God Resides Within Us

I love God. I could not imagine my life without him. (him/her/it, whatever; you know what I mean: The Power Within)

I mean, it has been a roller coaster to get to where I am at today when it comes to our relationship. (The process of ego death)

I don’t do anything without consulting with him first. He’s my CEO and partner in all I do.

However; this love and this close and personal relationship I have with God is not welcomed by everyone, especially religious people. Christian people.

I have never been religious and will never be. That doesn’t mean we can’t have a relationship with God.

There has been people around me that has shunned what I do, like the fact that I do (or did) healing work for example. I have heard that I will be thrown to the pit of Hell because I use my hands to heal.

It has not made any difference that I have said that it’s not me that does the healing, but God. God does it through me. On the contrary, that has provoked them even more and some has wanted to “save me” by begging me to ask to be saved by Jesus and almost thrown bibles after me – saying that I will be punished if I don’t ask for forgiveness and so on.

This I have repricated with the fact that I already know Jesus, and Jesus has told me that everyting he did, we can do too. Even bigger things.

We don’t need religion to be with God and Jesus. Absolutely not!

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US IS CALLED BY GOD – he has a plan for us, and everything we do that comes from the heart, that is God. It’s not arrogant to say that (I have seen the looks, believe me) but what most religious people immediately think, is that I think I’m (or humans) are special and better than God.

No, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that YOU too are a channel that God wants to use for his work to be done on Earth, but you just don’t want to hear that.

Especially after I “came out” more publically with my relationship with God and the Angels and Spirit Guides, I have received some emails from upset religious people.

Just today I received this:

I don’t agree with all of your thinking. You do not find God by going within. You only know God through Jesus Christ His Son. I hope you will do more research in the Bible. You have been deceived by the devil himself”

This is so sad. To think that there are countless of people out there who don’t know that Christ dwells within themselves. 

I have been contacted by people (not many, but a few, who does not like me being open about my spirituality) that says that I’m playing with dark forces and so on and that Hell awaits me.

They don’t know that they themselves are in Hell already. To not know who you are is pure Hell.

I have found God within, and even if it means that some can’t handle me being open about it, so be it. The more those things happen actually, the more I see the need to be just that; open – with the intent to testify to people that we don’t need an outside channel/source to reach God (churches, priests, gurus etc)

God, Jesus and the whole shebang of Peace and Love resides within each and every one of us.

But sadly, that’s the last place most people look for it. Instead they seek it outside themselves and never find it.

So, because of that; I will speak even more loudly about the Love of God that I know of!

B.R.I.N.G. It ON, I’ll say! 😀

PS: Here’s a post that you might like as well that shows how the ego (the “real” Devil) gets in the way of us expressing our Divinity: https://mariaerving.com/higher-vibrations/ego-afraid-of-being-seen-as-arrogant/


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