to leave India once and come back! 🙂

We’ll see what unfolds – I have three more months left to enjoy India.

Exciting times ahead – again! 😀

Cherai beach in Kerala
Cherai beach in Kerala where I went today.

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