I’m no longer on Facebook and Twitter (I quit social media)

I have decided to quit social media.

I haven’t really been active on social media since 2011 or so, but I have been posting on many of the platforms and interacted with my followers there whenever someone has reached out.

But other than that not so much at all as I’m very selective with what I do with my time and energy and social media is not adding any value to my life and hasn’t been for years.

This is why I have decided to quit Facebook and Twitter altogether and my Instagram is now a private account.

There are many other platforms out there too, but the largest ones are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus, and I’m not going to be active on any of them anymore.

I’m only available here on my website and in private meetings and sessions from now on.

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I’m only interested in deep and meaningful interactions and relationships and social media is in my opinion a low-quality way of connecting with people.

Looking at human communication today it’s obvious that it has declined since social media was invented, and I feel relieved with having made this decision, it feels freeing.

Not only does it damage peoples communication skills but it also contributes to a larger and larger emotional and relational gap between human beings.

Social media disconnects people from real human interaction and connection.

People are looking down on their phones more than they are talking with other people nowadays and that’s a scary sight!

I have decided to leave that environment and it feels great to have restricted the availability to my private life and it feels so good to leave Facebook and Twitter behind.

I deleted my social media apps yesterday and the only ones I have left are Instagram and WhatsApp which are both exclusively to be used to interact with people I know.

This means that only family, friends, clients, and other people I know has access to me on WhatsApp.

And I removed a whole bunch of followers on Instagram last night and kept only people that I actually know there, such as my family.

My readers, “fans” and ‘followers’ have access to me only on my website, or through my website and my work otherwise (private community pages etc).

It’s going to be more exclusivity from now on.

Out with the shallow, mindless and meaningless and in with deeper, meaningful and real.

I’ve cut my losses and will instead spend my time doing activities I enjoy as well as focus on the people I work closely with.

Social media is dead to me but I will keep my accounts activated for practical reasons but you won’t be able to connect and interact with me there anymore.

Only here on my website and via my work; it’s all going to be concentrated right here so that it can be kept at the highest quality possible.

Real conversations, deep talk, true connection.

That’s what it’s going to be from now on.

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Maria Erving quit social media
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