There Is No Other Way Than Giving Yourself Over To Stillness (Spiritual Awakening Process)

Spiritual awakening is not about hype, achievements or sainthood.

It’s very ordinary and wherever we are in the process, we will all at some point let go of everything and turn our whole being into stillness.

Not seeking answers outside of ourselves, and not even seek them from within. (There is no seeking going on at all).

Only when we have given ourselves to the stillness (God/Truth) and we are willing to be uncomfortable in that, because it is in the beginning, it’s very uncomfortable to turn our attention away from the world – of course we still take care of the necessities in life (although sometimes barely), only then will we really experience the hand of God move things around. 

There is undoubtedly a period after a spiritual awakening experience where things (life) starts to crumble and everything loses it’s vitality and energy and there’s no oomph to life whatsoever. 

But then one day the time comes when we move willingly into the quietness of life, we put all our attention on God – and then from that place the new unfolds, and it will not be as you might have thought it would be.

And whatever that may be for each and everyone (which we can’t know beforehand); it has to come from stillness – not the fake (ego created) stillness but the pure stillness, the essence of who we are – and then from that place a different expressions is being born and life begins for real.

Everything is different – beautiful, peaceful and .. new.

My shortest post ever I think, but I felt inspired to write it because there are so many people asking the same question (and I have too in the past) “what to do? what to do?” when they are in the process of transition between the old and the new, where they have left the old but the new has not yet been shown, and the “solution” is very simple so it doesn’t need much explanation. 

Many people want to have techniques or means/tools to try to get away or move forward from that stagnant place – and my reply is; you need to get still, don’t resist it, because no matter how hard you try to avoid that, that is what it all will lead to eventually anyway.

To the surrender to stillness. 

It has to, because that’s where life springs from. 

And it’s not passive at all – it’s very dynamic and full of vitality, but it’s not aggressive or assertive and it has no agenda other than enjoying itself.

First there’s plateaus and stagnant phases and periods, and then there’s a river within you that comes alive and streams out towards the world and the expression has nothing to do with you anymore, it’s all God and the expression of that.

The sooner we surrender to that, the sooner it can begin to express itself fully. 


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