Let New Intentions Direct your Flow in 2018

After letting go of the old it’s time to let in the new!

In my previous post (read it HERE) I wrote about letting go of the old, and when you’ve done that it’s time to let in the new.

When you have reviewed and examined your life it’s time to set some new intentions and goals for the new year so that you can go into the new year feeling empowered.

Here’s a few ideas of what you can do:

1.) Decide what kind of people you’d like as friends and who you’d like to associate with and be connected with.

What are they like?

Write down some characteristics and preferences of what kind of people you want to have in your life.

Make a promise to yourself that you’re only going to surround yourself with people who are inspiring and generally happy. 

Who we associate with and hang out with is vitally important to our overall well-being and success in life.

2.) Think about where you can find them and start connecting with them. 

It can be through a community or a club where you live, or it can be online, like a membership site, Facebook page or by taking a new class etc.

Get some new, healthy and empowering influences into your life and start interacting with them and/or learning from them.

3.) Make some new goals for yourself that you want to accomplish in the new year.

Before you do that, get a vision of where you want to be in 5 years from now.

It doesn’t have to be clear, just give your mind a general direction so it knows where to direct the flow of your life.

It can even be a vision of a legacy you want to leave. 

Just give the mind a general vision of the big picture and then the next year will be part of the journey of making all your bigger dreams come true, one step at a time. 

After you’ve done that, decide for 3 main goals that you want to accomplish or achieve in 2018.

“These are the things I want to accomplish/have/do/be in 2018”: …

Those are your top goals for the new year.

Then write down what needs to happen and what you need to do and learn in order to fulfill those dreams and desires.

You only need to write down the obvious next steps and start implementing and doing them.

You can write them in a calendar/almanac as to-do’s that are spread out so that you don’t become overwhelmed by the action-steps.

But you do need to do something every day, even if you’re not actively doing something you are always being in the energy of it.

You need to go with the momentum and pay attention to the flow of the process and respond to it accordingly.  

Remember, it’s a co-creative process and a journey that you take one step at a time while you’re enjoying the process. 

The path will then naturally unfold and show itself to you as you move forward with the flow of your desires. 

So it doesn’t have to be anything long and complicated, simply the next obvious steps as you see them. 

Write them down and make them your intentions and they will be the guiding principle in everything you do in the days of 2018.

There’s a different vibe to “intending” something than it is to merely have a goal.

Intention is an action word while goals are more fuzzy and lofty, so intend to make the goals come true.

Feel the difference between the two:

“My goals in 2018 are..” and “In 2018 I intend to..”. 

It can be the most amazing year so far when we clearly state what we intend to do and by creating some new goals for ourselves.

Some of the goals can even be old goals that we are still working on (that is part of the greater vision or legacy) so they only need to be revised and refreshed. 

Invite even more flow into your life by having clarity and by being committed to your intentions, and experience the joy it brings when you do that.

Rise even higher in 2018 than you did in 2017! 🙂

intentions more powerful than goals
Intentions are more powerful than goals but both are important to have so that you can direct the flow of your energy towards that which brings you fulfillment and joy.

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