Go With The Flow of Inspiration Today!

Let’s give this day over to God completely, let’s let him inspire us to go in whatever direction that comes up for us, without any preconceived ideas or plans.

In fact, let’s throw all our plans in the air, let go of all of them!

All our hopes, dreams and plans, and also all our tribulations, challenges and trials – let’s take our focus off of them completely today, right now, and let God take over and show us something new and exciting!

Just show up in life today, completely carefree, with no structure, no plans, nothing but a childlike open mind and heart to what God has planned and prepared for you, and see what happens.

What a JOY! 🙂 Can you feel it?

As you move about, all you have to do is to have a good time and to contribute and bless others everywhere you go; contribute by giving a smile, a hug, a listening ear, whatever it might be.

Move through this day and stay open and have an open heart to everyone you meet today, knowing that they are in your “flow” for a reason… Be curious! Attentive.

Stay out of the need to try to figure things out today; throw caution to the wind and don’t hurry through things.

Take time to savor the moment in everything you do, and in every meeting and conversation that you have with another.

Be fully present.

Be open to opportunities, be open to new people coming your way, be open to be shown new directions, be open to revelations, insights, inspiration!

No analyzing allowed today, no planning in advance today; actually, break from your plans and throw yourself wholeheartedly into a flow of flexibility; have nothing worked out in advance.

Enjoy the energy of this day!

Relax, laugh, be fully present to what is arising.

Let God tickle you, surprise you, and just go about your day with an attitude that something better than you have ever experienced can emerge from this day on because you put all your joy in being in the flow of God.

Something way better than what you could have planned can come out of this day!

Go way beyond the structural way of life today, be childlike, carefree; FREE!

Be playful.

Go with your own natural energy today and go where it wants to go; walk organically in your own flow; it’s like having a conversation with life in this very moment only, and then the next, and the next, with nothing predesigned.

Go off in whatever direction life wants to take you!

Expect an engaging, fun, inspiring day as the flow of inspiration can also lead to inspired work as well as playfulness and good old fun – be open to anything!

Let God mix things up in your life, not knowing what the next moment will bring your way, not knowing what to expect.

All you know is that God has taken over the reins and that you’re open and receptive to whatever it is that he has planned for you, and what he has for you and I, what Life has to offer us this day, is a blessing upon our lives!

So let go of all rigidness, all plans, all strain, all goals, and be prepared for something unexpected and amazing to occur today as you let yourself be carried along by nothing but the flow of inspiration; the flow of God.

You are about to be blessed!

Enjoy! 🙂

I'm all yours God

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