Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Let Go and Create Space

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Inspiration

I could feel a shift in the atmosphere last night so I was inspired to write a post about this upcoming full moon lunar eclipse on Thursday.

The cats were more active during the night as well, something I remember from when I had cats of my own, I could always tell when they were in the “full moon flow” by the way they behaved. 

You know I’m not into astrology but I usually feel the full moon energy and I know that many people intuitively feel when the full moon is, even those who are not into spiritual or personal growth.

It’s not uncommon at all that people instinctively start to clean out things in their house around full moons for example.

Many people (unconsciously) feel the urge to go through their wardrobes and give clothes away and clear out all kinds of clutter that’s laying around the house.

Maybe you’re also experiencing this by feeling the need to purge and release old stuff and end things that are not working for you, like relationships, bad habits, and so on.

Sometimes we just need to make a decision about something and that decision will then alter the course of our life.

And it can be huge; life-changing.

Imagine making a decision to finally leave a bad marriage after years and years of struggle and resentment, or end your friendship with someone because you have simply grown apart.

Or how about walking into your boss’s office saying “I quit!”. 

At first a decision like that can be very difficult, maybe the most difficult thing you have ever done, but ultimately, when it’s done there’s huge relief and inner joy in the midst of the grief and sadness.

I invite you to ask yourself:

  • What do you need to let go of in your life?
  • What decisions do you need to make?
  • What do you need to end, or be done with?
  • What (and who) do you need to leave behind?

But of course it doesn’t have to be anything dramatic! (But it could).

It can be a time of deep and profound enjoyment too if you already live a clutter-free life as I do now.

I personally love the introspection and feeling of coming to a place of completion before a new cycle begins.

For me it’s winding down time but also a time where I finish tying up the loose ends of whatever it is that I have been working on (inner and outer work) and where I focus more than usual on contemplation and meditation etc.

It’s important to always be in touch with our own needs and priorities, but this time just before a full moon it’s extra important to take time off and connect deeply with ourselves so that we can have a clean slate and begin a new, fresh cycle in our lives.

It’s all part of the natural flow and rhythm of life and it’s a really great idea to go with it and to listen to what the Universe is saying to you. 

If something is communicated to you from within, then listen to the guidance and follow through on it.

Above all; be kind to yourself, honor yourself and take some time off where you can be alone and get in touch with your inner truth.

Spend some time in solitude

Journal, meditate, and go for long grounding walks in nature and really connect with yourself.

And if you feel any emotional and mental tension then it’s even more important to take some time to yourself.

Sometimes people can feel more erratic and emotional during full moons and their sleep may be affected too so be kind to yourself, and ride it all out by trusting that things will shift again as soon as the cycle has been completed.

So do the work that you intuitively know you must do; ignore sentimentality and fears of entering into the unknown and make the hard decisions you’re guided to make.

This is a time for powerful healing and transformation, a time to release and let go of the old and that which no longer serves us.

A time for releasing struggles, fear, bad habits, limiting beliefs, resentments, and emotional and mental blockages and other things that hold you back and stagnates your natural life energy and flow in life.

It’s time to surrender and relinquish all those things to the Highest Truth of who you are and open yourself up for the new, whatever that may be.

Just open yourself up, that’s all you need to do

Make some space, that’s your ‘job’ in this process.

Time to clear out the old and invite newness into your life!

Free yourself from all things that hold you back and stuck, things that you just know is not healthy to continue carrying with you to the next phase/cycle of your life.

It’s time to let it all go and welcome the relief and freedom that comes when we let go of the old.

It’s about letting a new birth take place, to let a positive turning-point in our life take place as you relinquish old aspects of yourself and things that hold you back.

Give your home a good old “spring cleaning” and give away old clothes and things, burn old papers and notes, clean your computer and phone, organize and put things in place, de-clutter, and get rid of old, stagnant energy.

Make some new choices, choices that will empower you.

Reflect deeply on what needs to go, and then release it, and never ever look back.

Enter into the new and feel empowered!

Do a full moon lunar eclipse ceremony for yourself where you write/journal, pray (talk with the Highest Truth of yourself), reflect, decide and release, in whatever way that feels most appropriate for you.

To make it even more final, do the ceremony or ritual at a time just before the eclipse, but begin purging and clearing out already now.

I never wait with the letting-go-part (full moon or not).

I burned some old journals the other day when I got the inclination to do so and after that new things immediately began to open up for me, so don’t wait.

Move right away as soon as something is shown to you intuitively (change is always for the better when prompted from within), but do a little final letting-go-ceremony at the time of the eclipse, depending on what time it is where you live.

Here in Spain it will be on Thursday at 11:26 am, so I won’t be online until after lunch sometime.

All morning will be dedicated to my Yoga practice, meditation, journaling and having my own personal ceremony up here in the mountains where I am at the moment, and I look very much forward to it 🙂 

Here’s a site where you can see the exact time of the full moon lunar eclipse where you live:


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