Full Moon Tonight!

Many people feel intuitively when the full moon is, even those who are not into spirituality or interested in any kind of deeper realms of life.

It’s usually a time when many people go through some kind of purging and releasing of the old, or there’s some kind of completion or ending taking place in our lives.

For some it may be that final conclusions are made, decisions to leave certain situations behind are made and the tables are wiped clean so to speak.

Consciously and unconsciously; it’s just a natural process that happens on some level for all of us, “spiritual” or not.

Sometimes I encounter people who are doing these kinds of things (letting go, ending things, purging etc) and when I share with them that it’s the full moon they find it very enlightening and interesting when they look at what they are going through in their own lives at the moment, and I love that – we are all in this flow called life (we are the flow), even those who doesn’t even have a concept or idea of it, and I like that, especially when others that may not be aware of the effects the full moon has with us are open and curious about it and they get aha-moments.

Sometimes it can be a somewhat emotional time for some, and it can be a time when the people in our lives seem to be more, well, ..hot-headed – or maybe it’s even ourselves that are that!

We can even see that in our pets; I remember when I had Medusa (before she passed away) how my other cat got more aggressive towards Medusa at full moons. And they never fought or anything, just around the full moon the temper was sometimes a bit irritable between them.

If you feel easily annoyed and irritable, or even sad, remember to just breath… it will pass 🙂

At full moons we may also feel the urge to clean the house and get rid of old clothes from our wardrobes, we might finally toss that old pile of magazines out and so on. Practical stuff. Out with the old!

This is all part of the natural flow and rhythm of life and it’s really great to go with it and not avoid anything or resist it, and if feeling very emotional for example, know that it will pass and treat yourself something relaxing such as a massage or go for a long grounding walk in nature and soak up it’s healing quality.

It doesn’t even have to be anything big or dramatic at all; for me personally it’s simply a time of reflection and contemplation and I’m aware of the natural endings in my own life and I simply look at them and observe how life is moving me. It’s a very intuitive time, more so I think when the moon is full. Guess it has to do with the feminine energies of the moon.

Feel very free to share your own experiences and thoughts about this below in comments, I’d love to hear them 🙂

Take good care of yourself and enjoy this full moon ♥

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