When You Have Tried All Your Own Ways: Give God a Chance!

Spiritual Surrender is really a process and it usually takes some time to go through it, depending on how stubborn we are concerning our own ways:-)

I’m a really action oriented person, very driven, and I have had hundreds (yes, my goal-lists has been HUGE to say the least!) of goals and plans that I have worked like a crazy woman to reach and achieve.

With PASSION I want to add; I have felt driven by my Soul, yes, absolutely, but those things I have done has only been ‘pointers’ to where I am now, I can see that very clearly now.

It was necessary for me to do all those things, and part of it has been a test from God to see if I’m fully committed, if I can be trusted with his guidance, if I persevere when things get tough (because God will NOT have his work done by cowards!) and to see where my heart really is.

Let me say that I feel God is very pleased and delighted with me 🙂

As I mentioned, I did everything with God, and with the best intentions, but still; I have relied too much on my own power and understanding.

I tossed those goal lists and vision boards and what not out last year as I have shared with you before, and it took me a few more times to surrender to God and then take back the control, until now – what has happened with me and in my the last couple of months has changed me forever; and I thank God for all of it!

I’m trying to find words to describe how deep my trust in God is now, but it’s not possible.

Let me just share with you that if you are anything like I used to be and you have done all you can – even if you have felt you did it with God as your partner or “co-creator” as I did – and you find yourself realizing that nothing has basically worked, then take my word for it and give a sincere chance to God, and realize – really realize – that you can not figure out your own ways, it’s not possible, it’s on a completely different level that you’re conscious mind can’t even begin to comprehend.

Let go and Let God – surrender to God’s will and see what happens.

When the ego tries to interfere in your process (which it will!) just keep praying, meditating and saying to the ego that you’re only interested in what God has in store for you, and that you’re with God and God only.

There is no room for stressful thoughts or a desperate need to make changes or fix things, it’s just not who you are anymore. Say it out loud, with authority, and then turn back your attention on God.

God knows of all your things, thoughts and feelings already, and he has a plan for you, but first you need to give him your whole heart; all of it.

E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G: Put it in his hands and DO NOT take it back.

Give God a chance to do his thang! 🙂

Surrendering to God means letting go of attachments to outcomes, but it doesn’t mean that while God is taking care of the world outside of you so to speak, you are spending your time sitting on the couch watching sit-coms. It means that when you leave the outer circumstances to God; you will become sincerely concerned with what happens on the inside. It’s a time of integration and understanding of wisdom. Surrender is not passive at all” ~Maria Erving


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