Don’t let fear be your companion on your journey through life.

How to get rid of anxious, unsettling feelings of fear

Don’t let fear be your companion on your journey through life.

Here’s a powerful meditation process/technique that will help you if you’re feeling anxious, unsettled, worried or fearful for (seemingly) no particular reason. 

The technique is very simple yet incredibly powerful, so make use of it right away if you have any uncomfortable feelings or fears that you can’t put your finger on why they are even there.

You will be glad you did because the effects are instant. 

So many people just succumb to their ‘weird moods’ and resign themselves to feeling yucky and are kind of just waiting it out until it goes away.

But you have a say in how you want to feel, you don’t have to stay in anxiety and unsettling feelings of fear. 

You can take charge of your emotional and mental state, so let’s just jump right into it!

Here’s how to get rid of anxious, unsettling feelings of fear:

Get a journal or a piece of paper and a pen and sit somewhere where you can be alone and undisturbed for a while. 

Set the intention for your meditation: “I am hereby taking charge of my ENERGY and CONSCIOUSNESS!”.

“I AM the Captain of my Soul. I AM the master of my fate.”

Or something similar; whatever resonates with you.

But you have to make a firm decision and intention that you are not gonna be ruled by fear and you are not gonna let yourself be tossed around and bullied by it. 

Next, write/journal some more about that in whatever way that comes naturally for you; just make it clear that you refuse to have fear as your companion on your journey through life. 

You are taking charge of your emotional and mental state and that’s that. 

That’s step #1: setting the intention for your meditation.

Step #2: Look at your feelings with relentless fearlessness.

There might be fears and feelings you don’t want to admit to yourself, or you might even be afraid of saying them out loud to yourself.

No matter what; face them head-on, say them out loud to yourself and write down the fear and/or unsettling feelings.

Even when there’s a feeling of fear and anxiety that you at first glance don’t know why it’s there or where it comes from, you will quickly find out that there is a reason for it when you listen to its story as you close your eyes and ask about it. 

Write down the answers to these questions:

“What is this feeling I have? What’s the fear about?”.

Write a list of everything that comes up and don’t stop until you feel you’ve emptied out all your fears and anxieties on paper. 

“The fear is about .. “, “the yucky feelings are about ..” and so on. 

Have your eyes closed as you let your mind bring the fears to the surface for you. This part is semi-meditative (or deeply reflective) but not the main meditation, it comes later. 

Next, ask within what the story about the fears and anxieties are. 

“The story around this fear/worry/anxiety about ___ is ___”, The story about ___ is that ___”, and so on. 

Again, don’t be scared of going really deep with this.

You only have to do this once, so do it well. Go all in. Remember; be relentlessly fearless about the process. 

Name your fear and give it a voice and listen to it openly and honestly. 

Usually unsettling feelings of fear and anxiety are about things you feel you can’t control or things that are hidden from your awareness where you feel kept in the unknown, so by doing this process you will lift the feelings up into the open where you can look at them closely.

And even if it might be scary, those types of feelings should not be allowed to linger within your consciousness without you doing anything about them.

If you let them linger there they just create more anxiety and can even keep you up at night tossing and turning in bed or you might have nightmares and so on.

With this technique and process you will be able to release yourself from the yucky, unsettling feelings and fears and become free and have inner peace again. 

The next step, step #3 is about becoming clear of what you can control.

Next, write down the answer to this question: 

“Okay, so now I have looked at the fear and heard its story. Now; is there anything I can do about any of it?”

“Is there anything concrete that I can do that can help the situation/thing?”.

Answering this question will help you become clear about what you can control and what you can’t control and realizing that some things are out of our control.

In those instances the reality is that the only things you can control are things like:

  • Your emotional and mental state, that you have control over.
  • You can control your moods and attitudes.
  • Your imaginative power and inner talk is all up to you. 

And so on.

So write a list/column where you become clear about what you can control, and what you can’t control.

Next, step #4: write the answer to this question (very important!):

“So, how is fear helping the situation?”

Next, step #5: write down what you intend to do.

For example, you could write things like:

“I intend to let go of the things I can’t control”.

“I’m surrendering this whole thing to the Universe”.

“I’m going to [insert action here]” etc. 

Write from the heart and until you feel you’re done. 

It can be a short list or it can be long. No rules but your own inner awareness of the things that comes out as you write. 

And now, it’s time for the meditation, which is the last step; step #6! 😊

When you have done all the things I suggested, put the journal and pen away and get ready for a time in meditation. 

Close your eyes, relax, and quietly but audibly say and ask yourself questions like:

“OK, I have now looked at the anxieties and feelings and all that. I’ve looked at what I can do and what I have no control over, and I have set intentions on how to handle the things I can do something about. 

So that’s all clear and done with. 

Now I want to hear from Truth, not the fear, but from Truth. 

Truth; I want to know: is there any TRUTH to the anxiety and unsettling feelings of fear? 

Is there anything in them that are of value for me? That I should know? 


Fear alone is completely and utterly useless unless it’s instinctual (when it warns me about dangers), and even then it provides the way out for me, or a way where the danger can be prevented from happening. 

All other fears and anxieties are mind-made and therefor useless.

So if there is a valid reason for the unsettling feelings of fear, then there is also a solution and answer to how to best handle or resolve the things that are feared. 

Fear alone always comes from the ego, while when Truth is warning me about something it also provides me with the appropriate answers and solutions. 

So Truth; I want to hear from you now:

Is there any TRUTH to the fear and worry? If so, let me know about it, inform me; I’m listening.

Is there a REAL reason for concern, then provide me with the solution and information about specific actions that I can take.

Thank you for your perfect guidance and direction. I’m fully open and receptive to what you have to say”.

And then you meditate (just ‘be’ in stillness, in a receptive mode) for as long as it feels natural (until you feel you’re done), and afterwards you just go about your day knowing that IF there’s anything of value that you should know, you will be informed about it.

But this time you will not be ‘informed’ by the fears and unsettling feelings of anxiety as before, but by Truth itself!

IF there is anything you should know, that is.

You might also get a sign/confirmation that lets you know it was all in your mind, so stay open and let it all go after you’re done. 

This is such a powerful meditation and most of the time you will receive – besides from the profound sense of inner peace! – an answer that will totally eradicate any and all unsettling feelings of fear and anxiety that you had before you did this process and meditation.

The Universe will speak to you in a way that you will know is perfectly meant to be heard by you and no one else.

You will know that it is for you, and when you receive your answer, you will be back in the flow of life again even more fully than you have ever been before, and you will feel awesome! 😊

Here’s the steps again:

#1: Set the intention for your meditation.

#2: Look at your feelings with relentless fearlessness.

#3: Become clear of what you can and cannot control.

#4: Ask how fear is helping the situation. Is it helpful?

#5: Write down what you intend to do.

#6: Meditate on Truth.

And then let go and you will very shortly hear from the Universe! 


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