God of Impossibilities

You have probably heard “with God all things are possible” but have you ever thought about what that actually means..?

It means that God must be the God of impossibilities.

That whatever we can’t do ourselves, God can do for us, and all the things we can do ourselves comes from an ego-perspective, from the “little me” who only do things it thinks it can do with whatever means it has in hand right now rather than operating from a place of abundance that God is all about.

Whatever we perceive as “impossible” we can leave to God, and when we do, I mean really leave it the hands of God, with now thoughts of doubt or fear we get to experience miracles.

That’s the power of faith and trust.

Just because we look at life and see “what is” doesn’t mean that that is all there is. When we change perspective and see through the eyes of Spirit, a while new world opens up to us.

When we dare to look beyond appearances, to have courage and have our attention on the “impossible dream” rather than the reality created by ego, which is not real at all.

With God ALL things are possible, ESPECIALLY the ones that we think is impossible, because that which we see as possible to achieve in life is only limiting us because of our thought patterns that are based in an unconscious ego.

So dare to dream big, “impossible” dreams and hand them over to God, with whom all things are possible, have faith in the process and never let doubt creep in!

And when it is your turn to do something along the path to fulfillment of your “impossible” dream, you will know, because your inner being will inform you in perfect divine timing.

–You have a new partner on your journey now (which is your own true self), one with whom ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, and when you trust that, you’ll go beyond anything you have ever even dreamed to experience for yourself!

–Good things awaits you–

Life has a magical way of clicking into place once you get in alignment with it.

Once you’re freed from the past and blockages are released and dissolved, a sense of renewal and liberation comes over you and you’re able to move forward in life with a new sense of aliveness and inner joy, peace and confidence.

You have been an amazing addition to my life!

Thank you for all of the wonderful light, and love that you send out into the world. You are indeed an inspiration even though we are half way across the world – isn’t that wonderful! It is a privilege that is not taken lightly. Thank you Maria! 

Ruby Coleman Professional Musician and Actress, Memphis, Tennessee, USA


  1. Great post, Maria. I agree with your comment that we are our partners on the journey to achieve the ‘impossible’. Thanks for reminding us of that.

  2. Maria Erving

    Thanks Sheryl! 🙂 Oooh! I love my new plugin; the CommentLuv-plugin below:-)Now I can see what posts people who comment on my blog has written – have to go see how your site looks now:-)

  3. Sheddy

    I read your article and I know that I’m blessed. I’m considering getting married but things are not too fantastic economically. Now I know that the God of impossibilities will take over because He likes it when we think big. Thank you Maria!

  4. Hi Sheddy! This is an old post of mine (from 2010) and my perspective is a bit different today, the egos (the person that one imagines one to be) dreams, however “big” it thinks, is of no relevance to me at all anymore. It’s totally irrelevant.

    The essence of the article’s message is still there though; the spiritual path is all about letting go and surrendering to Life, and letting Life live us.

    To surrender to Life and let it take over so to speak is what the spiritual path is all about, but until that realization comes, there’s the ego who thinks it’s in control. Well, it’s not and that’s a huge, liberating discovery when we realize that 🙂

    I wish you the most beautiful wedding, it will all happen when it’s suppose to and not a moment before.

    All the best,

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