I’m Going To India

A while ago I started to get this really strong pull towards going traveling and the countries that came up for me was Peru and India and I pondered this for a while, did some research and felt more and more drawn to India and now the decision has become clear to me:

I have decided to go solo traveling in India for 5-6 months! 🙂

It makes perfect sense now to do this since I don’t have my own place (meaning I don’t have to think about paying rent while I’m gone) and I don’t have any pets at the moment so the timing is perfect.

Everything points to this both intuitively and logically and also practically, it just all fits in perfectly with the unfolding of my life at the moment.

To save up money so that I can get my own place is going very slowly and I have realized that I would need more money to get my own place (and keep it more than a few months since my income is very low at the moment) than what it costs me to live and travel in India for a longer period of time.

Incredible but true 🙂

In order to get my own place here in Spain I need to have money for rent every month obviously, but also money to pay deposit, food, electricity, water, Internet (and even to get Internet costs a small fortune) and so on, so the budget for all that comes to a kind of a hefty sum and with the rate this is going (me saving up money) it would take me forever to attain.

But that’s not the main point here, that’s just something I realized as I began doing my research so even if I suddenly received a huge financial windfall I would still do this trip.

I just started to get this pull to go and now that I have made the decision it all makes sense to me in regards to the practical aspects of things; I don’t have any responsibilities now in terms of rent to pay or pets to care for so the timing is perfect.

Because I do want those things, I want my own place and I want a pet or two but now that I don’t have them traveling has become more possible for me, so I can do that first and then see where Life wants me to go after India, where to live and so on.

I don’t have any plans after the 5-6 months that I will be gone nor will I make any plans beforehand either (other than find out where to stay the first few weeks when I get back to Spain).

And who knows; maybe I won’t come back here, maybe I’ll end up somewhere different, I don’t know – I am open to anything that Life has for me.

So I won’t make any decisions at all in regards to what happens after I come back unless something comes to me and it feels right to make a certain choice.

I feel intuitively that this trip will be a significant milestone in my life and I want Life to have all the saying in this.

I will be backpack traveling on a low budget – unless something amazing happens for me financially of course that would allow me to splurge a little bit more!

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From the research I have done so far I should be able to live on $15/day and that sum includes a place to live (room in guesthouse or similar), food and transportation.

Yes, I know – isn’t that just incredible? But yes, it’s possible 🙂

And I’m going for the adventure!

Of course this too needs a budget;

There’s things I need for this too such as money for the Visa application fees (and flight tickets), a new phone (the one I have now is constantly dying on me, it’s very old and has become unreliable) and also a Tablet so that I can do my work while gone since my laptop is of an older model and clunky to travel with.

But all in all, the budget I need is way lower than what it would cost me to get (and keep) my own place here in Spain right now at this point in my life.

So now I’m in the planning stages of this and I’m hoping to be able to go already this year, and if I could begin my traveling at the same time as the Diwali festival is, then that would be AWESOME!

*Diwali is the five-day festival of lights, celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world. The festival, which coincides with the Hindu New Year, celebrates new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. (Text taken from Google search).

The timing would fit in perfectly too because my last planned pet-sitting assignment that I know of as of this date today, it ends the same day (or the day before which would give me time to arrive at that day) when the most important day of the whole Diwali festival is.

.. Makes me think if it might be a wonderful “coincident” .. 🙂

But that is only a hope since it’s only three short months from now, but at the same time, all things are possible, right?

Well, we’ll see 🙂

If not this year then in the beginning of next year and until then I’ll do house and pet sitting instead of getting my own place so that I can save up enough money for my trip.

This is my travel plan in (very) broad strokes so far: (Click on image to see larger)


I’ll travel to Delhi and then I want to visit Rishikesh – Lucknow (if this is the “right” Lucknow since I think I saw that there are two places in India with the same name) – Chennai – Tiruvannamalai (to visit Ramana Maharshi ashram) – Goa – and then back to Delhi.

These are the main places I want to go but I’m going to be away on this trip for many months and as I will meet people on my journey and be intuitively lead here and there the direction of my plan can change many times as I go.

I don’t want to plan too much in advance because as I said; I want to go with the flow of where Life wants to take me, I don’t want to be the one steering the wheel on this trip.

I feel that it’s not even my choice to go really; Life wants this through me and I’m all in.

So the journey continues, .. stay tuned 🙂

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