God Is Not Testing You

Just before a breakthrough in life there’s a time of trials and challenges (not always, but usually), and I too, like many people do, used to think that God is testing my faith, or God is doing this or that to test my strength and dedication.

God is not doing any such thing!

There is no God out there, observing you and keeping track of what you’re doing and playing these twisted and sick little games with you.

The sad thing is that most people to some extent believe these things; that God is testing them and making them suffer.

I’m not even going to get into all the hell fire nonsense, but will stay more on the plane of what the majority of humanity seem to think and believe.

Even if the average mind don’t believe there’s a man in the skies sitting on his throne judging people, there’s still that dualistic view of a God that somehow has the upper-hand of our lives, and that view is the cause to the suffering in peoples lives.

The belief in a God that sends us through challenges just to ‘test us’ and then sits back and watches our reaction to all of it and then judges and decides if we are worthy of his love and attention is just plain sick. 

There is no such God that plays those types of twisted games with us.

I remember in the past I used to rage at this God that I though was holding me back, I used to cry and ask;

“What else can I do, I don’t know what to do anymore, I don’t understand what’s going on, why oh why, God?”, so I know how it is to feel this kind of frustration.  

This happens all the time with people who believe in duality. When they have made God a personal entity that is above them somehow and that they have to please in order to get to the next level of their development and growth.

Stuck in this dualistic view they experience deep sadness, discouragement, disappointment, anger, rage, depression even.

But those times when I was deep in the periods of misery was also the times when I started to question my beliefs and that eventually liberated me from the dualistic view I had about God, and that then lead to deeper realizations of my own true nature. 

What kind of God is that who would ‘allow’ suffering and not do anything about it?

If you have ever cried out things like “why don’t you help me, can’t you see I’m suffering” then you’re like most people but very few speaks about these things because it’s considered “un-spiritual”.

People in spiritual circles might say that ‘no, I am one with God’, but many of them are still suffering, silently.

They suffer because they only believe that they are “one with God”, but it’s not yet a living reality; a direct experience of the presence of God in their own being.

Duality is suffering, while realizing Truth sets you free, the truth of who you are, not who you believe you are.

Just look at the belief most have but maybe aren’t really aware of:

Why on earth do we believe in a God that is inflicting or allowing suffering on his “beloved children”? Why do people even want to have anything to do with such a “God”? 

Why do we do that when we would never allow another person to make us suffer? 

People may say things like God is love, God is omnipresence, wisdom and all kinds of lovely things, while at the same time they go through life thinking that this nice and lovely God of theirs is also a God that tests them and puts them through tests and tribulations.

What is happening in reality when you think you’re being tested by your all-loving yet twisted God, is that in times of trial and difficult times you’re actually going through a (natural) cleansing process.

Every time we’re about to reach higher levels of consciousness there’s friction and resistance, but it’s not a test of faith or anything like that.

We are going through a transformational process where we’re being cleared from crap, a process of purification, and it’s is not something we do and choose consciously, it happens to us when we’re ready for the next level of our spiritual growth (which is always better than the previous, we never regress in spiritual unfoldment).

The cleansing process usually happens after some intense spiritual inner work or times of prayer when we have asked for change.

The cleansing process itself is the change that takes place but many times we don’t know it, we are not aware of it as being such and we think something has gone very wrong, or that we are being ‘punished’ or tested by this God entity.

Not so.

The suffering is resistance, that’s what it is. Not a test.

God is still God (Eternal goodness).

What’s happening is that the old is being cleared out and the new is being established in us. 

Truth is in the process of destroying error and this process can feel as we’re going through the fires of hell and sometimes we even question our whole life and the meaning of it. 

Things come up to the surface, old thoughts and fears creeps up, doubt comes up, and we are tempted to go back to the old because it literally feels like going through hell and you just want out because it’s so painful. 

This is not a test. It’s a process of clearing out old stuff, a cleansing process.

In these times there might also be physical sensations in the body, such as body-ache and flu-like symptoms and so forth. This is all part of the clearing out process and when it’s done there’s newness, a birth of new and more enjoyable times ahead.

This is progress even if it feels like you’re regressing or that nothing good is happening.

It’s not pleasant, but don’t think you’re being tested of punished by any gods. You’re not.

There is no God out there answering your prayers and cries for help with ”Yes, I will help you, but not now, you have to wait, I’m just going to test you first”, but that’s how many people live.

