God is like Santa Claus for adults

All beliefs (precisely all beliefs) are simply ideas and they come from programming and childhood indoctrinations like for example the belief in Santa does.

The belief in Santa just develops into believing in new age stuff like the law of attraction and/or God, but they are all a fabrication of the mind as the brain constructs those concepts out of what we have stored in our memory bank. (The conditioned mind).

I don’t believe in any beliefs as it has become very clear to me that they are not real and it’s simply impossible for me to ever take any beliefs seriously again.

I believe in getting shit done, and I believe in humanity. 

There is no God orchestrating anything and what the world look like is all our own doing.

That is very clear to me and the evidence doesn’t need any belief, just look around you and see for yourself. 

Nature doesn’t fuck things up, we do, and we do that when we put our own power aside and look for something ‘out there’, or when our values are out of whack; when we don’t trust ourselves and when we go against our own true nature.

When we put some imaginary friend called God before ourselves and our fellow human beings, that’s when things go awry. 

People waste time worshipping and waiting on some God to save them and instead of actually doing something they pray, which to me is a total waste of time. (All that happens is that you’re talking to yourself). 

Stop wondering if something is God’s will or not, it only paralyses you and keeps you stuck.

Trust yourself and your own judgment.

Do what is right in your heart and forget about any will of God. There is no such thing. This is your life and you belong to yourself.  

Prayers accomplishes nothing – instead get out in the fields and get your hands dirty; it’s time for action!

Sure, prayers can offer comfort to those who believe, but they offer little comfort to a human being in need of actual aid, and to non-believers they offer nothing. 

Comfort is never as helpful as actual help or support, but it’s so easy to just hand things over to some invisible friend that doesn’t exist instead of actually doing something for someone.

And usually someone who believes in God also thinks that everything is God’s will (even the suffering in the world) and that makes me want to ask that if everything is God’s will, then why pray in the first place?

It only implies that someone who prays actually thinks that there’s a God that they think has arranged matters wrong and that needs to be instructed on how to put things right.

To me that makes your God retarded and not powerful at all.

Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? 
Then he is not omnipotent. 
Is he able, but not willing? 
Then he is malevolent. 
Is he both able, and willing? 
Then whence cometh evil? 
Is he neither able nor willing? 
Then why call him God. 
– Epicurus 

Depending on where you’re born and how you are raised, what influences you have had throughout your life and so on, depending on those factors the God you chose to (or are programmed to) believe in is the God that those around you believe in. 

It may feel like a personal deity, and you may not be religious (I have never been religious myself but I used to believe in a personal God) but have you ever thought about why you belive in that particular God and not one of the other thousands of Gods that the world has? 

The difference between you and I when it comes to that is that I don’t believe in any of the thousands of Gods, while you belive in one of them that you probably consider to be the right one. 

If someone told you that they believe in Zeus or Poseidon and worshiped them you would immediately see that that’s a bit silly or even funny, but what’s the difference between your beliefs and someone else’s beliefs?

Why is the belief in your God less silly than someone who worships some other deity like for example Zeus?

The brain can manufacture profound spiritual experiences and visions of angels and so on, I have had them too, but the deeper my realizations go, the more obvious it is to me that those things are just manifestations that life presents to itself in ways that we can receive them depending on the level of consciousness we are on. 

It doesn’t diminish the experiences as they can be life altering and very profound.

There is no doubt that spiritual experiences happen and that they sometimes bring with them a huge shift in consciousness.

But the belief in God is so ingrained in people that the moment someone’s belief-systems regarding their God is challenged there’s a reaction of defence. 

I knew people would leave me when I posted my article where I announced that I don’t believe in God anymore, and so they did.

I had quite a few unsubscribes and unlikes and unfollows to say the least and honestly, all I could do was smile. I knew it would happen and I also smiled because to me it’s better to be clear and to have people in my life that are open-minded and curious about life and not stuck in rigid thought-patterns and beliefs.

I have some supporters too and I keep my focus on them and our relationship instead.

(Which doesn’t mean we agree on everything or see things the same way all the time).  

The same thing happened when I woke up from the belief in the law of attraction too, and the first time I let go of God a couple of years ago or so I even got some really weird emails from religious people that didn’t behave very Christian-like…

So it’s nothing new to me – growth does that to us; some will grow and evolve with you and some will stay where they have been for maybe all their lives and will continue to be there until something happens that really shakes up the foundation they stand on, which can be an awakening experience.

(There’s a whole community of former priests and other spiritual/religious leaders that has had an awakening from the belief in God too – people are really waking up to truth now all over the place and God (religious and non-religious) will some day be a distant memory to humanity). 

One of the most liberating things that has ever happened to me is when I realized that there is no God, and I want to make it very clear to people that I don’t believe in God because I still receive emails from people who send me links to some Jesus-stuff or new age stuff; I have no interest in those things anymore, none whatsoever

Just like I have no interest in Santa either. Or the tooth fairy. Or trolls.

(And I have never been a Jesus-freak in the first place).  

It’s so obvious to me now that there is no God that the thought of me having once believed in such concepts makes me laugh out loud today:) It really is the same to me as believing in Santa.

But with adults it’s not as cute and adorable is it 🙂 But it’s in essence the same thing; beliefs are simply beliefs.

So whatever I have written in any of my previous articles about God (I will continue to repost and retweet my old articles now and then), I know you can think for yourself and not take anything anyone else says as Truth.

My articles has been a documentation of my own journey up until now, almost like a diary of my own experiences and revelations, and I think my writings can still be inspirational for others even if some of them has quotes from the Bible in them or from some other religious scriptures or spiritual people such as the Buddha etc.

The discoveries and realizations comes from self inquiry and introspection, and my older articles can serve as pointers to others even if I myself can’t relate to the concept of God anymore, in any form, as it simply doesn’t exist.

All the experiences and beliefs and surrendering and so forth was a part of my awakening process and I think many can relate to what I have shared in my articles as the processes is ultimately about letting go (this goes for everyone) of beliefs and spiritual ideas, and that happens with raw, honest, sincere, deep self inquiery and the determination to not settle for anything but the Truth.

And That no one can give you. 

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