The Incredible Freedom of Non-Duality (1/2)

I’m not talking about the concept of non-duality, but the actual living of oneness where duality has been seen through, where the understanding of everything being consciousness has become clear.

What a freedom it is to have no one to blame, no one to feel resentful towards, no one to pray to for help – no one that you need to turn to for anything but your own inner power and wisdom.

What a joy it is to know that whatever undesired condition one is experiencing, it can all be changed and transformed, and we don’t need to turn to any powers but ourselves.

What an incredible freedom to know that ‘ye are gods’ – to know that life is ours to mold, it’s ours to live as we please.

The moment one turns to duality, we open up for suffering.

The moment one begins to blame circumstances, lack of this or that, a situation or whatever for our undesired life experience, that’s the precise moment we make ourselves slaves to it.

And I’m not only speaking about any concepts of Gods or things like that, but concepts as a whole.

That also means horoscopes and other things that people turn to for “hope” – as long as you think that your relationships are now finally getting better because Venus is in your sign or whatever, you are giving your own power away to that concept and are now open and vulnerable to suggestions from others as well as disappointment and self-pity when you realize that the stars and planets didn’t deliver what they promised. 

Or, it goes the other way around too; if you give the ‘praise’ to the planets for something wonderful that occurred in your life when in reality it all came from within your own being.

So it doesn’t matter if it’s “good” or “bad”, you can believe in the goodness of God (horoscopes, gurus, teachings, books, etc etc) all you want, but as long as you believe that that ‘something’ is something outside of yourself you invite suffering into your life.

People say “oh, if God wants it, it will happen”, “it’s up to God”, “whatever God wants”, and so forth.

To those people I want to say: “Okay, that’s nice; but, what do you want then??”

You are God!

Don’t waste your life on waiting on some God to give you the purpose of your life, or to bestow you with gifts and awesomeness.

Claim it! Not as something you claim from a God, but because it’s already yours for the taking (because of who you really are).

But many people go through their lives with the belief that “if God wants.. then it will happen”, but that is not true. 

There is no one outside of yourself that can make a decision to just go for whatever it is that you want to experience in life.

This life is yours to live, don’t waste it, start living it (right now) – on your own terms!

And don’t say that “I didn’t succeed because God didn’t want me to” or “the stars are not favorable for me right now”, or “my Guru said that…” – No, you give it one more go!

Because you want it and because you believe in yourself as being the author of your life and happiness. 

If it is something you really want and value as important to you, then let nothing stop you.

Let your passion roar!

It’s easy to fall back to an old level of consciousness that feels comfortable (where the ego likes to be) but you want to grow, don’t you?

Then stretch yourself, keep on going, believe in what you do and in yourself and things will sort themselves out as you go about your business no matter what the senses or the world tells you. 

The moment we realize that there is no powers that exists outside of us, we are completely free (no matter what appearances tell us), and what an amazing discovery that is! 

Everything that exists is an aspect of ourselves and it’s in our best interest to accept the gift it is, but also accept what a responsibility it is.

It’s a responsibility in regards to the fact that when we can see clearly that there is no one holding us back, no God that is punishing us or withholding anything from us, no God that has a marvelous plan for us and our life, no power whatsoever that exsists outside of ourselves, then we take that responsibility with both hands and we make use of it. 

As long as someone thinks there is a power outside of themselves that dictates or directs their life (good or bad), they are slaves and victims.

The moment one realizes that “I am the power!”, and I don’t mean this in a boasting way, but in an insightful and deep way (the ego is not involved in the realization, you are born anew to this realization; you experience a total transformation of mind and being), then the person is set free from the self-made bondage of the mind.

We are the creators of our lives and what we think of life and ourselves that is what we experience too.

Since I came here to Nerja in Spain, my life has transformed in so many wonderful ways, I’m in awe of how beautiful life has become and how much I have been given.

It may sound as I’m dualistic when I say I have been ‘given’, but it really isn’t. 

Some things has become very clear to me and I can see how things I have desired in the past has come true for me. (After I had let go of all my goals and desires and had completely surrendered to life).  

I notice all the small and big blessings that surrounds me, the flow of things, and how fear and worry has completely left my being, it’s just not there anymore at all and it’s amazing to live this way.

But what a journey it has been! 

(And it has nothing to do with any changes outside of me, it’s all a transformation of consciousness which is available for everybody).  

I also remember when I lived in Norway and it was really challenging to be a vegetarian and trying to choose organic foods to eat when there wasn’t much to choose from and people looked at me as if I was an alien when I asked for organic products. (I lived in a very small place in the middle of nowhere for a few years where I now understand I had to be in my process of awakening). 

Now I am blessed with an ABUNDANCE of vegetarian foods and organic healthy choices, I mean it’s absolutely heaven for me to live here when it comes to food, just to make an example. 

What I want to say with sharing this is that keep on staying true, even if it’s challenging at the moment.

I didn’t have much to choose from in Norway (and I was very isolated whereas now I’m in the middle of everything, and it’s absolutely wonderful and so filled with beauty!), but because of that challenge I learned how to grow my own veggies (one can groan and moan, or one can learn and understand – either way it’s entirely up to us), and I kept staying true no matter what; true to my values and principles.

And now I feel as if I have been given everything; I’m surrounded with beauty and everything I want within reach, I have met wonderful new friends, and I have experienced a lot of wonderful new things. 

I often say to myself that this is the Kingdom of heaven, not Nerja, not the physical place, but the state I’m in in my own consciousness. I’m in heaven.

I really feel that life wants me to have the best. Again, it sounds dualistic (as if someone wants me to have the best) but it’s not. I know that I am one with life, so obviously life wants to enjoy itself. 

When I turn to prayer (self-talk) it’s in gratitude, and if I need to know something, I know that I’m turning to the deeper place within me that knows everything, and that I’m merely drawing it forth (what already exists within me) by stillness and by asking the right questions.

I absolutely trust this and there is no way I would ever again turn to anything else for wisdom but my own inner self that already knows everything.

And life (this power) has humor too!

The other evening I was on a huge celebration here in Nerja called San Juan fiesta and for me it was a truly special and magical night.

I meditated by the ocean and I enjoyed the festive ambiance and atmosphere and I was filled with joy and gratitude and kept saying “thank you” and “I really am in the Kingdom of heaven” and I remember looking at a person at that same moment I said that and he had a shirt on him that said “Where else in the world would you be?” and I had to giggle, I felt it so strongly within me that it was meant for me, a humorous wink-wink message from the power within me 😀

While it feels personal I also know that this power is impersonal. I trust it 100%, and the more I understand it, the more it gives me.

To be continued in part 2 tomorrow…


Nerja by night (Burriana Beach)


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