They think that they suffer because God wants them to suffer. Maybe they don’t use those words but nevertheless that’s where their beliefs clearly are.

Is this what you think too? 

It’s actually a really great thing when people start to question their gods (and other beliefs) and usually that’s what happens when transformation and change in consciousness occur, provided they don’t see suffering as some kind of spiritual virtue (which some people do).

In this clash between the old conditioning and the new (higher) level of consciousness the remnant fears and beliefs of the old can come up with such power that it threatens to take us over completely, but when we have awareness of the process itself then we can see it from a different perspective and peace can come in and the old is removed more quickly.

Peace is coming anyway (it never actually goes anywhere), all these cleansing processes always leads to deeper spiritual understanding anyway so by turning to peace already now, trusting that things needs to be cleared out, the healing power can do what it does best.

Not healing the suffering (mental and emotional suffering can change by a change of perspective), but to more easily remove that which is false in you. (Old conditioning/belief-patterns etc).  

We’re all heard the saying that things get worse sometimes before they can get better or that it’s always darkest before dawn and that is true; the darkness we experience is part of the improvement process as it clears out what does not belong to the new level of consciousness.

We can’t take the old with us to the new. And sometimes the resistance to let go is severe to put it mildly. 

When these periods come, remind yourself that there’s nothing to fear and trust that only good can come out from the experience.

Ego-attacks are most severe just before a breakthrough, so hold on to your faith that good things will come out of the process and that you’re on the verge to a higher place of living and being.

Don’t try to ‘fix’ it, don’t move frantically in all directions in desperation. 

I know how it feels to have emotional meltdowns and feeling totally discouraged and I know how it feels when there’s a lingering fear in the air that you can’t put your finger on that is very uncomfortable and unsettling.

Here’s some of my own processes that I have gone though in the past: mariaerving.com/spiritual-madness

While the old emotional programming and belief systems resist the new there’s bound to be some tension, upset, anger, and sometimes deep sadness, but when we have gone through these processes a few times we come to have more awareness about them and what they are doing in our lives.

Most important thing is to remember that it is always moving us to something better than has been

My own experiences has taught me that life always moves forward, there’s always progress even if we don’t feel and experience it, and I have also come to know that by turning our focus back within (and not what appearances tells us is true) and when we continue consulting our intuition to help us through these periods, that’s when we get through them more harmoniously.

It’s never comfortable though, but with time/experience our awareness obviously increases and that makes the periods more easy to go through. But it’s always a process

In these times we can either go with fear or we can go with faith. Sometimes it might feel like a war is going on inside but just keep choosing faith over and over again.

Not because you want to please some God, but because we can clearly see that the other option only leads to more suffering. Fear always creates more suffering – always.

We can do what we can to relax and rest into the process, or we can frantically try to control the process by trying to get away from it.

The thing is that this transformation is going to happen anyway, it’s a natural process that happens when we grow spiritually. Like growing pain you could say. 

Its not about surrendering and waving your white flag to some higher power in submission, it’s not about squirming and pleading to some absent God that we think is not hearing our cries, but it’s process that will eventually lead to a realization that we are (one with) the higher power.

This causes upheaval in old belief-patterns that wants to hold on to the old and familiar.

“Thy will be done” doesn’t mean “okay, take me God, do whatever you want” with our heads hanging as if we were some lambs on our way to the slaughterhouse.

‘Thy will’ is always good, Thy will is eternal goodness, it’s life-affirming; expansion, increase, growth, more life.

Not less, not limitation and lack. But an increase in all that is good.

Thy will is of good and only good.

There is no virtue in suffering, that’s not what the power within wishes at all, Its desires are the ones It has put in our hearts, and It wants to live and express itself through us and would not inflict suffering on itself so to speak.

Remember that doubt is the real devil, he stands at the gate to your good/higher consciousness, and is full of lies that will, if you allow it, make you tremble, but instead of falling, we should press forward.

Not in doing but in being.

Affirm that you are Christ (or a child of God, or whatever words that you wish to use) and that your inheritance is good and nothing but good.

God doesn’t play sick games; God is a principle, not an entity or personified being that has human feelings and mood-swings.

The principle of God is eternal goodness and all else are error-thoughts that cause suffering in human beings.

In times of transition to new and higher realms of living and being, continue affirming Truth;

Go within and ask for the presence of God in your experience and affirm that it is here and now, that that is who and what you are.


Try to rest and relax into this process – let the power within take you through the

gate to a new and higher state of consciousness.  

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