Get Emotionally Involved In Your Desires

Get Emotionally Involved In Your Dreams and Goals

Be in it as fully as you possibly can. The more you learn about the thing you want to have manifested, whether it be a car, home or a career, or a new way of behaving in the world, you have to get into the energy vibration of it by showing great interest to it.

It’s not enough to vaguely say to yourself that something would be nice to do, be or have.

You have to get excited, fuel your vibration with positive energy and focus. Get passionate about it, and connect with it on a energetic level.

If you aren’t paying any attention to your dreams it’s usually because of these two reasons; you don’t really want them, or you want them but you don’t believe it’s possible, so get clear about that.

Is it something that you really want, or is it something that others might want for you or expect from you? Is the dream really yours? If it feels joyful, then it comes from your soul, and it definitely belongs to you.

Everything else is about ego; trying to fit in, doing what others expect from you, follow the masses and doing as the world tells you. That is not you at all, that is not the path we are here to take at all.

The dreams you have is there for you to live out, and you recognize them by the positive emotions they bring forth. Examine your WHY behind your dreams and goals. When it is rooted in your Spirit not only you benefit from living it out, but the manifestation will contribute to the wellbeing of others too.

What is it that you are here to share with the world?

If it is indeed your dream, it can absolutely come true. You just have to believe it and it will. And as Abraham Hicks teaches too; sometimes if the passion is strong enough, it doesn’t even matter if you believe in the dream or not. Passion is a strong fuel for dreams to come true, and the more emotionally involved we can get (in positive ways that is) the faster the manifestation!

So, what is it that you dream and desire out of life?

The first step for you today is to get clear about that. Write everything down on paper; this is very important because it brings clarity and focus, and it serves as reminder for you that you can go back to on days that you might feel doubtful about your dreams and desires.

Now; write down everything you want to be, do and have. What would you love to experience?

Dream big and don’t think about having money or having no money.

Think as if you had all the money in the world.

What would you do? No limits. GET EMOTIONALLY INVOLVED! 🙂

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