From Believing to Knowing

Knowing goes beyond believing, your inner knower knows, but to be able to step into the new vibration of knowing, you probably have to take a battle with ego. You don’t have to go through something to know it, you don’t need “proof” before you can know, even though ego wants to know logically and rationally before something becomes “true” to it.

We don’t need that, do we? No, we can take a a step further, to a state of mind that says “It’s a done deal” — and when we get there, we don’t worry anymore, no stressing or struggling, because we know.

And when we know, then what’s the hurry? All happens in divine timing; it’s a done deal!

But before that happens, ego takes up a fight. It tells you that you can’t do this or that, you don’t know the right people, you don’t have the money, education.. bla bla blah..! Ignore it.

Everything is created twice; first in mind, then in form, and when we coordinate with the universe, things must happen. To get to a knowing means that we have to ignore fears and doubts, they are our traitors and they only want to control us.

Let them go, shrug it off you, and speak out loud to yourself about what you intend to create for yourself. Get the new vision fixed in your subconscious mind, repeat your new decisions for your life with strong emotion until it sticks.

Get a new mind-tattoo that says “YES, I CAN!” 🙂

You will probably have to go go through some spiritual growing pain, but keep walking– when our brain is re-wiring new neurological pathways, the ego will feel very uncomfortable with us disturbing the status quo and it will try to keep us from not going to the higher energy vibration.

Just keep feeding your mind with the new, positive vision, and don’t fight back, just ignore the voice that is telling you you can’t. If you try to convince it or explain to it, you are just giving it attention, and the trick is to be aware of where your focus is- it should always be on the things you do want for yourself.

Even when we ignore the ego, we will feel the fight that ego puts up now, because it will be very determined to keep you safely in the status quo where not much is happening, where it can control you with fear. But go ahead, disrupt the status quo, step outside your comfort zone– feel the fear and do it anyway! It will let go of you.

Just keep walking. Remember that. Just keep walking in the direction of your dreams. Stay calm, and get emotionally involved in your desired outcome instead.

Make the shift, go beyond believing;
dwell in the MAGNIFICENCE of your future– trusting, KNOWING that it will be.

Soon enough the opposition will cease to be, and the once so strong opinions of the ego is only a small, weak voice in the foreground somewhere and you have reached a new level of consciousness.

And guess what? Then it starts all over again!

Hate to tell you that 😀 but I promise you that the higher you go, the weaker ego gets and you will one day get to a place when you can laugh at how ridiculous the ego really is 😀

There will probably still be times when fear creeps in, but you will have a clearer understanding of how to handle it, and you will know what it’s all about. It will be easier and easier not to give into it.

You never want to stop growing do you?

Continue to add to life, and don’t let fear win! Fear is not real, it’s only a tool that ego uses to control you.

Let the inner knower lead you further than you have ever been before.

“A bad day for the ego is a good day for the soul” –Michael Beckwith


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  1. Tonia

    It’s so simple isn’t it? This is working for me. It has taken most of my life to let my ego go at moments, but it is so worth it in the end. There is peace. Ego and Peace do not mix.

  2. Hi Tonia,

    Thanks for commenting!

    This is an old post (a couple of years old), and not all of it resonates with me any longer as I’m not into the mind-power/create with your thoughts-stuff anymore.

    Although some of the things I shared in this post is still valid from my own point of view – they are all pointers towards our own truth. (Intuition).

    My point is that Truth can’t be found in the mind, there isn’t a thought that is true, and our true nature is beyond mind.

    It has been a long and transformational journey since then that my newer posts can reveal, too much to mention here in a comment 🙂

    Anyways, I’m glad you liked it and that it resonated with you.

    All the best,


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